Marine Midweight Wet Weather Gear

Our range of midweight wet weather gear is the perfect balance of comfort, protection and mobility. If you’re working as a commercial fisherman in Australia and New Zealand in areas like the Indian Ocean, Tasman Sea or the South Pacific Ocean you want a product that will keep you warm without being bulky and uncomfortable.

You don’t want to be hot and bothered by bulky protective clothing when you’re at sea, you need a balance, here at Stormline, we don’t think that’s too much to ask for. We have some truly brilliant midweight wet weather gear on offer for you. Below you’ll see our range which includes waterproof garments like the Stormtex 669HW Foul Weather Fishing Bib and Brace, Nelson 948 Wet Weather Gear Short Sleeve Jacket and Nelson 248 Wet Weather Gear Jacket to our other pieces of clothing like the Stormline Crayfish/Southern Rock Lobster T-Shirt and Stormline Tuna T-Shirt.

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