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Third Generation Family Business – Estb 1966
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About Stormline

Stormline is located in Invercargill, New Zealand, way down at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. It’s the last stop before Antarctica.

Down here, at the southernmost part of New Zealand, the weather is wild – real wild!

All that exists between Invercargill and Antarctica are huge seas, whales, seals, and penguins – often followed by hungry Great White Sharks. The Southern Oceans that surround Antarctica are famous for the Roaring 40’s – treacherous winds that have claimed untold vessels. These extreme winds cause the trees on the New Zealand southern coast to grow at a 45 degree angle (true story).

So, this is absolutely the kind of place where you need the very best wet weather gear you can get. 

In 1966, George McMillan founded Stormline. He started manufacturing PVC wet weather gear for the local commercial fishermen and farmers who work in this extreme weather. In 1982 he was joined by his son, Graeme, who as a qualified Structural Engineer (and designer of a number of bridges around Invercargill) turned his technical skills into developing world leading clothing designs that have improved comfort and safety for commercial fishermen and outdoor professionals ever since. And most importantly, kept them dry.

While George retired in the 1980’s, Graeme is still at the helm along with his son, Regan, and daughter, Hayley. Stormline is a third generation business and remains 100% family owned – so you know we really really care about what we do.

Quality is the benchmark of Stormline and has earned us a proven reputation for durability, innovation and comfort. 

We still manufacture in Invercargill, but also in Europe. Using only the finest materials available, we ensure we make the highest quality gear you can get. That’s why we aren’t cheap, but it’s also why people have been depending on our gear since 1966.

If you want to know more about Stormline or any of our products, simply drop us a line or use the Chat on the side of your screen. 

The Stormline family

Stormline® is a registered trademark.

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