Heavyweight Marine Gear

Protect yourself from everything the ocean throws at you. Our heavyweight oilskins are designed for marine professionals working in the harshest conditions, from the Antarctic to the North Sea. They’re ideal for sport and leisure too.

Stormline works with marine professionals around the world to perfect a set of oilskins that protect without hampering your work. After years of research and refinement, we’ve engineered a heavyweight oilskin that distributes its own weight. No more wearer fatigue.

Wear it for hours, use it for years.

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At Stormline, we are well aware of the dangers our clients can face at sea or out on the ocean. Foul weather is no laughing matter, and bad weather can soon turn for the worse. We want our clients to feel secure and protected when extreme weather sets in, which is why we’ve constructed the finest heavyweight marine gear to withstand anything the sea throws at it. For foul weather and wet conditions, our contemporary oilskins are made to the most premium standards. We don’t put an oilskin up for sale without extensive testing first: we stand and work in demanding conditions just as you do to push our clearance oilskins to the limit. Stay safe and stay protected with Stormline.

Whether you’re stationed in the Antarctic or the Pacific, our heavyweight marine gear – including heavy-duty Scudo Oilskin and brace pants – are made with marine professionals in mind. They are guaranteed to be reliable whilst you’re on the job, and when you’re off the clock having fun! You might only wear our fishing oilskins for a few hours, but they’re certain to last you years. The investment you make in our waterproof, basic oilskin jackets or bibs is well repaid in your continued safety, warmth and comfort on the water

Consider our Crew 211 Heavy Duty Foul Weather Jacket. Here, we’ve included adjustable neoprene cuffs for your ultimate comfort – complete with advanced 650GSM double-coated PVC polyester material for the utmost in wind and water resistance. Double-welded seams allow your skin to breathe, with tried-and-tested durability. Most importantly, we make sure to include the finest moisture-wicking fabric backing throughout these items, ensuring you’re cool, calm and collected no matter the season. Offshore workers, keen fishermen, site surveyors – foul weather jackets are applicable to any task or role. 

Heavyweight marine gear wouldn’t be heavyweight without durability and practicality. With a duty zip adjustable hood, complete with duty cotton twill base and reinforced heavy-duty YKK zip, Velcro storm flap and careful application of neon colour to ensure your visibility at all times of day, these bright colours make sure you’re never far out of sight – or out of mind! Rest assured, the most delicate areas of our heavyweight marine gear are reinforced where you need it, the stomach and forearms. You don’t have to panic about breaking or damaging your gear – we design for the long haul. 

Complete your heavyweight outfit with matching foul weather gear: namely, the foul weather bib and brace pants from our Crew 654 range

Many of our sales come from commercial fishermen who are looking for gear that offers something special and is able to last in open water and in the dead of night. Commercial fishing can be a lengthy, time-consuming job; heavyweight marine gear such as our 662 Heavy Duty Oilskin Fishing Flotation Pants are advisable here. Such pants include advanced materials such as special closed-cell foam in the knees, front and back; your safety is our priority, and we design flotation pants for 50N of buoyancy. Stay afloat, and fish in comfort. 

Fishermen are more likely to lose their lives at work than those in other occupations. Weather conditions don’t only take ships, but lives. We’re acquainted with the dangers of difficult weather at Stormline, which is why we take the quality of our products so seriously. Years of research have accumulated in our use of PVC, and high-tech features such as ventilation strips. Our clothes are warm but breathable, durable but comfortable. We’ve even thought about protection from insect bites.

So, you know that our products are quality, but why choose Stormline specifically? In this industry, there’s something to be said about expertise. We were founded in New Zealand in 1966, and have worked on improving our business ever since. Unlike some of our competitors, we listen to our customers, taking on your feedback to ensure we serve you with the best products possible. Customers have come to expect the exceptional from us, and we’ve never failed to deliver! If you’re not in the market for heavyweight marine gear, be sure to peruse our lightweight and midweight designs. You can even swap and switch certain items as the seasons change! Our reputation for quality, safety and innovation stands – whatever you need while you’re out in foul weather, we have it. Reach out to Stormline, and add our hard-wearing items to your wardrobe, today.