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  • Pressure Washing Clothing in the UK: A Buyer’s Guide

    man doing pressure washing

    The ultimate guide to pressure washing clothing in the UK, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get started. 

    Pressure washing is a growing industry in the UK, be it for domestic or commercial properties. The demand for pressure washing has increased substantially, owing not only to the aesthetic benefits that the process provides surfaces but also the health and safety benefits it ensures. 

    When surfaces like your walls, patio and decking become dirty or mouldy, pressure washing is the best way to clean them and leave them looking as good as new. To keep yourself protected during the high-power clean, it’s absolutely vital that you wear the right protective pressure washing clothing that is as durable as it is waterproof.

    The growth of pressure washing in the UK

    In the UK, homeowners are subject to constant showers and rainfall throughout the year, and, over time, these damp climate conditions cause dirt and mould to build up on exterior surfaces like roofing. 

    Mountainous areas and elevated regions of the UK like Northwest England (Cumbria) and Western Wales (Snowdonia) experience the most rainfall and thus receive the most mould as mould thrives in humid conditions. 

    Pressure washing is in high demand in humid, mountainous regions and coastal areas of the UK.  It’s a physically demanding job and the conditions can be tough – so you must be well-prepared and protected at all times. 

    Adequate pressure washing clothing should be worn when carrying out pressure washing on any property – but finding effective pressure washing gear isn’t always easy. You need the right protective clothing and not just any old wet weather gear. 

    Heavy-duty pressure washing clothing that is engineered for the particular demands of the job is necessary for complete protection, comfort, and mobility. Most power/pressure washing experts advise PVC clothing and anything that is extremely durable, waterproof and protective. 

    At Stormline, our heavy-duty pressure washing gear has been expertly designed and tested to cope with the rigorous demands of pressure washing. Our range has been manufactured with robust protective capabilities, meaning the clothing won’t leak or tear and is fully waterproof and resistant to dirt and moisture.  

    Why you and your team need quality pressure washing clothing 

    Pressure washing is not an easy or laid-back task. Much like the clothing it requires, it demands resilience and the ability to work extensively. Working outdoors and carrying out physically demanding commercial pressure washing jobs is never a walk in the park, especially not in the UK where the climate is humid and rain spells are expected day in and day out

    When acquiring new clothing or workwear for your pressure washing work or business, your number one priority should be to protect the welfare and ensure the safety and comfort of yourself and your employees. 

    We know quite a lot about the right kind of clothing that should be worn for a variety of industries and demanding activities. Better still, we specialise in engineering and manufacturing clothing that has been expertly designed and tested to meet the needs of these activities. 

    If you’re in the business of pressure washing or you offer jet washing or cleaning services, understanding the difficulties your employees experience on a daily basis can help you choose the best wet weather gear for your team and get it right the first time. 

    It doesn’t take an expert to know that pressure washing requires head-to-toe coverage, protective safety gear, and heavy-duty clothing that can withstand water pressure. As such, a high level of waterproofing and maximum comfort are essential. We’ll explain these features in more detail.

    Why PVC is the best choice for pressure washing clothing

    PVC is a material that is highly advised for most high-impact industries – and pressure washing is one of them. 

    PVC, or clothing and gear made of PVC, is often regarded by pressure washing experts as the ideal and most effective material for power and pressure washing. That is because PVC is highly robust, flexible, waterproof, and long-lasting – that’s right, the material is extremely durable and resilient against water and substances.

    It’s crucial to keep an eye out for clothing that is made with PVC and rated with a high resilience grade. Particularly when using high-power pressure washing equipment, the more PVC the better.

    The right lightweight material offers so much more than comfort, it can provide a person with a wealth of benefits such as durability and protection from water. Durable materials ensure that your clothing lasts despite having to endure harsh conditions. Lightweight PVC materials are an excellent choice for pressure washing clothing since they don’t weigh you down when you are working and provide additional comfort. 

    Why you need pressure washing clothing that is strong and durable 

    Strength and durability are two of the main elements that effective pressure washing clothing has – and this is for good reason. Pressure washing involves using extremely high-pressure water spray to remove elements like dirt, mould and paint from concrete surfaces, so it’s a pretty powerful activity. 

    Though you may not be pointing the power washer directly at you, the water can bounce back off of surfaces in your direction, which means you will likely be getting wet. 

    Of course, any high-quality waterproof workwear could help here, but the water from a pressure washer is powerful, so it can hurt you or even ruin the clothing you have on by stripping away any colour or material. 

    With some commercial pressure washers, the water pressure can reach extreme pressures of up to 30,000 psi. The dirt and elements that it removes can also end up coming in your direction and potentially towards your face. 

    Simply put, your pressure washing gear isn’t worth investing in if it can’t resist and withstand the force of the spin cycle. Since the UK’s climate is so wet and humid, day after day, your clothes are put under a great deal of pressure, but no amount of rainfall could ever be as powerful as an electric pressure washer. 

    No matter the industry you work in or the activities you get up to, poorly manufactured rain gear will eventually become damaged by the force and pressure of water, especially when the water is jetting out at high forces of up to 30,000 psi. 

    The seams, particularly those on the waist and either side of the knees, are where most protective garments become damaged over time. For this reason, you must put durability at the top of your priorities when selecting the right pressure washing gear for you – investing in reinforced seams and 100% waterproof material is a must. 

    Our pressure washing gear is extremely durable and resilient 

    Here at Stormline, our pressure washing clothing is expertly made to disperse its own weight, preventing wearer fatigue and improving mobility and productivity. At the same time, it provides unmatched protection from rain, snow, spray, and everything else the job or activity strikes your way.

    Our team blends technical design and cutting-edge production processes with quality PVC to produce a strong, long-lasting product that is perfect for pressure washing. The clothing and equipment from Stormline seamlessly suit the needs of pressure washing and jet cleaning-related practices. Customers return to us because we have a long history of creating high-quality wet weather gear and clothing with a focus on particular industries – commercial fishing, agriculture, construction, to name a few. 

    What type of boots is ideal for pressure washing?

    On the topic of durability, deciding the right kind of boots may be another decision that has sprung to mind. Here, steel-toe boots are essential for protecting your feet since not all clothing covers you from head to toe. 

    Steel-toe boots are durable and a great alternative to rubber boots and closed-toe shoes. You certainly don’t want to spend the day in dress shoes, for example. 

    Clothing that can withstand water spray and substances 

    If commercial pressure washing is part of your work in the UK, you will most likely be working in all types of weather conditions, so it is pivotal that you are wearing waterproof clothing that is resistant. Weather aside, you must shield yourself from the immense pressure of the water’s regular cycle.

    As well as the actual water and spray from a pressure washer, you also want to watch out for substances from the buildup you are removing from a surface. Elements like mould and dirt can contain chemicals that you don’t want anywhere near you. 

    Several different types of debris and buildup are eliminated as you clean delicate surfaces via pressure washing: mould, dirt, paint, and grime, to name a few. You should protect yourself and your clothing from these chemical substances at all times, should they wind up circulating in the air.

    Without the right protective clothing, you’ll have to spend a lot of time cleaning up dirt and obstinate stains caused by the incredibly strong chemicals you’re working with. If your clothing can’t withstand these harsh chemicals and substances, you need to invest in some new protective gear right away. 

    Protective clothing is a barrier to chemicals and helps keep your skin – and undergarments – safe from harmful substances. You must wear protective clothing that has been certified for pressure washing – otherwise, bleach-based cleaning chemicals may eventually cause your gear to erode and degrade over time.

    Does pressure washing clothing resist chemicals?

    Every day, harsh chemicals are encountered by professional pressure washers, ranging from fairly weak detergents to harsh chlorine and cleaning agents containing bleach. 

    For a brief period of time, basic oilskins can shield your skin from common and milder chemicals, but ultimately the harsher chemicals will burn and almost eat through any materials and clothing that aren’t manufactured to withstand them. 

    For this reason, you need specially made pressure washing clothing that has been tested for its resistance to strong chemicals like chlorine and bleach. At Stormline, we offer just that and so much more. Detergent residue and detergent splatters won’t affect our proven and tested protective pressure washing clothing.

    Pressure washing gear requires a high level of waterproofing

    In the pressure washing industry, it is often worthwhile to pay a little bit extra for clothing that comes with more reinforced waterproofing material – look for gear that has been graded with proper waterproof efficiency. Focus particularly on the seams, which should be strengthened or sealed to prevent any water penetration.

    Your clothing should provide full protection and coverage so that everything underneath remains dry when pressure washing. An oilskin or all-in-one attire could be the most viable solution for ensuring head-to-toe coverage and protection from water. 

    Hard-wearing zips are pivotal

    A significant flaw in a lot of apparel intended for pressure washing is the zipper. This is because zippers tend to break and thereby leave the clothes impractical. 

    Since it’s practically difficult to open zips without removing your gloves, zips may also be problematic for pressure washing workers. You may get sluggish and quite frustrated as a result. 

    Here at Stormline, our zips have been strategically designed to be ‘glove friendly’ and are well known for being extremely hard-wearing. Customers from the pressure washing industry, in particular, have praised us for our hard-wearing zips.

    Pressure washing clothing provides breathability 

    Using a pressure washer will inevitably cause condensation and precipitation. 

    Wearing appropriate pressure washing clothing prevents moisture and precipitation from sticking to your skin and being trapped within your clothing – it provides breathability. 

    For added comfort, pressure washing clothing also serves to keep you at a suitable temperature by allowing the air to circulate.

    Comfort and mobility are paramount

    When looking for pressure washing clothing, it’s easy to put comfort on the back burner in favour of durability. However, this is a risk as comfortable clothing is absolutely crucial. This is because working long hours behind a power hose can quickly become difficult for a number of reasons. You don’t want your clothing to be another obstacle that makes the job any less doable.

    For physically demanding work like pressure washing, mobility is paramount. You must be efficient and effective, and that goes for your clothing as well. For such a demanding activity that calls for plenty of mobility and agility, clothing that allows for freedom of movement is necessary. For instance, a jacket with raglan sleeves allows for more mobility.

    In addition to mobility, lightweight materials are favoured for pressure washing activity since they maximise comfort when working and carrying out any physical tasks. When pressure washing dirty surfaces of residential and commercial properties, you don’t want to be carrying around any extra weight, so lightweight clothing like those containing PVC is your best option. Pressure washing clothing should also be comprised of durable materials to make sure they last and maintain their proper function, even in rainy conditions.

    In summary, the key factors to consider when choosing comfortable clothing for any demanding activity like pressure washing are lightweight materials that aid mobility, as well as durable and breathable materials that allow for maximum protection and comfort. 

    Purchase your pressure washing clothing at Stormline today 

    Here at Stormline, you can make an informed decision on the clothing you want to purchase once you’ve determined the amount of weather protection and comfort your pressure washing duties require.

    When shopping online, you can find fantastic deals by using suppliers that give a trade discount. That’s why you should choose Stormline. Our gear is engineered to last, and you can treat it as an investment rather than a recurring expense. 

    For our wide range of pressure washing clothing try here, and for our latest deals on commercial clothing, our trade and wholesale prices are unmatched!

  • Best workwear for use when pressure/soft washing

    If you’re a business owner or work for a company that offers commercial pressure washing services, you’ll understand the importance of having the right gear for the job. Using pressure washers or soft washers will mean that you’re going to get wet, especially if you want to be thorough in your job. Working outside with power washers, for an entire day, could leave you wet and uncomfortable, making your job more difficult than it needs to be. With Stormline pressure and soft washing gear, you can stay dry and warm while working.

    Investing in the right clothing to work in can offer plenty of rewards. It will ensure you remain dry and comfortable throughout the day, which can in turn increase your productivity. It’ll also make the job easier, with you not having to work with wet clothes weighing you down and causing chafing. Whether you’re offering roof cleaning, gutter cleaning or car cleaning, this gear is perfect for when you’re power washing.

    There is a range of different situations you may find yourself in when it would be handy to have professional equipment to carry out your job. Even though soft washing is lower pressure than power washers, it can still be useful to have workwear to protect you whilst you’re doing your job.

    What is soft washing?

    Soft washing is exactly as it sounds, it’s a softer way of washing surfaces than standard power washers. This is due to a lower pressure of the washer, meaning the power which is produced by the pressure washer is much lower. These types of washers are extremely useful when there is a delicate or fragile surface that needs cleaning and may otherwise be damaged by a standard pressure washer.

    Having soft washers can allow professional cleaning companies to offer a wider variety of services. They’re also ideal for treating and safely removing organic matter such as bacteria, fungus and moss. In cases where a power washer would otherwise cause damage, a soft washer can allow for a more measured approach, ensuring cleaning can still be carried out without any damage being caused. There are some roofs that can be damaged by pressure washers, with owners advising to only use soft washers when cleaning them. The soft washers don’t provide enough power to damage the shingles of the roof, whereas power washers could damage them, decreasing the effectiveness of the roof.

    Companies that offer window cleaning services can also benefit from soft washing equipment as there may be clients with windows that could potentially be damaged by high pressures. This feeds directly into one of the key benefits of offering soft washing, as it allows companies to offer a wide range of services, with even more cleaning solutions. As a pressure washing company, if you’re not able to offer soft washing services, there may be jobs you won’t be able to complete due to potential damage being caused.

    Working with soft washers 

    Working with soft washers is very similar to working with power washers, besides the surfaces, you’ll be cleaning, the user experience will be predominantly the same. If you have experience working with this equipment, you’ll know that you can spend up to several hours outside and have to face the elements while you complete the job. Not only do you have to face spray back from the pressure washer itself, but you’ll also have to face the elements head-on. 

    From driveway cleaning to cleaning dirty gutters, there’s no way to avoid harsh weather conditions unless you have the right work gear. If you have workwear that isn’t protective or waterproof, it’s likely that spray from the washer will leave you wet through extremely quickly, making you uncomfortable for the rest of the job. Couple that with a drop in temperature or high winds and you’ll begin to feel the cold. Working outside in wet clothing can lead to hypothermia and make it more difficult to complete the job to a high standard. 

    By choosing workwear that is waterproof and weather-resistant, you’re able to stay dry and protected from both back spray and harsh weather conditions. If the weather changes and it begins to rain while getting colder, you don’t want that to mean you have to head inside or postpone the job. With workwear that has protective zips, hoods and adjustable sleeves, you can remain dry and warm. Even when reaching or cleaning areas that are above you, if you have adjustable sleeves, which prevent water from running down your arm, you can tackle any job.

    The work gear will also be able to protect you against dirt and other substances which may otherwise get on your clothes when washing. Clogged gutters and other dirty surfaces can become quite messy when cleaned. Using the pressure washer nozzle to remove the dirt effectively could mean that you’re left covered in it. With Stormline resistant clothing, any dirt which gets on your clothes can simply be washed off, leaving no lasting trace. This will allow you to continue to work and stay clean at the same time. Our heavy-duty gear is also great for keeping clothes underneath clean if you need to complete a job but also remain presentable, especially if you need to meet customers.

    Our top picks for workwear

    At Stormline, we offer a wide range of workwear for a wide range of different industries including agriculture, marine and commercial. Working in each of these different areas requires suitable workwear and the same applies to when you’re using pressure or soft washer equipment. To help make finding the right gear easier for you, we’ve got a few top picks that are perfect for use when working with this gear.

    Our options include extra heavy-duty, heavy-duty, midweight and midweight safety gear. Depending on the type of work you’ll be carrying out, heavier workwear may be more suitable, or, if you’re working during summer, you may want gear that can keep you protected but also cool at the same time. 

    Extra Heavy Duty

    Crew 654 Foul Weather Heavy Duty Bib and Brace Pants

    This bib and brace pants set is perfect for working in wet weather or with pressure washing equipment. It also features knee pads, allowing the wearer to kneel down without suffering pain from concrete surfaces. Whether it’s parking lots, roof surfaces or other areas that you’re working in, having protection for your knees can be extremely helpful.

    The brace is also adjustable, making it suitable for a range of different body types. It’s also the perfect size to wear beneath a waterproof jacket which together can create more protection. The bib allows you to protect your torso whilst your arms are still free to move, this can make it much easier to handle washing equipment.

    Crew 211 Heavy Duty Foul Weather Jacket

    Paired with the heavy-duty bib and brace pants, these two will make for the perfect workwear. This jacket is designed to the highest standards and has been made to withstand the harshest conditions. With adjustable cuffs, you’ll be able to seal gaps around the jacket, preventing as much rain as possible from entering your clothing. The double-welded seams also ensure the jacket is durable and breathable.

    This jacket is great for keeping you dry during the day without restricting your movement. It’s also able to keep you warm when working outside, ensuring the weather isn’t an issue for you. The fit of the jacket is also designed to be comfortable, meaning it can be worn for several hours, without causing any discomfort.

    Heavy Duty

    Crew 640 PVC Fishing Waterproofs Bib Overalls

    These bib and brace overalls are great for wearing when working in wet environments and can be paired with a jacket for additional protection. The straps are adjustable meaning they can be altered to suit the wearer. We aim to make our workwear as comfortable as possible, which means including adjustable straps. 

    The trousers are made from a single piece of 650 gsm PVC, meaning there are no side seams. This reduces the possibility for wear and tear, increasing the longevity of the gear. The elasticated waist and straps ensure the bib stays in place and is comfortable while being worn. 

    Crew 255 PVC Fishing Rain Jacket

    This jacket is made from 650 gsm PVC meaning that it is 100% waterproof and durable. The material is high strength but also lightweight, ensuring it can be worn for long periods of time without hindering your ability to use your work equipment. The elastic cuffs can also be tightened to the wearer’s wrists to increase protection.

    The adjustable hood allows for free movement and can also be tightened for added weather protection. It also features internal pockets which can be used to carry your mobile whilst protecting it from the weather, keeping it dry. The neon on the arms and hood also increase visibility, which is useful when working onsite around others or in darker weather.


    Stormtex 248B Midweight PVC Waterproof Workwear Jacket

    This workwear jacket is great for workers who require extra strong durable workwear which is lighter than our heavy-duty options. The strong material offers great levels of protection and as a midweight option, it can be comfortably worn with other workwear such as a bib and braces.

    Stormtex 669B Midweight PVC Waterproof Workwear Bib and Brace

    This bib and brace workwear is made from 550 gsm PVC and is loose-fitting so you’re able to wear layers underneath it whilst still being protected. The ankles can also be adjusted to fit boots, removing any gaps between footwear and the trousers. This is perfect when working with pressure washers as it prevents any spray back from the pressure washer from getting inside your trouser leg.

    Stormtex 669Y Midweight PVC Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Bib and Brace

    This bib and brace is a brilliant option for high visibility workwear. It allows you to be safer on site when working with others or in dark weather conditions. If you’re pressure washing in an area with a lot of moving vehicles, it’s extremely important that drivers can see you and know exactly where you are. This will reduce the chance of accidents occurring and help you stay safer at work.

    Midweight Safety

    Stormtex 248EN Class 3 Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Jacket

    This medium weight workwear jacket is one of our best jackets for visibility. This high-vis colour with reflected materials ensures you can work around machinery, vehicles or other workers with a much higher chance of being seen, which therefore increases your safety.

    Just like all of our workwear, this jacket is designed to be durable, long-lasting and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The high-quality design reduces the impact wear and tear will have on the jacket. The jacket is also loose-fitting, allowing you to move more freely and wear additional gear underneath for extra protection.

    Stormtex 669EN ANSI and EN 20471 Class 1 Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Bib and Brace

    This bib and brace workwear provides good protection whilst ensuring you’re able to remain mobile. As this workwear features high visibility material, it’s a great option for wearing when working in dark conditions. The adjustable strap will ensure the bib is comfortable and it also features an inside pocket, meaning you can keep your mobile phone on your person whilst ensuring it remains dry and protected.

    Waterproof workwear at Stormline

    One of our main aims at Stormline is to ensure we have satisfied customers and one of the ways we do that is by continually producing high-quality workwear for a range of industries. For those working within the pressure washing industry, waterproof workwear is essential. To discover work gear that is right for you, explore the wide range of products we have available on our website. We also have workwear which is suitable for other industries too, including agriculture, marine and commercial.

    If you have any questions about the products we offer or any other queries we could help you with, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on (+64) 3 2187782 or emailing us at [email protected]. We also have a contact form on our website, which will allow you to email us directly.

  • Our favourite waterproof workwear for landscapers

    Landscaping is a job that requires you to be out in the elements, wind, rain, or shine and with the weather being unpredictable, it’s best to be prepared for the worst. Spending a day outside, working on a long and tricky job can become even more difficult if the weather turns, leaving you soaking wet. Not only will this leave you working in discomfort but it can affect your ability to complete the job to a high standard.

    That being said, you can’t spend the entire working day head-to-toe in heavy-duty work gear if the weather is going to be hot and sunny. That’s why it’s important to choose work gear that is versatile and suitable for a number of different weather conditions. At Stormline, that’s exactly what we do best. We take real-world problems and create solutions – in this case, it’s comfortable workwear that can effectively protect you from harsh weather. 

    Having the correct piece of clothing to wear whilst carrying out landscaping tasks can help make life a little easier whilst working. Lifting equipment and carrying tools around whilst it’s raining can cause rain to run underneath normal clothes. Gaps around the wrist, neck and waist can leave you exposed to rain, causing the clothes which are in contact with your skin to get wet and make you extremely uncomfortable. If you’ve ever been in this position, it’s time to invest in some proper waterproof workwear.

    The benefits of waterproof workwear for a landscaping professional

    The key benefit of our workwear is that they’re waterproof, which is essential for working outdoors. When landscaping, it’s likely that the job is going to get muddy, which can completely ruin standard clothes. Add rain into the mix and you’ve got a muddy garden that can not only stick to your footwear but your clothes too. With waterproof gear, you’re not only protected against the rain but mud too, as it won’t stick to your clothing. It’ll also allow you to get ‘stuck in’ and not worry about how the mud will damage your clothing. Once the job is done simply wipe yourself clean and you’re good to go again.

    This material which is designed to repel water is also extremely durable. Whether you opt for heavy-duty wear or something a little lighter, you can take comfort in knowing that both pieces will be made to the same high levels of quality. This means that you won’t face any issues as a result of wear and tear, meaning your work gear can last job after job. Our quality products ensure that you can work on the toughest landscaping jobs without fear of your work gear being unable to keep up.

    As the weather can change unpredictably, it’s important that you have gear that can adapt to the temperature. Our gear is made from a warm but breathable fabric, meaning that when the temperature drops and the colder weather sets in, you’ll be able to retain a lot of your body heat and remain warm. This is also beneficial when the sun is beating down as the breathable clothing allows you to continue working without overheating. That’s why it’s important to ensure you have active workwear which allows you to continue working no matter what the weather conditions are.

    Our landscape gardening workwear range features high visibility options for those who require it. Having workwear in colours that provide high visibility can be extremely important when working on worksites with others who need to be aware of your position. If you’re on-site early in the morning or late at night when it’s dark outside, high visibility workwear is essential to ensure other workers can easily see where you are. This is even more relevant when there is machinery being used or large vehicles on-site, as you will need to be as visible as possible to ensure your safety when working in this environment. 

    Our waterproof landscaping gear top picks

    Stormtex-Air 220G Waterproof farming Jacket

    This waterproof jacket is built to withstand the most intense weather conditions and ensure you’re able to continue working. The jacket is durable but comfortable too, ensuring you’re able to make it through your job without discomfort. The jacket also features raglan sleeves which are designed to increase comfort without affecting your productivity.

    This jacket is 320 gsm PVC/PU, which makes it perfect for wind and rain protection. The long back of the jacket provides extra protection from rain when you’re bending down. The drawstring hood allows you to restrict the size of it, preventing rain from entering through the neck hole. 

    Stormtex-Air 669G Farming Waterproof Bib and Brace Pants

    This waterproof bib and pants will ensure you’re protected from chest to toe. The straps which sit over your shoulder will keep your bib in place and comfortably fit you. They’re also adjustable which means every worker can adapt them to suit their body type and ensure they’re not uncomfortable to wear. The lightweight material is durable and highly protective but won’t hinder your ability to complete a job, as it is flexible too. The extensive coverage will allow you to get stuck into tasks not worrying about liquids such as rain, oil or other potentially harmful substances.

    As a bib and trouser set which covers a large portion of your body, this will work perfectly with a jacket, as a workwear combo. This will allow you to have your entire torso covered, with at least two layers and your legs too. Due to the trousers being attached to the bib, when you’re wearing a jacket over the top there will be no gap around the waist to let in water or cold air, keeping you both warm and dry whilst on the job.

    Stormtex-Air 664G Waterproof Farming Bib Overalls

    This bib overall set is 630 gsm PVC, making it perfect for intense tasks which require durable, resistant workwear. These overalls are also great as an undergarment, allowing you to layer up with a larger, heavy-duty jacket over the top for additional protection in extreme weather. The bib section, which allows your arms to be free, also makes it more suitable for wearing during summer and other hot weather, preventing you from overheating but still providing sufficient protection.

    For landscape gardeners, these overalls are ideal as they allow you to carry out your job, hands-on and being very active without thick material covering your arms and restricting movement. Finding workwear for gardeners which is both durable and lightweight can be tricky but don’t worry, Stormline has got you covered.

    Stormtex-Air 755G Waterproof Farming Overtrousers

    These farming trousers are perfect for workers in environments with large amounts of mud and rain as they are resistant to these, allowing you to continue working. The polyester backing means that the trousers will dry quickly too, keeping you dry for longer.

    The elasticated waist allows them to be adjusted to any body size and the hem is designed to be worn with boots or wellingtons. This helps decrease the chance of water entering the trousers, ensuring you’re protected in extreme weather.

    Stormtex 985G Vest

    This vest features a waterproof, protective outer layer and an inner, more comfortable layer for wearing it long-term. This also leaves your arms free for mobility – a feature that is extremely handy for landscape workers as it allows them to easily lift materials and equipment, whilst keeping the core of their body warm.

    The high collar provides additional protection to the neck – a feature that some other gardening clothes don’t have. This means that when you wear additional protective clothing underneath, you can benefit from greater protection. This vest also has PVC pockets with zippers, so you can easily clean the inside of the pockets. It also features a chest pocket for your phone, so you can keep it on your person without the risk of losing it.

    Get your waterproof clothing from Stormline

    As a family-owned business with traditional values, Stormline is a company that prides itself on producing high quality, durable workwear for a range of working professionals. Over many years, we have improved and perfected our products to ensure that they’re capable of exactly what it says on the tin. Investing in durable, high-performance workwear is an important investment and with Stormline, you can take comfort in knowing your investment will last. 

    We offer a range of protective equipment for landscapers, fishermen and other professionals who need to be protected from the elements. To discover our full selection, explore our website and browse the top-quality products we have to offer. We also offer free standard shipping to North America, Europe and Australasia, including hassle-free returns to make your life easier. If you have any questions about our products or any enquiries, you can call us on (+64) 3 2187782 or email us at [email protected] Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form on our website with your message.

  • A Buyer’s Guide to Construction Workwear

    builder wearing construction workwear

    If you work in the construction industry, you’ll know first hand the importance of long-lasting construction workwear that can be worn in all weather conditions, providing both comfort and quality to ensure that you can get on with the job at hand. That’s exactly why we’re committed to offering an extensive collection of construction workwear, made with quality materials and designed to have useful features for all construction workers, whatever your specific role is.

    Here at Stormline, our entire range caters to our customers and their needs. This approach to designing durable and comfortable gear, as well as our exceptional service, has earned us a strong reputation globally, in our origin country of New Zealand and further afield to places like the UK. Established in 1966, we began to manufacture commercial fishing gear, and have since grown to offer a range of workwear to various sectors around the world.

    When we design and manufacture our products, comfort, durability and the challenges that many workers face are always at the forefront of our minds – workers should be able to work comfortably, withstanding the elements. Our range of gear includes bib and brace overalls, rain jackets, builders trousers and t-shirts, many of which are designed to enhance visibility – with hi-vis features – and maximise safety.

    We have helped both sole workers and full workforces, such as building companies, over the years with our gear. We appreciate that there is so much choice out there regarding construction workwear, which is why we’ve made this buyer’s guide, to help you decide on the products that are best suited to your needs.

    Whilst our wide range of gear is suited to those in the construction industry, many of our products are also popular amongst workers in agriculture and the marine industry too. Whether you’re buying for yourself or for your entire team, please contact our customer service team at [email protected] if you’d like more information or have any questions about our products.

    Construction Workwear: Bib and Brace

    Stormtex-Air 696 Hi-Vis Class 1 Waterproof Bib and Brace

    The versatile Stormtex-Air 696 Hi-Vis Class 1 Waterproof Bib and Brace is suitable for use in a range of industries including dairy farming, the fishing industry, commercial cleaning and the construction sector, due to its waterproofing and high quality, long-lasting material. This high visibility workwear has a Class 1 rating from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and is ISO EN 20471 certified. It is therefore compliant with these requirements. As such, the reflective tape meets the necessary standards, providing increased visibility which is ideal for workers that operate in poorly lit environments.

    As with all of our products here at Stormline, these bib and brace are made from quality material that is designed to be hard-wearing, whilst providing maximum comfort. Made with 100% waterproof 340gsm PVC, with nylon, you can rest assured that you will withstand the elements when wearing this bib and brace to carry out your construction work. For optimum protection and comfort, this bib and brace are designed to be worn with our Stormtex-Air 242 Hi-Vis Class 3 Waterproof Jacket.

    We ensure that all of our products have useful features for all workers, and this bib and brace set is no exception. Useful features include:

    • Neon tape for enhanced visibility, compliant with ANSI Class 1 and ISO EN 20471.
    • An internal pocket and a side utility pocket for useful storage.
    • Knee pads and a triple layer of material on the knees, to ensure that you can kneel comfortably and the material will not wear easily.
    • Welded seams to keep the heat in.
    • Elasticated braces with industrial plastic clips for easy adjustment, even when wearing gloves.
    • Snaps on the trouser bottoms for a tailored, secure fit.
    • A high back design for increased comfort whilst working.

    Stormtex 669EN ANSI and EN 20471 Class 1 Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Bib and Brace

    Our Stormtex 669EN ANSI and EN 20471 Class 1 Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Bib and Brace is vital gear for construction workers that need waterproof protection, durability and flexibility when working. These overalls are from our mid-weight range and have a fully reversible design, meaning that they can last twice as long. There’s hi-vis tape on both sides of the trousers, meaning that whichever way you wear these overalls, you will still benefit from the reflective design. Regarding the tape, this is ANSI 107-2020 Class E compliant / Class 1 EN 20471 tape, meaning that it provides visibility even in challenging weather conditions and during the night.

    This bib and brace, made with 340gsm PVC for durability, is designed to be loose-fitting, meaning that you can wear whatever you like underneath it to customise your fit and to layer up, especially in adverse weather conditions. This design also increases the flexibility of the garment, which is essential for construction workers. This is designed to be worn with our Stormtex 248EN Class 3 Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Jacket so that you can enjoy comfort and protection whilst working outdoors whether that’s in construction, agriculture, power washing or fishing.

    As well as the relaxed fit, quality PVC and reversible design, these overalls have a myriad of useful features, including:

    • An internal pocket for safely storing any of your essentials, such as your mobile phone and tools for work.
    • A sliding plastic divider so that you can customise the fit of your straps to your body shape and your personal preference.
    • Adjustable ankle snaps that will fit around any footwear, such as safety boots. This ensures the perfect fit, as well as added waterproof protection around your footwear.

    Stormtex 669Y PVC Oilskin Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Bib and Brace

    Taken from our mid-weight collection, this Stormtex 669Y PVC Oilskin Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Bib and Brace combines comfort with functionality and features. Made with 550gsm PVC for durability, this bib and brace is completely reversible so that you can wear this construction clothing for years to come. As with most of our gear, the PVC used for these overalls provides waterproof protection, allowing you to face the elements with confidence whilst carrying out your work.

    These overalls are also designed to be loose-fitting, allowing you to wear builders clothing of your choice underneath, to tailor the fit and layer up in colder climates. The design also provides great flexibility, which is important when working in a range of environments, including construction sites. It’s also important to remain visible to others in these environments, for your own safety. That’s why these overalls are hi-vis, helping you keep safe in dark conditions.

    At Stormline, we pride ourselves on offering the widest assortments of jackets, overalls, trousers and other workwear, all of which comes with a range of useful features for the user. As such, this bib and brace includes features such as:

    • Internal pockets, so that you can store essential items safely with peace of mind that they will remain secure and dry.
    • A sliding plastic divider, which allows you to adjust your straps for a tailored fit. You can therefore stay comfortable whilst doing your job, adjusting the straps to your needs and your preferred fit.
    • Ankle adjustments for additional waterproof protection – these can be made tighter or looser, depending on your footwear, for a tailored fit to protect against water.

    Construction Workwear: Jackets

    Stormtex-Air 242 Hi-Vis Class 3 Waterproof Jacket

    The Stormtex-Air 242 Hi-Vis Class 3 Waterproof Jacket, is the perfect jacket for outdoor working – it’s a popular choice for construction workers that need waterproof layers to keep them dry and comfortable in all weather conditions. Compliant with ANSI Class 3 rain gear and ISO EN 20471 certified, this jacket is made from 100% waterproof nylon backed 340gsm PVC for fast drying, so that you can get the job done despite challenging weather conditions.

    The jacket also has a longer back which effectively facilitates water runoff, whilst the elastic cuffs ensure a comfortable fit and protection from water. This jacket also has raglan sleeves, so that you can work unrestricted thanks to easy arm movement. For maximum comfort and protection whilst working, we recommend wearing this jacket over the Stormtex-Air 696 Hi-Vis Class 1 Waterproof Bib and Brace – these lightweight overalls are also suitable for a range of industries.

    Regarding the features on this jacket, there are a range of them, which is exactly why this Stormline jacket stands out – it isn’t just a standard waterproof jacket. The features include:

    • An adjustable drawstring hood for a secure fit, even over helmets.
    • A velcro storm flap and neoprene adjustable cuffs for protection against water.
    • Angled pockets for storage and easy access.
    • A full-length, heavy-duty YKK zip made from reinforced plastic.
    • Hi-vis neon features for extra visibility in dark environments.

    Stormtex 248EN Class 3 Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Jacket

    The Stormtex 248EN Class 3 Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Jacket – a medium weight waterproof jacket – is designed for all types of outdoor work. It is ideal for construction workers that are looking for a jacket that is strong yet comfortable, without weighing them down. This jacket is made from single-layer 340gsm PVC, which is waterproof and hardwearing. It is designed to help keep workers warm and dry, even in the most challenging weather conditions – our PVC helps rainwater and any other liquids run off the material for fast drying. The jacket also has raglan arm sleeves with elasticated cuffs, for ease of movement and a comfortable, secure fit.

    This jacket is ANSI 107 – 2020 (Type P or R) compliant and EN ISO 20471 Class 3, meaning it is safe for use at night or in low light conditions, thanks to its specialist marine grade reflective tape. This classification means that the jacket can be worn in high-traffic and high-risk areas, whilst still providing visibility and, subsequently, increased safety. Besides the quality materials, this jacket also has a range of useful features, including:

    • Elasticated sleeves for increased water tightness.
    • An internal phone pocket, so that you can keep your mobile or any other device safe and secure whilst you are working.
    • A full-length heavy-duty reinforced YKK zip with reinforced plastic, so that it is easy to use even when wearing gloves.
    • Velcro storm flaps to keep you dry and comfortable. We’ve designed our velcro so that it is extremely easy to use, allowing you to easily remove your gear at the end of the working day.

    Stormtex 248Y PVC Oilskin Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Jacket

    If you’re looking for a jacket that is extra strong but doesn’t weigh you down, our Stormtex 248Y PVC Oilskin Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Jacket is an ideal option. This workwear jacket is made with a single layer of 550gsm PVC, making it a popular choice for professional builders, fishermen and farmers alike. As with all of our products, the material we use is designed to withstand the elements as well as any ripping or tearing, to ensure that your workwear is a worthwhile investment for years to come.

    For additional safety and visibility, the jacket also has hi-vis features that are perfect for those that frequently work in dark or poorly lit areas. The medium-weight jacket is also made with raglan sleeves, allowing users to move freely and easily in their gear. After all, when working in construction, you do not want to feel restricted by your workwear. As for the features that this jacket has, these include:

    • A velcro storm flap for additional protection.
    • A full-length, heavy-duty reinforced YKK zip.
    • Raglan arm sleeves with elasticated cuffs for a comfortable fit and ease of movement.

    Want To Find Out More About Our Products? Get In Touch With Our Team Today

    Whichever type of garment you choose to buy at Stormline, each one is made with care and consideration from the earliest design process to the manufacturing stages. Whilst we hope that this buyer’s guide to construction workwear has helped you to find the right products for your needs, we’d love to hear from you if you have any further questions or would like more information about safety wear, including our sizes and our shipping. We also offer trade and wholesale deals, so that you can provide your entire building team with our gear. Please get in touch with the team by emailing [email protected].