Foul Weather Gear Accessories

Stormline provides a range of PVC rain gear accessories for commercial fishing and for use as fish industry workwear. Popular products include waterproof fishing sleeves and commercial fishing aprons. These can be supplied or made to order and are designed to the same high specifications as our rain gear and oilskins.

All our waterproof fishing sleeves and commercial fishing aprons use 600 gsm PVC, designed with a PU coating to give a useful suppleness to the PVC, while also protecting it from engine oil, lubricants and fish oil.

Fish industry workwear must be cost effective, but also hardwearing to withstand the various fluids and abrasions common in the commercial fish industry and when working outdoors on pylons or construction sites. Our aprons have been designed to be long lasting, to withstand these industry-specific rigours ain a cost effective way.

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