Foul Weather Gear Accessories

Stormline provides a range of PVC rain gear accessories for commercial fishing and for use as fish industry workwear. Popular products include waterproof fishing sleeves and commercial fishing aprons. These can be supplied or made to order and are designed to the same high specifications as our rain gear and oilskins.

All our waterproof fishing sleeves and commercial fishing aprons use 600 gsm PVC, designed with a PU coating to give a useful suppleness to the PVC, while also protecting it from engine oil, lubricants and fish oil.

Fish industry workwear must be cost effective, but also hardwearing to withstand the various fluids and abrasions common in the commercial fish industry and when working outdoors on pylons or construction sites. Our aprons have been designed to be long lasting, to withstand these industry-specific rigours ain a cost effective way.

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Foul weather is a nightmare to deal with, but not when you have the right gear! Foul weather gear accessories are a necessity when taking on the high seas. Luckily, Stormline has just the range of PVC coastal gear accessories for you. Our most popular products include clothing and foul weather gear such as our Stormtex-Air 818 sailing jacket, life jacket straps and well-designed fishing sleeves

With award-winning designs to make sure you get the most out of our sailing waterproofs, there’s no other brand that satisfies the needs of its customers as we do. Many of our offshore gear accessories make use of 600 gsm PVC, and many other high-quality fabrics for the marine industry such as fleece. Durable PVC protects you from harsh weather conditions but also damage caused by abrasion, lubricants, fish oil and engine oil. There are many hazards to marine working not limited to the tumultuous nature of the ocean. For your safety and comfort, we’ve thought of them all. 

We understand the need for cost-effective bad weather gear accessories. Unfortunately, many of our clients think quality only comes with extortionate prices. This doesn’t have to be true. Our articulated designs, courtesy of our talented design team, come at an accessible price for all marine professionals and recreational thrill-seekers alike. Our trade and wholesale discounts are well known, for good reason. Although the price might surprise you, our customers can always count on the quality of our material. Ply fabric construction allows for hardwearing items that stand the test of time. We’ve established a long reputation for the premium and luxe in this industry, and we don’t intend on stopping now. 

Most clients jump at the chance to explore the many features of our gear: coastal gear, dinghy gear and affiliate gear included. Some of our most sought-after features, part of our range of foul weather gear accessories, are actually the pockets we include! Pockets are absolutely essential when out on the water. When a high tide comes and you’re holding your phone or glasses, you can wave goodbye to those possessions! Just like batten pockets are vital to your mainsail, our warmer pockets are vital for the safety of your items. Place your favourite things in our selection of chest pockets, hand-warmer pockets and thigh cargo pockets. A deep cargo pocket can keep your goods secure for the entire day, without fuss or hassle. Whether you’re wearing a rain jacket or thermal fleece, you are sure to be satisfied with the pockets on hand. 

So many customers ask: why are our coastal waterproofs so good? The answer is all in a couple of layers! The layers we use in all of our wearable items lie at the heart of our success. Not only do multiple layers ensure greater waterproof qualities, but they also offer important chafe protection and breathability. Our Mid Layer Salopette, for example, with a design reflective of the Stormtex-Air 669BLP Wet Weather Fishing Bib and Brace, is a supremely warm, functional and fleece-lined piece of clothing – not out of place amongst distance ocean racers! Relax in our Mid Layer Salopette in the coldest temperatures without trouble. We know how to keep you warm and dry, whatever the thermometer says! 

Adjustable fabric shoulders allow for total freedom of movement, and the laminated fabrics that are woven throughout our Salopette products for the ultimate abrasion-resistant comfort are also a customer favourite. Invest in our double zipper design and reap the benefits of foul weather gear accessories made with you in mind. 

Buying your specialist sailing gear, clothing, and accessories has never been easier! We at Stormline have handy guides for all of our products to give our customers a helping hand. Our wide collection has so much variety that it can be hard to choose – so if you need a little advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Since launching in 1966, we’ve worked hard to establish ourselves in the commercial, marine and agricultural industries as a dependable source of hard-wearing goods and accessories. Rely on Stormline, and assure your safety when the weather gets tough.