Heavyweight Commercial Rain Gear

Protect yourself from everything your job has to throw at you. Oil, water, heat and cold. Whatever your gig, get the job done in comfort.

Stormline heavyweight rain gear is designed to let you excel in the harshest of workplaces. Designed for ultimate protection and maximum comfort, your gear distributes its own weight. No more fatigue from heavy workwear.

We’ve collaborated with industrial specialists around the world to give you a range of heavyweight rain gear that keeps you dry and warm without hampering your work.

Our heavyweight rain gear is built to endure the rigours of your job, resist abrasions and keep you going – in comfort, day after day.

You’ve got work to do. Get it done with Stormline.

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No matter where you are, in order to get your job done you need commercial rain gear that is robust enough to keep you comfortable, but that also does not weigh you down. That’s where Stormline’s marine gear comes in handy.  With our heavyweight marine gear you will be able to handle anything the ocean throws at you. If you are a marine professional and find yourself working in some of the most challenging conditions, our outdoor industry range of products are the perfect armour for you. Our products act as a durable water repellent and even our advanced camping gear is a high-powered option. 

Staying warm and dry

Whether you are fishing for leisure or out on your job, it is important that you stay warm and protected when you are out at sea. Our hard-wearing clothing and wet weather gear are guaranteed to keep you dry and warm, no matter how harsh the weather may become. When you are out and working in wet and cold conditions, breathable fabrics are a must. It is vital to have breathable fabric that is also water resistant and, luckily, we offer many suitable items so you can return to land looking and feeling your best. Our foul weather gear offers extra protection and adjustable cuffs for easy-wearing warmth and relief from harsh conditions. A clothing failure is extremely dangerous and one of the last things you want whilst out on the open sea.

Grab a jacket

One of our most popular examples of commercial fishing gear is our Stormtex 818 PVC Waterproof Commercial Fishing Smock. These hooded jackets offer a breathable base layer and 500gsm PVC lightweight fabric for comfort and extra warmth. Not only is the PVC breathable, but it’s also extremely tough and will defend against abrasion or other surface damage whilst at sea. With cuffs for water protection, this jacket with zipper is a great option for fishing rain gear.

One of our most popular pieces you might want to consider is our Crew 211 Heavy Duty Foul Weather Jacket. With this piece, we have included adjustable neoprene cuffs to ensure your comfort. This item also comes with next level 650GSM double-coated PVC polyester-based fabric for the highest levels of wind and water resistance. Because the seams are double welded, your skin is able to breathe to a greater extent than with some other items. If this is not enough to convince you, we also make sure that we include moisture-wicking fabric backing throughout these items to make sure that no matter the season, you are comfortable and cool. The beauty of these jackets is that they are suitable for almost any role, including within the agricultural range or fishing range, no matter the level of activity – a worthy investment. 

Heavyweight marine gear needs to be made of synthetic material and practical to actually be considered heavyweight. We have included a storm hood with a Velcro storm flap (buttons under storm flap are also available) and extremely visible neon-coloured plastic pieces to ensure you are always within sight and mind. We have not forgotten about the more delicate areas of our gear either. The stomach and forearm layer is reinforced so you never have to worry about damaging your gear. 

Another great piece of heavyweight wet weather gear is the Westport 277 Wet Weather Fishing Jacket. This jacket features a Velcro double storm flap, an internal neoprene cuff, as well as a detachable hood and a vertical zipper for access to a chest pocket for storing electrical items. It’s ideal for use as commercial fishing gear, offshore foul weather gear, agricultural clothing and many more purposes. This foul weather fishing jacket is a specialised piece of fishing gear, and with its incredible quality and elastic adjustments, finding another jacket that performs as effectively as this one is near enough impossible. 


When looking at purchasing foul weather protection, we recommend clothing & accessories that are fully zippered and preferably with flat seams. These seams ensure that whichever item of clothing you purchase, it will be tailored to fit your body size without fail. One of the things our clients appreciate most is our adaptability so we have done all we can to make sure that our heavy protection raingear can be customised to each individual. 

Additionally, these types of wet weather clothing will work best with layers. Although our jackets are fantastic, we would advise you to layer your aquaculture rain gear, especially in more challenging conditions. Extra-fine merino yarns are a great option for underneath a pullover jacket, but you might be interested in trying out our aquaculture bibs and pants.

Bibs and Pants

If you are after some construction rain gear, we have just the right items for sale. Although we have a huge choice of waterproof protection available, the Milford 641 Double Layer PVC Oilskins are what we would recommend if you truly want some safety smart gear.  These medium weight overalls come at an affordable price and offer the critical warmth that’s necessary with cold water clothing. The fabric used is a single piece of 650 gsm PVC, with a second layer of 250sm PVC for greater durability. 

Stormline prides itself in providing a comfortable base layer that allows a range of movement. The Milford Oilskin features an elasticated waistline and has adjustable straps to ensure that it’s suitable for all weather conditions so you can rest assured that if you are wearing one of our close fit items, you will be safe and secure whilst performing your duties. As a company we are all too aware of the many dangers that come with being out at sea. No matter the weather, our aim is to ensure that our clients feel protected at all times. This is why we have created the finest heavyweight marine gear  we possibly can in order to ensure that our products are able to withstand even the worst weather. We test each and every product we manufacture so that you can put your full trust in us when you purchase our products. 

Layer up

When you are looking at waterproof fishing jackets, bib pants or any kind of survey rain gear, it might be worth taking a look at which products contain merino wool. There are many benefits when it comes to using merino wool in cold weather conditions. Extra-fine spun merino wool is commonly used in base layer pants and other base layer item models to provide extra warmth for those who will be outside in a range of conditions, day after day. The Stormtex-Air 814BL Wet Weather Fishing Smock for example, has an adjustable hood with drawstring which can be pulled up in a flash to protect you from wind or rain. Because it has an attached hood with an adjustable toggle, you can fit an extra fine merino warm hat underneath to keep more of the elements out – perfect when working in wet weather or as a warm jacket in frost. 

When it comes to our clients, the vast majority of them are looking for elastic waist rain pants, bib rain pants and general raglan oilskin fishing jackets that are durable. For dangerous and time-consuming jobs like fishing, we recommend Heavy Duty Oilskin Fishing Flotation Pants.  Safety and comfort are our number one priorities, so we have included breathable fabrics and limb materials within our bibs & pants, namely special closed-cell foam in the knees, front and back. Our assisted flotation pants are designed for 50N of buoyancy, so are a great choice for saltwater fishing clothing to help you remain comfortable and safe whilst out at sea. 

With the highest quality products, Stormline is the number one choice for all those looking for wet weather gear for all occasions. Get in touch today or check out our sizing guide for more information

Why choose Stormline?

Stormline takes pride in producing garments that are world-leading in terms of their quality. Our foul weather gear, for one, has specially formulated polymers within the PVC to withstand the harsh elements of the fishing and general industry throughout the world. The fabric itself has been specially designed to combine both suppleness and strength which make it 100% waterproof and windproof. 

So you know that our products are trustworthy and high quality, but you might now be wondering why you should choose Stormline over the other companies available. 

Well, everybody knows that within this industry you have to be a proven expert to get anywhere, which is why we pride ourselves so heavily on our expertise. We were founded in New Zealand in 1966 and have worked relentlessly on improving our business and products since then. Because of this, our customers have come to expect the greatest from us, and we do our very best to deliver!  


Returns and exchanges 

Our items are sold with full factory warranty against all defects in workmanship from 30 days of purchase (full warranty will apply outside of this period at Stormline’s discretion). 

We offer a refund on most purchases if returned in the condition in which they were sold and within 28 days beginning on the day after the receipt of the product. This applies to all eligible items, unopened items and if you purchased the wrong item.