Industrial Workwear

Established in New Zealand in 1966, Stormline gear was originally designed for boat crews working in the Pacific Ocean, and is now worn worldwide in a variety of industries.

Whether you’re working with water, chemicals, or hazardous waste, our waterproof jackets and pants are designed for head to toe warmth and dryness. We obsessively test every feature and material, using the testimonies of real people working in tough conditions all over the world.

Every jacket and pair of protective pants includes waterproof binding, reinforced seams, velcro flaps, adjustable cuffs, and YKK zips. We also triple-pad knees, elasticated straps, and adjustable cuffs.

Our gear is available in three weights – heavy, medium and light. They’re all designed for comfort, free movement, and different levels of water exposure. Whatever your industry, we have the gear to keep you protected.

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