Lightweight Marine Gear

Guarantee yourself a dry and comfortable day at sea with our most flexible wet weather gear. Whether you’re heading into warmer climes for a spot of leisure fishing or need to layer up against the colder seas, our lightweight gear protects.

Wear our lightweight range over your summer gear or on top of winter layers. However you use it, Stormline’s wet weather gear protects. Day in, year out.

Get all the specially engineered protection of our heavier gear, in a lighter package.

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Whether you are facing cold weather or a climate with substantial humidity, Stormline lightweight marine gear offers an adaptable solution to dealing with temperamental climates. Take our range of durable jackets, such as the Stormtex-Air 203 Wet Weather Fishing Smock, for example. Made of double-coated PVC polyester material, our fishing jackets can fight against wet weather conditions to keep you dry and comfortable, no matter the wind or rain.

Our Scudo oilskin technology is designed to be both lightweight and practical, suited to a wide range of marine applications. You should be able to wear our designs for long periods of time: a full shift or weekend of fishing if need be. This is largely a result of our prized 250gsm PU combination, regarding the material we use. Largely, 250gsm is a reasonable weight, easily adjusted to suit a great scope of challenging weather conditions. Most importantly, this material does not compromise breathability!

Stay protected with a lightweight layer membrane that allows you the ease of movement, without restriction. When constructing our lightweight marine gear, we always double-weld seams for extra strength. We successfully defend against wear and tear, time and time again, and also include much-needed features such as a collapsible oilskin rain hat, complemented by a duty zip adjustable hood.

In addition, a heavy-duty zip is essential when faced with foul weather: durability is what makes our contemporary oilskins so great, and with double-duty technology at hand, you never have to fear our products breaking apart under duress. A duty cotton twill base material is used to keep you warm, comfortable and content. It is worth bearing in mind that duty cotton is also ideal for fending off insect bites in a humid environment! When we call our products adaptable, we mean it.

An adjustable waist, supported with adjustable elastic cuffs, allows you to determine the fit of your Stormline basic waterproof jacket (or outfit), and elastic cuffs prevent water from seeping into the insulation of your garments. As we prize customisation at Stormline, our adjustable drawstring hood can be pulled up quickly and tightened to the most comfortable fit for your face. So adaptable, you can even wear a woolly hat underneath!

Storage is important to us, also. We know marine professionals must have easy access to a range of essential items. With front storage pockets included throughout much of our marine gear, you can keep your items at the forefront of your mind: dry and easy-to-clean at the end of a long day.

Much of our range, such as the Stormtex-814BL Wet Weather Fishing Smock, also includes a half YKK zip front with an expansion gusset. Recalling back to our great degree of breathability and ventilation, you can let the fresh air in without removing your jacket entirely.

Why Choose Stormline?

Since our establishment in 1966, Stormline has spent decades developing innovative products to serve professional and recreational fishermen across New Zealand, Europe and North America. When it comes to foul weather gear, experience is everything. We know our customers, and we know what they need. How do we know this? Well, we listen to you! By listening to the intricate requirements of our customers, great or small, we can produce high-quality lightweight marine gear that lasts a lifetime.

Practical knowledge and understanding of the marine industry mean we’re sure of the wear and tear our products will face, and so we act accordingly. The professionals we serve rightfully demand high standards, and we fulfil these standards in all that we do.

Although our lightweight marine gear is highly versatile, made with the most advanced materials on the market, it is not our only available range. Explore our midweight and heavyweight designs to cover all potential at-sea jobs. What about the Crew 211 Heavy Duty Foul Weather Jacket or the Stormtex 669HG Midweight PVC Rain Gear Bib and Brace Pants? Mix and match our products to find the best warm, protective and comfortable combination for you.

In the most extreme weather conditions, whether hot or cold, our lightweight marine gear will never let you down. Bad weather can be difficult to face at the best of times. Without the right protective gear, it can be dangerous. Whatever the climate, Stormline has you covered.