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Tested by real offshore workers in New Zealand’s demanding commercial fishing industry, Stormline is the professional’s choice for wet weather gear, worn everywhere from the Antarctic to the Arctic Seas.

Established in 1966, Stormline gear is made from the highest quality nylon-backed oilskin PVC. Our gear was originally worn by boat crews working off New Zealand, and is now bought worldwide.

We put every feature and manufacturing technique through its paces, including waterproof binding, reinforced seams, storm hoods, velcro flaps, adjustable cuffs, and reinforced zips. Every feature is carefully designed, with anything unecessary stripped out and replaced with extra padding, waterproofing, and reflective high visibility colours.

Our heavyweight, middleweight, and lightweight gear is made using oilskin PVC. Oilskin is engineered to be entirely waterproof, comfortable to wear, and non-bulky. The wearer can move around and work comfortably, while still protected, warm, and dry.

Stormline gear is designed for the demands of commercial fishing, on-deck safety, and practicality back on-shore. All our gear has been tested by real professionals and sailors in storms, gales, and tough seafaring conditions. It’s unpredictable out there, but our gear can outlast any storm.

When you see that Stormline logo, you can trust your commercial fishing gear to deal with any weather, anywhere in the world.

Crew 211 Heavy Duty Foul Weather JacketCrew 211 heavy duty commercial fishing jacket
Crew 654 Commercial Fishing Bib and Brace angleCrew 654 Commercial Fishing Bib and Brace
Crew 807 Heavy Duty Foul Weather Smock angleCrew 807 Heavy Duty Foul Weather Smock
Milford 249 foul weather fishing jacket angleMilford 249 foul weather fishing jacket
Milford 649 foul weather fishing pantsMilford 649 foul weather fishing pants
Stormtex-Air 203 light weight wet weather gear 3/4Stormtex-Air 203 light weight wet weather gear
Stormtex-Air 652 lightweight wet weather bib and brace 3/4Stormtex-Air 652 lightweight wet weather bib and brace
Fisherman’s 985 Foul Weather VestFisherman’s 985 Wet Weather Vest
982TN Short Sleeve Wet Weather Vest982TN Short Sleeve Wet Weather Vest
Stormline T-ShirtStormline Tuna T-Shirt
Stormline Knife Belt
Stormline Beanie
Stormline Suspender Clip

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