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How To Choose The Best Wet Weather Gear For Sailing In Australia

How to choose the best wet weather gear for sailing in Australia

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How to choose the best wet weather gear for sailing

Ready to hit the high seas? If you’re planning a sailing trip, you’ll need just one more thing – great quality, comfortable sailing wet weather gear. Even if you’ll only be out on the water for a few hours, it’s crucial to prepare for the elements with the right clothing. Here’s our guide to finding the best wet weather gear for your needs.

Are casual waterproofs up to the job?

Lightweight, casual wear waterproofs might be ok on some sailing excursions, keeping the rain off for a few hours. However, it’s not advisable to go sailing with just these to protect you from the elements. You need higher quality kit that keeps you warm as well as being waterproof, and that doesn’t sweat and cause discomfort.

Wet weather gear for sailing in Australia

Remember – the weather can change at anytime

If you’re out on the water for any length of time, you should be prepared for conditions to change. This is when versatility becomes crucial in the marine wet weather gear you choose. Go for items that can be layered up or down to suit the conditions. This allows you to adjust what you’re wearing if the sun comes out or there’s a sudden downpour.

How to choose the most comfortable gear

Comfort in sailing gear doesn’t necessarily mean soft fabrics. It refers to:

  • Breathability – materials which don’t allow air to circulate will create condensation, as well as causing you to sweat unnecessarily
  • Insulation – stopping heat escaping and keeping your body heat in
  • Waterproofing – especially at seams and at sleeves (which is why adjustable cuffs are a popular choice in sailing jackets) where rain can enter
  • Freedom of movement – you need to feel unrestricted when working on a sailing vessel, or even just enjoying the trip. You can’t be weighed down by heavy materials or a restrictive fit.

Sailing wet weather gear for long trips

When you’re out at sea for days at a time, finding the right wet weather gear is not just about comfort. It can also affect your health and safety. Getting soaked through in a poor-quality jacket, which then stays wet, can make you ill – with no access to a doctor until you’re back on dry land. To avoid situations like this, it’s well worth spending a lot more on specialist, high quality sailing wet weather gear.

How strong is our PVC?

Can you be seen?

This is the last thing to remember when buying sailing wet weather gear, but it’s just as crucial as comfort and waterproofing. Your gear must have reflector tape or contain high-visibility material, so that you can be seen clearly in all conditions. This is especially important for trips taking place in the afternoon or evening. However, you should wear hi-vis items on any sailing or boating excursion, as you never know how long you’ll actually be out on the water. Night time could creep up on you.

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