Fishing Bib and Brace

We understand how important it is to have high-quality garments when you’re out at sea to protect yourself from the demanding conditions that you might encounter. Our foul weather clothing is of the greatest quality, designed in New Zealand and tested worldwide. Each and every piece of fishing gear we manufacture is put to the test in the most extreme situations to guarantee that you are safe, no matter how foul the weather gets.

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Our Bib and Brace Fishing Overalls

Our commercial fishing equipment is built to keep you safe from outdoor elements without holding you down. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman, a commercial fisherman or an offshore fishing fanatic, we’re sure that our double and triple-layer PVC overalls are certainly the best choices for you – there is no better waterproof bib and brace for fishing!

Look no further than our Crew 654 Foul Weather Heavy Duty Waterproof Bib and Brace Pants if you want something a touch more durable. Commercial fishing foul weather gear must be both long lasting and extremely safe, particularly for those working nights or on open seas. 

To ensure enhanced levels of safety, the Crew 654 Bib and Brace Pants have triple-layer knee pads that provide your knees with added protection in the event of repetitive knocks from your commercial day to day – be it on the boat or out in the fields. What’s more, the heavy-duty these bib and brace pants are composed of 650 gsm PVC, and are designed to allow you to move freely and comfortably while staying cool thanks to extra ventilation strips – they are built for maximum comfort!

The Stormtex-Air 669BLP Wet Weather Fishing Bib and Brace is excellently manufactured and made of lightweight 250 gsm PU to ensure you are kept dry under the harshest conditions. It is completely reversible, allowing it to last longer, and it is constructed to provide breathability to better control heat and your temperature while working and carrying out any physical activity. Fitted with a convenient side pocket, as well as a secure interior chest pocket for storing and protecting any loose items and fishing essentials, this is a great choice amongst fishermen. This bib and brace is perfect for all types of fishing and marine activity, be it for relaxed lake fishing or for braving the waves in colder conditions to take part in some offshore fishing out at sea. It is more than capable of protecting in even the toughest weather conditions, despite its lightweight construction.

Equipped with an abundance of useful and functional features such as triple-layer protection and padding over the knee regions, the Nelson 656 PVC Waterproof Rain Gear Bib Overalls are a superb medium-weight alternative and a great choice for coarse fishermen who require something a bit less robust. If that wasn’t enough, it possesses an internal reinforced internal pocket where you can keep a variety of accessories and items while also keeping them safe from being damaged or lost. These extremely convenient pockets are another reason why our bib overalls are an excellent choice for commercial or industrial fishing. It’s also built up of medium-duty 480 gsm PVC, so you’ll have both protection and flexibility in harsh conditions. 

Why Should I Choose Stormline?

Here at Stormline, we have spent years inventing and upgrading our wet weather and commercial fishing gear, since its inception in 1966 in New Zealand. We are able to develop excellent, first-rate gear that endures the test of time by listening to our clients and completely understanding their demands. We know exactly what fishing experts have grown to expect from their equipment in the sport and commercial fishing industry, since we have a real-world experience in the fishing and maritime industries, and we take great pleasure in being able to match those high standards for professionals all around the world.

Built with comfort in mind, our heavyweight oilskins and lighter-weight overalls are intended for marine professionals operating in tough environments ranging from the Antarctic to the North Sea. Furthermore, they are great for both sporting activity and leisure, ensuring you have the best fishing experience with all-day comfort. Many of our quality bibs and braces feature adjustable straps, ankle straps, external velcro legs straps or ankle adjuster straps to perform the most effective functions.

Stormline has built a reputation for excellence, safety features, and innovation. We are honoured and proud to always meet the demands of our consumers. We’ve been providing high-quality fishing clothing for decades; when we first opened our doors in 1966, the goal was to create commercial fishing gear to suit demand in New Zealand. Our reputation has grown, and we are now known all over the world. Our waterproof fishing bibs and comfortable braces are suitable for all forms of fishing, including saltwater, commercial, and marine angling. The Stormline team manufactures the complete range with pride, regardless of where you work in the fishing industry.

The Ultimate Solution for Professional Fishing Gear

In Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and North America, we have decades of expertise and experience making a wide range of wet weather gear for commercial fishing, as well as other outdoor specialities and occupations. Our jackets and brilliant bib and braces products will keep you safe from anything the sea throws at you and anything you may encounter in the Earth’s waters. 

Making customer comfort a huge priority, our durable and resilient clothing has been manufactured for extra comfort in lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight options, giving you alternatives for every operation and activity. They could also be matched together to facilitate and protect against all different seasons and climates. For instance, you could use the Stormtex 669HG Midweight PVC Rain Gear Bib and Brace Pants as dungarees in the summer, then pair them with the Milford 249 Foul Weather Fishing Jacket, which is a breathable jacket designed for strength and stability. This waterproof jacket is a clever jacket built to last.

Our wet weather gear is particularly developed to fulfil the needs of commercial fishing; it is lightweight, waterproof, and made of high-quality PVC. Our professional fishing waterproofs are suitable for commercial operations because of their welded seams, strong zips, and sophisticated detailing. Do not hesitate to check out our trade and wholesale discounts now if you’re searching for high-quality bib and brace sets or any other fishing or marine gear.

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