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14 Sep 2017
6 things to keep in mind when choosing rain gear
Professional Rain Gear by Stormline
The performance of your rain gear can make the difference between a good working day and a miserable one. ...
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14 Sep 2017
Curious about how flotation pants work? You’re in luck
662 Heavy Duty Oilskin Fishing Flotation Pants
We’re sure you’ve seen (or even used) these pants before. Not only are they incredibly useful in tricky situations, ...
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24 Aug 2017
Fishing gear safety – how does flotation gear work?
fishing flotation pants
If you’ve ever wondered how professional flotation gear actually works, but we’re too shy to ask, read on. In ...
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13 Jul 2017
Fishing safety advice – share your tips
Stormline 662 Fishing Flotation Pants
Fishing safety has been in the news a lot recently. In Alaska, pods of killer whales have been terrorising ...
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