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Jet washer

Choosing waterproofs and wet weather gear for your jet washing business

There are some industries in which oilskins and wet weather gear can be very useful, and then there are some where it is invaluable. In some jobs, protective clothing can help to keep workers comfortable, dry and productive for longer in the face of difficult weather conditions. In others such as jet washing, it simply […]

A guide to choosing your landscape gardening workwear

Any profession which involves working outdoors requires some pretty heavy-duty equipment. Landscape gardening workwear needs to withstand the elements, withstand plenty of wear and tear and protect your team. With all of this in mind, here are some crucial questions to ask when choosing new workwear… How breathable is it? Landscaping is an extremely physical […]

A guide to buying bricklayers waterproof workwear

As anyone with any experience in bricklaying will tell you, it can be a challenging job. It’s hard work, conducted in all kinds of outdoor conditions and involving contact with a range of harsh and damaging substances. However, with the right protective bricklayers waterproof workwear, this and other construction activities can be made much easier […]

5 essentials for construction rain gear

Construction crews often have to be on site in all weathers. This means that even if it’s pouring down or blowing a gale, work must carry on. In these kinds of conditions, ordinary waterproofs and oilskins simply aren’t up to the job. Construction workers need full protection, in wet weather gear that keeps them dry […]

fishing oilskin Smock

How to buy wholesale fishing workwear

It isn’t always cheap to buy fishing workwear that offers maximum protection to your crew and of sufficient quality that it doesn’t need replacing in a matter of months. However, there is one way that you can save money and still get exceptional quality wet weather gear, and that is to plan ahead. Buying in […]

6 times Hollywood made rain gear ridiculously cool

Excellent rain gear isn’t designed just for commercial fishermen and folks working in the great outdoors. Everyone from Harrison Ford to Audrey Hepburn has helped make wet weather gear fashionable. In fact, it’s probably one of the reasons you can still buy bright yellow raincoats in high street shops today.   1. Blade Runner Top of […]

wet weather jacket

Why the history of your waterproof trousers matter

No, we haven’t fallen off the deep end on this one. It’s easy to take for granted how much choice we have today. Especially when it comes to finding protective clothing that helps safeguard us against dangerous weather. Nowhere is that more true than commercial fishing. But interestingly enough, there’s a long history of waterproof […]

6 things to keep in mind when choosing rain gear

The performance of your rain gear can make the difference between a good working day and a miserable one. That’s why it makes sense to get clued up and know what things to look out for – before you head out in the morning. We want to keep things nice and simple: so here’s a […]

662 Heavy Duty Oilskin Fishing Flotation Pants

Curious about how flotation pants work? You’re in luck

We’re sure you’ve seen (or even used) these pants before. Not only are they incredibly useful in tricky situations, flotation pants are lightweight, waterproof, and super easy to clean. Basically a good all-rounder for anyone who works on water. But you might also be wondering how they actually work. And what type of weather conditions […]

fishing flotation pants

Fishing gear safety – how does flotation gear work?

If you’ve ever wondered how professional flotation gear actually works, but we’re too shy to ask, read on. In a nutshell, flotation gear floats because the material is light enough to displace sufficient volumes of water to create buoyancy. At the risk of sounding like a high school science teacher, it’s all about density. For […]