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How To Repair Torn Waterproofs, PVC Rain Gear and Other Damaged Garments

When you’re out on the job you want the clothing you’re wearing, be it waterproof over trousersjackets or bib & brace to be able to withstand the daily wear and tear. Now, with a Stormline product, the chances of a tear are slim because we work hard to ensure each item of clothing is tested so it can withstand pretty much everything. However, life on the farm, at sea or in aquaculture is unpredictable and in case something does happen you need to make some clothing repairs quickly.

Have no fear, we have created a handy, easy to follow guide that will ensure you a swift and safe repair!

What You Will Need For Clothing Repairs

To repair outdoor clothing to the highest quality you’re going to need a few things to ensure your damaged apparel is fixed properly. Don’t worry, you don’t need anything too technical or expensive for product care of this nature, all the stuff you need to do this properly can be sourced pretty quickly. To make the repair you’ll need:

  • A wet sponge or cloth
  • Soapy water or alcohol solution
  • PVC repair glue
  • PVC repair patches
  • Pair of Scissors or cutting knife

Below are the steps for repairing your PVC rain gear and waterproof clothing:

  1. To start the process be sure to clean the area that is damaged thoroughly with soapy water or an alcohol solution. This will ensure that your PVC rain gear or waterproof clothing is as near to sterile as possible. If you don’t do this step there is a chance that bacteria can live in the damaged area and cause the clothing to smell or decay over time.
  2. Take a pair of scissors and cut the PVC patch so that it covers the area. We think it’s a good idea to cut the patch so that is around an inch bigger than the damaged area so that you can cover it completely.
  3. Apply the PVC glue to the area to be patched. Ensure a thorough amount of glue is applied to ensure it sticks properly.
  4. Apply the PVC patch to the area ensuring everything lines up properly.
  5. Seal tightly around the patch with PVC glue, give it a good squeeze to ensure the glue has stuck to the damaged apparel.
  6. Leave the PVC glue to dry overnight to allow it to set completely. Failure to do this may result in the repair patches slipping or moving out of place.
  7. The next day, be sure to check for any holes in the PVC patch on your piece of outdoor clothing. Feel free to add more glue if it needs it.

Maintenance And Cleaning Tips

If cared for properly your Stormline product should last you years. Our skilled team here at Stormline design every piece of clothing with you in mind meaning your products should only require the smallest amount of maintenance to ensure they last you.

On the job, waterproof and PVC clothing will build up dirt and residue over time which can affect its efficiency and breathability. However, if you wash your products too much that can also affect their effectiveness. We advise that leaving waterproof clothing muddy is better than constantly cleaning it.

In addition, avoid putting your products in the washing machine. Simply brush off any dirt or residue then close all the zips, pockets and flaps and put the jackets in a bucket of cool water without any detergent. Then, hang it up and allow the air to dry it.

In terms of product maintenance, we advise that you always follow the wash care label. In addition, always try and keep your product out of direct sunlight for an extended period as this can damage the layers and reduce their effectiveness. Avoid putting sharp objects in the pockets or flaps as this can easily cause rips and tears too.

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Although polyvinyl chloride (PVC) gear should be designed to be durable and reliable, outdoor work – whether that is in agricultural, marine, or construction industries – can lead to unpredictable accidents or faults that may result in damaged gear. Due to this, you are no doubt wondering what your options might be, and what the next steps are, in terms of waterproof jacket repair.

Stormline provides first-class rain gear that is enduring and resistant to whatever the weather throws at you. You can expect products that are made to last, designed specifically for your industry, for the ultimate protection and durability.

Repair & care for waterproofs, PVC gear and garments

Perhaps you had forgotten about the tears that you recently found on your waterproof jackets, and do not have the monetary means to buy a replacement yet. Regardless of how they got there, you are in need of waterproof jacket repairs to ensure everything stays weather tight. But, where do you start?

There are a few methods when it comes to waterproof jacket repair, such as PVC patch repair – for example, all Stormline clothing items come with extra patches of material for repairs, so you can rest assured that you will be able to quickly fix any tears on your Stormline waterproof jacket with little hassle, and with an exact fabric match.

The adhesive you use should always be designed for the material at hand, which in this case is PVC. We recommend using PVC cement or PVC glue when it comes to doing patch repair to effectively fix patches to the garment.

Meanwhile, another way for a simple waterproof jacket repair is to use a short-term repair tape – which should be a staple in your repair kit – to seal any emergency tears or damage. This method is relatively cheap and time-efficient, which makes it ideal if you are doing a last-minute repair job before you head to work.

Caring for your waterproof items

PVC gear and waterproof jackets are different to your standard clothing items, so it is extremely important that you read the care instructions on the label. Unless the label says otherwise, we do not recommend using the washing machine. When it comes to washing your gear, it is best to hand wash all PVC products.

Avoid washing powders and fabric conditioners, as these may cause additional damage to the finish of the items. Instead, use warm soapy water to carefully wash your waterproof jacket, ensuring that it is rinsed thoroughly before letting it drip dry.

By following the instructions on the label, you will find your waterproofs and PVC gear will last you as long as they are meant to, saving you from a repair service, and helping to keep you warm and comfortable, even in challenging weather conditions – so always read the label.

Although waterproof jackets are produced with longevity in mind, they unfortunately do not last forever, so it is a good idea to consider upgrading your gear if your current items have experienced severe wear and tear.

How to ensure that you purchase high-quality gear

Stormline’s line of foul weather jackets is perfect for anything that may require you to combat the elements – commercial or otherwise. With three weights – lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight – and a range of jacket types, as well as bib and brace pants, you will no doubt find that Stormline’s PVC rain gear is able to cater to all of your wet weather needs, regardless of the industry you may work in.

Most of our waterproof jackets are designed for flexibility and comfort, with elasticated cuffs and neon fabrics to ensure high visibility and mobility both on land and at sea. Functionality is at the top of our priority list, so you can depend on our YKK zips and velcro flaps to enhance your protection and improve your performance.

Durable and effective gear for tough weather conditions with Stormline

Stormline has been a leading supplier of foul weather rain gear since 1966, so you can trust us when we say that our waterproof garments are of excellent and unmatched quality. Stormline works with professionals and conducts extensive research to identify the functionalities and features that are absolutely necessary when it comes to rain gear.

Manufactured with only the highest quality materials, our waterproof items do not only look durable and appealing on the surface, but we also have insulated jackets that retain heat to keep you warm when the wind, rain, and temperature are fighting against you.

Due to the precision and care that goes into creating Stormline products, it is unlikely that you will receive a faulty product, but in the event that you do, get in touch with us so we can arrange a refund/exchange – or if you have any questions, our team is happy to help.