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We cater to outdoor workers across all industries at Stormline. If you are a landscaper in need of some kit, check out our range here. 

When you work outdoors, you can often get all of the seasons in one day. That’s why having a good waterproof jacket, like the Stormtex 248G Midweight PVC Commercial Rain Gear Jacket, is essential. This jacket is designed for those who need an extra strong outer layer that also retains flexibility and is lightweight. It is meant to be hardwearing and to withstand the elements on land and at sea.

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Layers are the best way to ensure you stay warm during the cold months. The Atlantic 809 Fleece/VC Pullover is the ideal choice to stay warm and dry. It is both stylish and lightweight, as well as waterproof on the front and arms. With the 809, we take care of any distraction that the elements can bring, so you can focus on the job at hand. 

Another style of jacket we specialise in is waterproof vests. For a true wet weather vest, check out the 985 Wet Weather Vest. This one is designed for keeping you dry, warm and mobile at work. It is hardwearing, perfect for working on or offshore. While the PVC fabric is busy keeping the rain out, the fleece lining will keep you warm. For a design with half sleeves, check out the 982TN Half Sleeve Wet Weather Vest. The lightweight vest is designed to be warm inside with a PVC layer on the outside. It is perfect for keeping you warm on a cool day, while not reducing your mobility. 

The final bit of kit that is a must-have in your outdoor closet is a pair of waterproof trousers or a bib and brace set. Trousers like the Stormtex-Air 755G Farming Wet Weather Overtrousers are hard to come by anywhere else. These trousers are engineered for comfort and are built to last. For the ultimate bib and brace set, consider the Stormtex-Air 652 Wet Weather Bib and Brace. This set has been tried and tested with crews globally, and its advanced welded seams are just one of the advanced features that make this set so popular. 

If you browse our site and see anything you need, we can offer you free shipping on every order! Don’t waste time, order your outdoor wardrobe today.