Get 20% off new Stormline Wet Weather Gear – Just send us a pic of your old stuff

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Thinking of Updating your Wet Weather Gear?

If you haven’t tried Stormline yet, we want to change that.

So we’re offering 20% off to new customers so you can see for yourself just how well Stormline wet weather gear compares to your current wet weather gear.

20% off new wet weather gear* – here’s what to do

Just send us a picture of your old wet weather gear and in return, we’ll send you a discount code for 20% off Stormline fishing gear.

Either snap your label, or if you’re feeling creative, take a photo of you in your current gear.

Then send it to or private message us at facebook or instagram

It’s as simple as that.

*excludes sale items

Why Stormline?

Stormline gear has been keeping professional fishermen and women dry, warm and mobile for 50 years. We started out in New Zealand and now we’re global. We’re extremely proud of our heritage, but we’re never complacent about quality. Our gear is engineered for peerless protection and mobility.

Wet weather gear

Wet weather pants

  • Made from heavy-duty PVC
    (They dry quicker and repel oil.)
  • Removable knee pads
    (The knees face a lot of wear and tear. But that shouldn’t mean you need to replace your pants whenever the kneepads get worn. Removal pads make your fishing pants last longer and ensure optimal protection at all times)
  • Hi-visibility colour
    (‘Be Seen, Be Safe’)
  • Elasticated braces
    (Durable and comfortable now matter how many layers you pile on. Our wet weather jackets are the right fit come rain or shine)
  • Elastic waist
    (Again, it’s important your pants are adjustable depending on what you’re wearing underneath. It also helps to keep you waterproof.)


Wet Weather Fishing jackets

  • Double-layer PVC material
    ( Double-layer PVC keeps your jacket durable and able to repel cold and water for longer.)
  • Longer back, shorter front
    (Your jacket needs to stay lightweight, but offer as much protection against the elements as possible. This design optimises the weight of the jacket, keeping you mobile and productive. Now wearer fatigue)
  • Neoprene cuffs
    (A water tight seal around the wrist)


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