Fishing Bib and Brace

Here at Stormline, we know that when you’re out at sea, it’s crucial that you have high-quality clothing to protect you from the extreme conditions that can be thrown your way. Our foul weather gear is made to the highest standards. Every article we design is tried and tested in the most demanding conditions to ensure you are protected in the harshest conditions.

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Our bib and brace fishing overalls

Our commercial fishing gear is designed to ensure you are protected from harsh conditions without having the inconvenience of heavy products weighing you down. Our double and triple-layer PVC overalls are the perfect choices for any fisherman, whether you’re a commercial fisherman or an offshore fishing enthusiast.

If you need something a little more heavy duty, look no further than our Crew 654 foul weather heavy duty waterproof bib and brace pants. Foul weather gear for commercial fishing needs to be both durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions as well as provide additional safety, especially for those working through the night or in open water. The Stormline Crew 654 heavy duty bib pants feature special closed-cell foam in the knees, heavy duty 650gsm PVC on the front and hi-viz neon on the back for additional safety. They also include an elastic waist for comfort, internal chest pocket and double layer on the stomach and chest area. The heavy-duty fishing bib pants are made of durable 650 gsm PVC that is specially designed for durabilty and includes three layer protection over the knees.

If you need something a little less hardy, the Crew 640 PVC Fishing Waterproofs Bib Overalls are a fantastic medium-weight option. The fisherman’s bib and brace is packed full of practical features including triple-layer protection and pads over the knee areas. It features an internal reinforced chest pocket in which you can store a selection of items. These handy pockets are easy to access and are just another reason why our bib overalls are the perfect choice for commercial or industrial fishing. It’s also made from heavy-duty 630 gsm PVC, meaning you remain protected from harsh conditions.

The Stormtex-Air 669BLP wet weather fishing bib and brace is made from lightweight weight 250 gsm PU to keep you dry in the most intense weather conditions. It’s fully reversible, allowing it to last longer, and it is designed to provide breathability to help regulate your temperature whilst working. It includes a useful side pocket and a protected internal chest pocket. This bib and brace is ideal for any kind of fishing, from lake fishing to catching tuna in the open sea. Although it’s very lightweight in design, it’s capable of giving you protection in even the harshest climates.

Why choose Stormline?

Founded in New Zealand in 1966, we have spent years designing and improving our wet weather and commercial fishing gear. By listening to our customers and fully understanding their needs, we are able to produce high-quality gear that stands the test of time. With a real-world understanding of the fishing and marine industry, we know exactly what fishing professionals have come to expect from their equipment, and we pride ourselves on being able to meet those high standards for professionals all over the world.

Our durable gear is available in lightweight, midweight and heavyweight designs, so you have options suitable for all jobs. They can also be paired up as seasons change – for example, wear the Stormtex 669HG Midweight PVC Rain Gear Bib and Brace Pants as dungarees for summer fishing, then as conditions get harsher and you find yourself in cold weather, pair them with the Milford 249 Foul Weather Fishing Jacket, which is built for comfort and durability. Made with 630 gsm PVC, the jacket is designed to be comfortable and to withstand even the harshest environments.

Here at Stormline, we have developed a reputation for quality, safety features and innovation. We pride ourselves on catering to our customers’ needs. Providing the best-quality fishing gear is something that we’ve done for decades – when we started out in 1966, the purpose of our business was to manufacture commercial fishing gear to meet demand in New Zealand. Our reputation has grown and we’re now recognised worldwide. Our fishing bib and brace products are the first choice for fishing crews across the UK in areas from Cornwall all the way to Peterhead in Northeast Scotland. They are designed for all types of fishing, including saltwater fishing, commercial fishing, and sea angling. No matter what area of the fishing industry you work in, the entire range is made with pride by the Stormline team.

The perfect choice for professional fishing gear

We have decades of experience manufacturing a variety of wet weather gear for commercial fishing, as well as other outdoor professions in New Zealand, Europe and North America. If you need a hand deciding which bib and brace products are for you, take a look at our handy guide: A Buyer’s Guide To Fishing Bib and Brace.

Our collection of bib and braces will protect you from everything the ocean throws at you. Our heavyweight oilskins and lighter-weight overalls are designed for marine professionals working in the harshest conditions, from the Antarctic to the North Sea. What’s more, they’re ideal for sport and leisure too.

Our wet weather gear is designed specifically to meet the demands of commercial fishing; it is lightweight, waterproof and engineered with the highest-quality PVC. Welded seams, robust zips and smart detailing make our professional fishing waterproofs the ideal choice for commercial operations. If you’re looking for a high-quality bib and brace, or any other fishing or marine gear, take a look at our trade and wholesale discounts today.

But what exactly is it that makes our products – particularly the fishing bib and brace – the number-one choice for fishing crews and anglers around the world?


At Stormline, we ensure that every item of our foul weather gear is made from high-quality material. Over the years, we’ve determined fabric choices with the most extensive water-repellent properties. Our customers can rest assured that their Stormline fishing bib and brace will not only protect them in the moment but also stand the test of time.

In particular, our heavy duty fishing bib and brace products are made from single-layer 650 gsm nylon backed PVC – one of the most durable materials out there – to ensure maximum longevity of your clothing item and optimal protection in extreme bad weather and cold water.

In addition to being made from durable and waterproof material, we also ensure that our fishing bib and brace products are made from a breathable material, too – so you can have peace of mind that your gear will be suitable for use in both warm and cold weather alike.


One of, if not the, primary concern with commercial fishing gear, or to contend with the demands of competitive fishing, is that your fishing bib and brace allows you an unimpaired range of motion. However, this might leave you with a bit of a conundrum. Whilst larger items or heavy products might restrict your movement, slim items might not offer enough protection to keep you warm during harsh weather conditions.

With this in mind, it is important that you strike the right balance between practicality and warmth. That’s why our fishing bib and brace pants come in a wide range of sizes, and with adjustable straps, waits, and ankles to fit to the contours of your body – but also boast handwarmer pockets and hidden bib pockets for times when it is particularly cold or wet.

That said, a harsh wind could lead to lost belongings if pockets are loose or open. To mitigate this, our fishing bib and brace gear boasts hidden handy pockets and angled pockets – items might have an internal pocket or even an internal chest pocket.

For additional protection, the fishing bib and brace can also be layered with a heavyweight, midweight, or lightweight marine jacket – depending on the conditions at hand – to create a versatile 2pce bib & brace fishing suit.


In addition to practicality and warmth, our wet weather gear is designed with improved comfort, providing fishermen with day-to-day comfort whilst at sea. After all, every fisherman wants maximum comfort, whether you are looking for bait fishing or coarse fishing gear alike – and whether you are hard at work or want a bit of comfort whilst sitting down for a hard-earned break.


After nearly six decades of designing and improving our wet weather gear, one thing we have learnt is that continuous product development is key. We never stop trying to find new ways to revolutionise the industry and take our fishing bib and brace gear to the next level.

For example, in addition to our traditional fishing bib and brace products, you can also find the 662 Heavy Duty Oilskin Fishing Flotation Pants. This product boasts closed cell foam in the knees, as well as the front and back of the torso above the waist, to provide additional 50N of flotation in water.

(Please note: this product type should always be used with an approved life jacket most appropriate for your activity)

Wet Weather Jackets and Commercial Fishing Gear

If you’re looking for commercial fishing gear such as a fishing bib & brace, we have just the right options to help you endure intense weather conditions with extra comfort. Although we have a huge choice of the best quality fishing gear, the Crew 654 Foul Weather Heavy Duty Waterproof Bib and Brace Pants are our recommendation for those who truly want maximum comfort with a high quality material. These original 3-layer PVC overalls, complete with abrasion knee pads, are the number one brace overalls for those who need the most effective foul weather gear. 

The biggest seller for passionate sea anglers, these bib overalls boast two layers of 650 gsm PVC, making them an ideal choice for fishing crews. The double knee design along with the durable materials make for perfect wet weather gear that is able to keep you comfortable in harsh weather conditions. 

This fantastic range also has elasticated straps and braces that offer the freedom of improved comfort to allow you to focus on getting the job done. The fit of these lightweight overalls are firm and secure rather than being uncomfortable and tight, giving the flexibility for warmer layers to be worn underneath if desired. Alongside this, the outer surface materials feature ankle adjuster straps, making it possible for your waterproof trousers to be tailored to fit you. Adjusting the width of the leg with Velcro straps removes the threat of you tripping over and injuring yourself or allowing any cold water to get in. 

In general, when looking at purchasing protection for bad weather, we recommend breathable material and clothing & accessories that have padded knees and knee panels. This ensures that whichever item of clothing you purchase from our extensive range, it will be suitable for those tough tasks in cold weather and murky waters.

Our Stormtex-Air 203 Wet Weather Jacket is a knee-length, waterproof jacket crafted from fabric with water repellent technology that is ideal for an efficient, well-organised and comfortable angler. Should wet weather strike, our waterproof jacket features a handy drawstring that can be pulled to fit more snugly around your head. Complete with watertight protection, it’s a great option when the weather becomes wet and windy whilst you’re in a body of water. The angled pockets with water protection are perfect for the modern-day angler or fly anglers who may need access to their mobile phone whilst out. 

We have incorporated neon for high visibility to fill our fisherman with comfort that they’ll never be out of sight or mind. All our products are made with real people in mind, for real world applications, and are highly functional for all marine trades and leisure activities. 

At Stormline one of the things our clients appreciate most is our adaptability, so we have done all we can to make sure that our coarse fishing gear can be customised to each individual. We would advise you to layer your gear, especially if you’re an active angler in more challenging conditions. Check out our huge range of wet weather accessories including fishing boots for match-style anglers. 

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However, we understand that sometimes accidents happen, and your wet weather gear can get damaged out of nowhere. If this is the case, you’ll likely need your foul weather gear sooner rather than later.

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