Stormtex-Air 669BLP Wet Weather Fishing Bib and Brace



This is a fully reversible light weight bib and brace pants designed for offshore fishing or anglimg. It is made from Black PU and includes a useful side pocket on the right thigh.

Product Description

The Stormtex-Air 669BLP wet weather fishing bib and brace are made from lightweight weight 170 gsm PU to keep you dry, are fully reversible and also provide breathability. They include a useful side pocket and an internal chest pocket.

As they are a very lightweight garment, the 669BLP bib & brace pants are ideal for changing and unpredictable climates, and have been designed for all types of fishing. They are fully welded for waterproof protection and include durable domes on the ankles to tighten the trouser leg. This bib is ideal whether you are fishing on a lake through to chasing tuna out of Bermagui.

The lightweight 170 gsm PU on the 669BLP wet weather fishing bib and brace allows for optimum comfort for our customers without having to compromise on protection, durability or effectiveness for the work they do. Designed to be worn with the Stormtex-Air 814BL Smock.


  • Single-layer lightweight weight 170 gsm PU – this fabric has been chosen for its flexibility and durability, meaning you won’t be held back by your gear. Fit for all weather conditions to keep you dry.
  • Adjustable back divider – for durability and comfort. This shape is designed to sit comfortably on the shoulders, without digging in, sliding, stretching or causing you any discomfort. The harness is made from 38mm heavy-duty elastic for optimum comfort and practicality. The adjustable divider helps to get best fit.
  • Internal chest pocket – the 669BLP bib and brace pants feature an internal pocket perfect for mobile phones, small tools and other equipment you need to keep on hand and protected from the elements.
  • Side pocket – the 669BLP includes a side pocket on the right thigh for useful stowage. It also includes a drain hole incase water gets in there.
  • Fully reversible to last longer – giving you flexibility and versatility in how you work and use your gear, our fully reversible pants are fantastic for extended use and staying in shape even when the elements throw all they can at you!
  • Adjustable ankle snaps – adjustable ankle snaps that whatever the terrain or weather conditions, our bib and brace pants are perfect for waterproofing around rainboots and heavy footwear.
  • Lightweight 700 grams (+/- 50g for smaller and larger sizes) – weighing only 700 grams, our bib and brace pants are perfect for giving you all the protection you need while out in the fields, seas, forests, site or wherever else your work takes you! Despite the low weight of this garment, the high-quality PU fabric makes it durable and able to stand up to the hard work you do every day.
  • Colour – Black

Ideal for use as:

  • Saltwater fishing clothing – fishing in saltwater and on the open ocean has a unique set of challenges that workers and crews of all kinds need to face. With Stormline, you can be confident that your gear is completely waterproof to keep you working at your best – water-resistant or rainproof gear just won’t do in this kind of environment!
  • Offshore fishing foul weather gear – Offshore fishing means working out on the seas, so you need to be confident your gear is going to hold up out there! From high winds and salt spray to working closely with the catch, plus working in cold nights and hot days, your gear needs to be as versatile as possible to cover the wide variety of different jobs you need to do offshore.
  • Farming waterproof clothing – as a farmer, you have to be able to carry out one of the many tasks that fall under your job umbrella. The Stormtex 669G bib and brace is reversible, lightweight and durable, making it incredibly versatile and perfect for any of the jobs you need to do, whatever the weather!
  • Construction rain gear – construction is an industry that doesn’t stop for anything, including the weather! Our lightweight bib and brace pants give you all the freedom you need to move around and make the most of your time onsite, without letting in the rain or getting scratched, scuffed and torn.
  • Forestry foul weather gear and wet weather clothing – forestry is an incredibly demanding industry to work in, so you gear needs to hold up. When you’re working in wet weather or foul weather, no matter what kind of work you’re doing, there’s nothing worse than clothing that doesn’t stand up to the elements.
  • Survey rain gear – surveying means you’re outside whenever the job needs it, not when the climate says so! Finding gear that keeps you warm and dry no matter what the external conditions are like.

Please allow 5 – 10 days for delivery outside the United Kingdom. Please ensure you read our Delivery Information regarding items delivered outside of these countries on this item.

The saltwater fishing clothing of choice for fishing crews worldwide, Stormline started out in 1966, selling high-quality protective clothing and gear to the fishing industry. Since then, we’ve gone from strength to strength, and now offer a wide variety of durable, comfortable, and most importantly, effective workwear to a variety of different industries, including farming, agriculture, offshore, surveying, construction, landscaping and more! We sell our products to hard workers all over the world, including in the UK, Ireland, US, Canada, France, Australia and of course, our home turf of NZ, so have designed our jackets, pants, bib and brace trousers, accessories and more with a wide variety of ever-changing climates in mind.

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