Stormtex 669B PVC Oilskin Waterproof Workwear Bib and Brace
Stormtex 669B Midweight PVC Waterproof Workwear Bib and Brace

Stormtex 669B Midweight PVC Waterproof Workwear Bib and Brace


This is a fully reversible mid weight bib and brace pants from our popular Stormtex range of farming waterproof workwear. Comfortable to wear and with a Polyester PVC backing these pants come with an adjustable H harness and an internal pocket and are available in blue or yellow.

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The Stormtex 669B midweight PVC waterproof workwear bib and brace are made from 550 gsm PVC and are fully reversible. They are a loose fitting design so you can layer clothing underneath and are also fully reversible to get longer life our of your waterproof workwear.  The 669B waterproof workwear bib feature a useful pocket in the front with plastic snaps for adjustment on the trouser bottoms to secure against boots or wellingtons. They are designed to be comfortable and durable for all types of outdoor work such as farming, construction, power washing, angling and to keep you dry in all conditions. Available in Blue or Yellow.

Stormtex 669B Midweight PVC Waterproof Workwear Bib Features:


  • Single layer 550 gsm PVC
  • Relaxed fit with more room underneath for layering
  • Sliding plastic divider to adjust the straps for comfort
  • Internal pocket
  • Fully reversible
  • Ankle snaps adjustments
  • Weight 1.2kg (+/- 50g for smaller and larger sizes)
  • Available in Blue or Yellow

Our Materials

Ever bought outdoor that looked great when you were in the shop or browsing online, only to get it and for it to feel cheap low quality? We all know what happens next: the gear lets water in, become ripped and torn, fail to keep you warm, and simply start to fall apart after not much use. Well, there’s one reason for that: the quality of the materials being used.

Here at Stormline, we’ve worked across industries for over 50 years supplying our customers with reliable outdoor gear that last after years of use. Over the years, we’ve learned just how important the quality of materials are to the quality of the end product. Without great materials, you can’t have great gear – that’s just the truth of it. This is why it’s so important to the team here at Stormline that we continue to source and use the best materials available to us – because that means that we can supply our customers with the best products, every time.

When you work outdoors in harsh and wet weather on a consistent basis, you need gear that is going to combine toughness with flexibility. It’s no good if your gear is getting you wet or becoming torn due to simple wear and tear, but at the same time you’re going to be spending a lot of time wearing our gear – it’s no good if you’re uncomfortable or if it’s inhibiting your movement.

The Stormline Stormtex 669B medium weight PVC waterproof bib and brace combines strength and durability with comfort and versatility. Using 550gsm PVC, the Stormtex medium weight bib and brace is strong and tough, protecting you from the weather and general but frequent outdoor use while remaining flexible and relatively lightweight.

The team at Stormline always make sure that our fabrics are tough, durable and resistant. We know that you’ll be using our gear for physical and sometimes rough outdoor work where you need outdoor wear that keeps you protected while withstanding the elements and outdoor work. You don’t want to need to be purchasing new gear every few months because of ripping and tearing. When you buy gear from Stormline, you can rest assured that you’re getting outdoor gear that will last you for years of outdoor work – an investment you know is worth making.

Made from our durable but flexible 550gsm PVC, the Stormtex 669B medium weight PVC waterproof bib and brace is perfect for use across a wide range of different industries. We’ve supplied customers with this product across sectors such as farming, fishing, construction, food processing, forestry, outdoor surveying, and industrial or commercial washing and cleaning. Basically, any work where you need to keep dry, warm and protected, Stormline outdoor gear is the right choice for you. We use a particular PU coating that ensures that our gear remains both flexible and comfortable through years or rough use.

The Stormtex 669B medium weight PVC waterproof bib and brace can be used throughout harsh weather and wet weather, keeping you warmer and drier through colder climates and temperatures. If you work outside and need a bib and brace, this is the product for you – and it’s all thanks to the fantastic materials we use.

Ideal for use as:

  • Offshore fishing foul weather gear
  • Farming waterproof clothing
  • Construction rain gear
  • Food processing work wear
  • Waterproof workwear
  • Forestry foul weather gear and wet weather clothing
  • Survey rain gear
  • Commercial Gardening wet weather gear
  • Jet Washing
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Soft Wash
  • Pressure Washing

We work with customers across a wide range of different industries who rely on Stormline to provide outdoor gear they can rely and depend upon to provide real return on investment and last for years of frequent outdoor use. We also provide our products wholesale, so if you’ve got an entire team or crew that you need to equip with a brand new set of reliable outdoor gear, then you can get in touch with us to discover how our products can be sold wholesale.


Have you had a bad experience with a previous provider, finding yourself stuck with inefficient or low quality, cheap outdoor gear that fails to live up to your standards? We understand the problem, and we’ve heard a lot of stories from our customers about similar experiences. Thankfully, by coming here to Stormline, you’ve come to the right place for an antidote and solution to that problem. We’ve spent over 50 years supplying customers across a range of different industries with reliable and high quality outdoor gear and accessories.

It’s true, since 1966 Stormline has worked with customers throughout the construction, farming, fishing, marine, forestry industries and more with the gear they need. We have a lot of experience designing, manufacturing and supplying outdoor gear of an incredibly high standard to our customers internationally. From PVC bibs and jackets to other outdoor workwear and accessories, our dedicated team here at Stormline are committed to providing the best, each and every time.

This is one of the reasons that we’ve managed to build a fantastic reputation for ourselves as a reliable and consistent provider across the industries we work with. Our products can be trusted to be of high quality and to be longlasting through constant use. A lot of our customers have come to rely on us as their sole supplier of excellent outdoor gear and clothing.

We’ve had a lot of success over our five decades in the industry, and part of this is because of the importance we place on understanding the needs of our customers. This is why we frequently consult the customers across the world who use our gear regularly. Doing this over our years in the industry has afforded us special insight into what our customers need and what they find useful. There are always features and accessories that could make for easy extras to include on our gear but that provide excellent functionality for you when you’re outside working hard.

You’ll see evidence of this across of product range including the Stormtex 669B midweight PVC waterproof workwear bib and brace, which is a fully reversible bib with an adjustable H harness and internal pockets for convenience. This product is loose fitting to allow for extra layers underneath, and plastic snaps to make for easy adjustment on the trouser bottoms to secure against your boots or footwear.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg

3XL, 4XL, L, M, S, XL, XXL

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