Lightweight Marine Gear

Our lightweight marine gear has been expertly designed with quality research and detail to protect you in all weather conditions. Whether you need to layer up and face cold, harsh waters, or plan on unwinding in warmer climates for some leisure fishing in Western Australia, Stormline offers you marine gear that you can rely on.

Wherever you intend on indulging in some fishing and marine-based activity, our flexible wet weather gear will ensure you have an extremely dry and pleasant experience without any hassle or discomfort.

Suit yourself up in our expert selection of lightweight marine gear, wearing it over your summer gear or over the top of your warm layers in the winter when you encounter some of the harshest conditions. Stormline’s foul weather gear protects you time and time again, regardless of how and when you plan on using it.

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The Number One Choice for Wet Weather Gear in New Zealand and Australia

Stormline lightweight marine gear is an adaptable solution to coping with challenging and unpredictable New Zealand and Australian conditions and climates, whether you’re dealing with freezing temperatures or an environment with a lot of humidity and moisture. Consider our selection of weather-resistant, long-lasting jackets and outerwear, including the likes of our superior Stormtex-Air 203 Wet Weather Fishing Smock. It’s a great choice for fishing gear and construction rain gear.

Our fishing jackets are made of double-coated PVC polyester material that can withstand the harshest weather conditions in Australia and New Zealand, keeping you dry and comfortable regardless of the wind or rain that could come at any time.

Our unique Scudo oilskin technology is lightweight and flexible, making it ideal for a variety of marine applications. With comfort in mind, our masterfully designed lightweight outer jackets are able to be worn for extended lengths of time without any trouble since they provide incredible protection and extreme durability – this is owing to our very special 250gsm PU mix. At 250gsm, the material is the perfect weight that can be altered to facilitate a vast range of demanding conditions, and the greatest part is that it doesn’t sacrifice breathability.

Lightweight Marine Gear Built to Last

Completely protect yourself with a lightweight layer membrane that enables you to move freely without any constraints or limitations. Consistently, we always double weld seams for increased strength while producing and manufacturing our lightweight marine gear. Repeatedly, without fail, we effectively combat wear and tear while also including much-needed conveniences like a foldable oilskin rain cap and a duty zip adjustable hood. When it comes to inclement weather and harsh weather conditions, a heavy-duty zip is a must. Our contemporary and clearance oilskins are built to last, and with double-duty technology on hand – you’ll never have to worry about them breaking down at all.

To ensure you are kept comfy and warm, we employ and utilise a heavy cotton twill foundation material in each of our commercial fishing wet weather gear products. We mean it when we say our goods are adaptive and versatile. Don’t believe us? Our heavy cotton is so versatile that it is even great for repelling mosquito bites in a humid atmosphere!

Incorporated neatly within our commercial fishing gear, adjustable elastic cuffs and an adjustable waist allow you to customise the fitting of your Stormline basic wet weather jacket, while elastic cuffs work to keep water out of the insulation of your clothing. Our adjustable drawstring hood, which is so adjustable that you could certainly wear a hat underneath, can be pulled up swiftly and adjusted to the most comfortable fit for your face – this is one of the many ways we value customisation here at Stormline.

Storage is also very crucial to us, and we understand that marine workers want quick access to a range of important supplies. Therefore, you can keep your goods at the centre of your attention with our front storage pockets incorporated in many of our marine jackets and outerwear. These are extremely dry and are very straightforward to clean and maintain.

A half YKK zip front with an expansion gusset is included in several of our products, such as the Stormtex-814BL Wet Weather Fishing Smock, which is a popular hooded jacket for those wanting the best fishing rain gear. You can allow the fresh air to enter without completely removing your pullover jacket, thanks to our high level of permeability, ventilation and breathability. Our bib pants and rain pants are an exceptional pair of gear for anyone who wants the most protective and durable commercial fishing rain gear. 

Why Choose Stormline?

Since we were founded way back in 1966, Stormline has spent several decades expertly manufacturing commercial fishing product supplies and aquaculture rain gear to assist professional and recreational fishermen across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and North America. Each of these commercial fishing supplies thrives on quality and is sold at reasonable prices – just check out our product range and clearance & discount section on our website today! 

Experience counts when it comes to inclement weather clothing. We know our customers and what they require; we pay attention to you! We can develop the highest quality, lightweight commercial fishing wet weather gear that is built to last for generations, which we do so by listening to the complex requirements of our clients, big or little. 

Did we mention that our fishing gear and fisheries supply obliges realistic size guidelines and boasts extremely competitive prices? We are confident in the wear and tear our goods will endure because of our practical expertise and understanding of the marine sector. The professionals we serve have high expectations, and we strive to meet those expectations in all we do.

Our lightweight nautical gear is very adaptable and manufactured using the most sophisticated materials available, but it isn’t the only option. To accommodate all probable at-sea duties, look at our midweight and heavyweight designs. Combine our items to create the warmest, most protective, and most comfortable outfit for you – we even have a range of tubs.

Our lightweight commercial fishing wet weather gear will never let you down in the harshest weather situations, whether hot or cold. Even under the best of circumstances, bad weather may be tough to deal with. It can be risky without the proper safety equipment. Stormline has you covered in any weather. For more information on our affordable prices, don’t hesitate to get in touch or check out price comparison sites. You can rest assured that Stormline is the only place for your marine and wet weather gear needs!