Midweight Marine Gear

Stay dry, keep warm and get the job done. Whether you’re on an inshore fishery or out for a day of sport fishing, you need rain gear that’s robust without weighing you down.

Our single layer PVC rain gear ticks all the boxes for premium, medium weight protection. Padded where it needs to be and no heavier than required. Stormline midweight rain gear is high quality, sensibly priced and resistant to the rigours of a day well spent at sea.

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When cold weather conditions hit, they hit hard. If you’re on the job or waiting for your next big catch, it’s important to stay warm and protected. The right gear can be the difference between life and death: Stormline midweight marine gear is comfortable and robust enough to handle whatever the day throws at it. Heavy-duty fabrics keep you dry and insulated, no matter how intense harsh conditions become. 

Our polyester base offshore gear, intuitively designed with insulative layers for warmth without weight, ticks every box for day-to-day medium weight protection. Quality tried and tested. 

When you’re out and working in less-than-ideal conditions (wet, cool or dry), breathable fabrics are a necessity. Professional and recreational marine lovers alike need breathable fabric that can act as a water-resistant barrier. Cold water can bring your body heat skyrocketing down. With external water protection and fleece for extra warmth, our midweight marine gear keeps you afloat, safe and sound. 

Take one of the best examples of our fishing gear, keeping you at ease on deck or in a dinghy! The Stormtex 818 PVC Waterproof Commercial Fishing Smock is one of our most refined coastal jackets, with a breathable base layer and 500gsm PVC lightweight fabric. This commercial fishing smock is breathable, no matter how choppy the waters get. PVC isn’t only breathable, however, but durable and tough. Waterproof jackets are an absolute necessity for coastal gear. Defend against harsh abrasion and surface damage: at sea, hazards aren’t only restricted to cold environmental conditions. When storms come in, you want to make sure your body and face are as protected from the water as the boat itself. 

Durable and water repellent, we’d advise you to opt for a full-zippered jacket with flat seams. Not only will this jacket – and the heavy-duty zips that accompany your outfit – keep you sealed in with our warm, high-quality base layers, it offers plenty of room for storage. Keep your prized possessions tucked away in our many handy, waterproof pockets! Holding your mobile phone or glasses while a boat rocks in the water, or you wade through the tides, is neither practical nor wise. 

Importantly, flatlock and heat-welded seams ensure every item of Stormline clothing is tailored perfectly to your body size. Our clients appreciate adaptability, and customisation is something we can offer in the boatload. 

Don’t wear your jacket alone. Try our fishing bib and brace overalls. The Milford 641 Double Layer PVC Oilskins are medium weight, packed full of premium features at an affordable price. There’s nothing better for cold weather boating gear. Knee pads and triple-layer protection affords fishermen, and the wider marine industry, critical warmth and cold water resistance.  

The fabrics used here include a single piece of 650 gsm PVC – no more need for a side seam! Stormline takes fabric for comfort to the next level. An elasticated waistline and adjustable straps ensure Stormline oilskins are suitable for all weather conditions. Trust that you’re wearing the correct clothing for the job with Stormline. 

Why choose Stormline?

At Stormline, we have spent years honing our skills in accessible, functional wet weather gear. We make sure that form meets function, and that our clients are always satisfied. Certainly, since our establishment in 1966, we have amassed quite the reputation. Customers know what we make is built to last. Marine professionals and recreational fishers rely on us to bring the most functional, hydrophilic fabrics to the market. Our clothing is as fashionable as it is effective, designed to be mixed and matched for the perfect base layer pairs. Pair up our waterproof jackets with the right bib and brace and peruse our range of heavyweight and lightweight protection. We cover all bases! Why look elsewhere? With such a diverse product range at your fingertips, peruse items perfect for industries far beyond that of commercial fishing. If you are struggling to find the perfect products for you, feel free to check out our easy-to-follow Buyer’s Guide to Fishing Bib and Brace. 

Now that you’re looking to purchase, take a look at our trade and wholesale discounts. We guarantee cost-effective and high-quality finds.