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Stormline 662 Fishing Flotation Pants

Fishing safety advice – share your tips

Fishing safety has been in the news a lot recently. In Alaska, pods of killer whales have been terrorising fishing crews, while in Canada, a fisherman tragically lost his life after rescuing a whale trapped in lines.

Safety is always at the top of our agenda when designing products – as it should be for anyone setting foot on a fishing vessel – so we want your help to put together the ultimate guide to fishing safety.

Whether it’s a must-have piece of safety gear, or a habit you’ve developed over the years that keeps you out of harm’s way, we want to know about it. Leave your comments below about safety tips for working at sea.

Expert safety tips

Tony Walker is a well-known commercial fisherman from Whangamata in New Zealand. He was The Face of Stormline in 2015 and we’re lucky enough to get him back for a chat two years later.

Tony Walker commercial fisherman, wearing Stormline wet weather gear

“My biggest safety tip is to do regular emergency drills onboard the vessel. The more realistic the better.”

“When crew practice the emergency drills often it becomes second nature and if an emergency does happen there is no panic, the crew all know exactly what to do.”

“It is no use breaking out the emergency fire pump in a real fire only to find out it has not been running since the last survey and will not start.”

“Emergency drills carried out on a regular basis keep the crew up to standard and the safety equipment in good operating order. My second safety tip is the Stormline flotation bib pants. What a bloody good idea.”

Rebecca Weil is Research Co-ordinator at the North East Research Center for Occupational Health & Safety.

“We are working to reduce the number of drowning incidents from falling overboard, and advocate wearing life jackets. No-one is immune to the unexpected. Do drills, think about the unexpected, and make sure that everyone on the boat understands what to do to prevent and respond to falls overboard.”

Top safety tip from Stormline

We really rate floatation gear for fishermen, but especially when it’s lightweight, easy-to-wear and comfortable.

Here’s Stormline’s very own Regan McMillan giving a floatation bib demo.

Lobster fishermen from Maine wearing the 662 Flotation bib as part of a PFD trial run by the US Government.

fishing flotation pants

Got a safety tip you want to share?

You can either email your safety tips to us here – [email protected]or comment below.

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