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An introduction to wet weather gear and fishing oilskins

Wet weather gear

Professional quality wet weather gear is designed to provide complete protection against the elements without limiting your ability to move around and work comfortably. Wet weather gear is used by professionals in high-impact roles where effective wet weather gear isn’t just a bonus, it’s a must to be able to do their work properly. Workers in fishing, agriculture, construction, forestry, aquaculture farming and more need high-quality, durable and professional-grade clothing to help them do their jobs safely and comfortably in the unpredictable great outdoors!

There’s a big difference between this type of product and the waterproof gear you might use for the odd rainy day. Stormline wet weather gear is for everyday use, in a working or high-performance context like fishing or farm work. It’s designed to protect, without weighing you down. Designed with durability in mind, all of our wet weather gear is fully waterproof, to make sure that no matter what kind of conditions you’re facing or work you’re doing, you’re safe and comfortable. At Stormline, we have been providing outdoor workers with wet and foul weather gear for over 50 years, and a lot has changed in that time. Not only has garment technology advanced, allowing us to create ever more durable, more waterproof and lighter products, but the industries we work with have changed too. New technology in lots of sectors has changed the work our customers do over the course of the last 50 years, and we have done everything we can to keep up! Our wet weather gear is designed for the work you do here and now, and is perfectly made to give you protection, flexibility and durability on the job, all day, every day.

Wet weather gear is a general term that refers to the range of products that professional fishermen, marine workers, agriculture professionals and farmers rely on every day to keep dry and comfortable. This includes products such as foul weather jackets, waterproof work trousers, farmers waterproof bib and brace pants and other protective equipment and accessories, such as gloves and aprons. We offer many different products to help you find the right clothing for your work and industry, from heavyweight waterproofs for the harshest of weather conditions to lighter, more flexible and breathable garments, ideal for use in warmer climates. The term normally includes fishing oilskins, which is a specific type of wet weather product.

Fishing oilskins

The term ‘oilskin’ originates from the traditional practice of coating thick cloth with linseed oil to produce a rugged, waterproof protective garment. First developed by another New Zealander, Edward Le Roy, way back in 1898, these things used to weigh a tonne and got very hot, but did a very good job of protecting sailors, fishermen, and other wet weather workers from cold weather and wet conditions both on land and at sea. You might recognise the distinctive yellow sailor’s oilskin jacket and sou’wester, but modern wet weather and foul-weather clothing looks a bit different and is much more comfortable, flexible and practical for today’s crews.

Fortunately for today’s forestry, construction, fishing and aquaculture teams, technology has moved on a lot since the days when sailors wore heavy, yellow fishing gear, but the oilskin name prevails. Modern fishing oilskins protect better than the old linseed cloth garments, but without the heaviness, making them, safe and comfortable to move around in while carrying out all kinds of tasks and work outdoors, in all kinds of different climates, from the warm winds of the South Pacific to long stints in the North Atlantic, and everywhere in between! We offer a variety of different specialised garments for workers in marine, agricultural and commercial sectors, and supply workers all over the world, from our home base in NZ to Australia, America and Europe!

Nowadays, oilskins are typically made from PVC. Ours come in a range of weights, with a variety of functional features such as adjustable cuffs, raglan sleeves, reinforced zips and reversible bibs. These features have been implemented with your comfort and convenience in mind. We also include welded seams as standard on our great, to ensure true quality waterproofing and make sure you don’t get caught short with sub-standard wet weather clothing when you need it the most.

When we talk about oilskins, we’re actually referring to highly advanced technical workwear that does a number of jobs. We’re loved by outdoor workers worldwide for our range of modern oilskins which are strong, comfortable, durable and of exceptionally high quality, and are always looking for ways to make our products more comfortable, more flexible and more durable, to offer you the best possible equipment, whatever the weather.

Choosing the right wet weather gear

Find the right wet weather gear easily with Stormline. We’ve been making top-of-the-line wet weather clothing for over 50 years, and we’ve seen all kinds of exciting and innovative developments to help our customers do their jobs better. It can be difficult to choose the right gear for your work, especially if this is the first time you’re investing in high-quality heavy duty waterproofs, but don’t worry, we have plenty of options, for all kinds of outdoor work to keep you safe and dry.

Shop by industry & weight

Every Stormline product is the result of years’ of research and testing. But we still keep our range refreshingly simple:

First, choose your industry: Select from marine, agricultural or commercial.

Within each range, we have a wide variety of workwear and foul weather clothing, tailored to what you need from your working garments. From lightweight gilets and bib and brace pants to heavy-duty wet weather jackets and overalls, we have products to suit every situation and preference. The products in each range are designed to meet your specific technical needs, whether you need them for work or leisure.

Then choose your required weight: Select from light, medium and heavy, depending on the type of weather you’ll be facing.

For those working in the coldest, harshest climates, our heavyweight range is a must. Used for years by outdoor workers in some of the world’s most demanding environments such as the North Sea, Alaska and even in the desolate Antarctic, our heavyweight garments feature 650gsm PVC to keep you safe, warm and dry, whatever you’re facing.

Midweight gear is a very popular and practical choice. Ideal for use in moderate climates, or those where the weather can vary wildly at the drop of a hat, our midweight products are lighter than our heavyweight range and feature high-quality 480gsm PVC. This gives you the flexibility you want, without compromising on performance where you need it

Our lightweight range is perfect for those in warmer climates, but who still need consistent and complete protection from the elements while they work. These products are also excellent for layering in variable climates and can be worn over your summer gear or with thicker winter layers, where the single layer 340gsm PVC will keep you dry and protected no matter what the weather throws at you!. Whatever you need from your lightweight wet weather gear, you’ll stay comfortable and dry with Stormline’s range of clothing and accessories.

Designed for performance

Stormline wet weather products are engineered to ensure maximum comfort and peerless performance, whatever your job and wherever you do it. Innovative technical designs eliminate wearer fatigue to keep you mobile and productive, while high-quality fabrics and construction processes mean you’re getting a durable product that will last you for many years in whatever tough environments you need it for.

Whether you’re leisure fishing in New Zealand this summer, or working the harshest of harsh North Atlantic winters, you need wet weather gear you can rely on in any season, for any job. Stormline delivers, every time. Our products are created with our users at the forefront of the design process, and we don’t make our products based on what manufacturers and designers think is useful, but what the real people using our products think is useful. With a loyal customer base spanning over 50 years of operations, we’re always looking to hear what the real workers on the ground need from their work gear and the products we sell. Because of this, we have a stellar reputation for practicality and durability in our clothing among the people who actually use it, which we are incredibly proud of and work every day to maintain.

Browse our wide range of wet weather fishing jackets, oilskin fishing pants, waterproof farmers bibs and braces, pants and smocks and get the protection you need.

About our wet weather gear and fishing oilskins

australian commercial proffesional fishermen wearing Stormline wet weather gear

About our wet weather gear and fishing oilskins

Our range of fishing oilskins and wet weather gear have been keeping marine professionals dry, comfortable and productive for decades.

We started out making fishing gear for boat crews working off New Zealand. Now we supply wet weather gear and fishing oilskins to marine professionals, outdoor workers and sport fishers around the world.

Our products are designed to distribute their own weight and withstand whatever gets thrown at them.

Wear them for hours, keep them for years.


About our commercial fishing Gear

Commercial fishing gear needs to be hardwearing and cost effective. Ours lets you stay dry, keep warm and be seen – at a sensible price – without cutting corners on quality.

If you make your living in the fishing industry, your gear can be the difference between an uncomfortable day’s work, or a job well done. Stormline’s commercial fishing gear keeps you at the top of your game, all day. No fatigue, no leakage, just the correct amount of protection to do your job well.

Choose from three weight ranges and get the perfect combination of protection and mobility. Remember, lightweight wet weather gear is ideal for wearing over a heavy underlayer in cold climates.

Adjustable neoprene cuffs, storm flaps and high visibility detailing enable you to keep the elements out without compromising your mobility or vision.


About our farming waterproofs

Farm and yard work has a unique set of technical demands, so you need farming waterproofs that deliver on each one equally. Our waterproofs are flexible and rugged. Adjustable cuffs and ankle domes let you tailor your gear for a perfect fit, while our selection of PVC outerwear keeps the water off and the warmth in.

We’ve designed our farming waterproofs for optimum performance. Areas that come into contact with water, harsh substances or abrasive surfaces – such as cuffs, chest and bib – are adequately protected with durable PVC. Areas that don’t – like shoulders and back are kept mobile with a lighter weight covering.

Stormline farming waterproofs keep you dry and comfortable while repelling the everyday rigours of your job.

We also manufacture a range of woollen outdoor wear, for when it’s cold but dry.