202 Commercial Fishing Sleeves


Oil and liquid resistant armsleeves for harsh commercial conditions. Keep your arms, fishing gear and wet weather jackets protected, clean and dry whatever the task at hand.

Product Description

Adjustable armsleeves for commercial fishing. Made from heavy duty cotton-backed PVC and temperature-resistant neoprene, this is a safety workwear accessory which is designed for tough fishing conditions and has been rigorously tested in the industry.

Vital when working on-deck or on shore, these armsleeves are adjustable for any size.

Polymetrics used in the fabric make them oil and liquid resistant, keeping your skin and fishing gear underneath clean and protected.


  • Adjustable neoprene cuffs for water protection and comfort.
  • The upper part of the sleeve can be adjusted with a velcro tab.
  • One Size fits all.


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