Lightweight Industrial Rain Gear

At Stormline, we stock gear in a variety of weights, so you can buy the product that suits you the best. Our collection of lightweight gear is highly durable and is tested in even the harshest of weather conditions. We aim to provide the best gear on the market at an affordable price range. 

Our lightweight waterproof jackets, such as the Stormtex 248EN Class 3 Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Jacket, are designed for users that require strong gear, but with less weight. The 248EN is designed for all types of outdoor work, including construction, fishing and intensive farming. It is certainly a popular choice for workers seeking waterproof gear.

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Wet weather gear at Stormline doesn’t stop at jackets. We also stock trousers and bib and brace sets. Check out the Stormtex-Air 755G Farming Wet Weather Trousers. These trousers are engineered for comfort and are built to last. Perfect for working in aquaculture, forestry and plumbing, these trousers are domed to secure over boots and fully seam-sealed. They are another must-have in your outdoor closet. 

Stormline’s range of wet weather vests and jackets also includes the Stormtex-Air 979TN Hooded Wet Weather Vest and the Stormtex-Air 979GY Half Sleeve Wet Weather Jacket. Both items are designed with comfort and breathability in mind. As with all Stormline products, they are built to last and tested for durability in the harshest weather conditions. 

Our lightweight gear also includes the 999ST Fishing Apron with Elastic Braces. This heavy-duty bit of kit is a must-have for any fisherman on the sea. The PVC apron is designed to withstand oils and fluids used in the fishing industry, and can also be used as general industry rain gear. 

It is important to have the right protective gear in the workplace to make sure you are safe against all the risks posed when working outdoors. If a company fails to provide the right gear, they are at risk of being liable for negligence. 

Shop for your lightweight gear with Stormline and get your order shipped entirely for free! You can get all of the gear you need delivered to your doorstep at no extra cost. There isn’t a better deal on the market.