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5 essentials for construction rain gear

Construction crews often have to be on site in all weathers. This means that even if it’s pouring down or blowing a gale, work must carry on.

In these kinds of conditions, ordinary waterproofs and oilskins simply aren’t up to the job. Construction workers need full protection, in wet weather gear that keeps them dry and warm but also comfortable. Make the wrong decisions and you could end up with an uncomfortable, unproductive and unhappy crew, or having to regularly replace torn or worn-out gear at great expense.

Essentials to look out for

When choosing new construction rain gear for your on-site teams, look out for the following features and qualities:

1. Welded seams

Reinforced, double welded seams offer two types of protection to your wet weather gear. Firstly, they guarantee to keep the rain out – as seams are where moisture is most likely to breach the garment if not properly reinforced. Welded seams are also essential for wearers in very active, physical industries such as construction. With seams that can withstand a full range of movement, construction rain gear will be more durable and last longer. This means you won’t have to replace it within just a few months.

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2. PVC

The best material for commercial foul weather gear is widely believed to be PVC, or a material that is blended with PVC. This material is waterproof, incredibly strong and very versatile. It offers maximum protection against the elements, but it’s not too heavy. Being reasonably lightweight, it allows a full range of movement and easy storage. When shopping for construction gear, make sure to look out for high quality PVC as it will last longer and offer more protection.


3. Accessible pockets

This may seem a small feature, and one that is very easy to overlook, but it can make a huge difference when it comes to the day-to-day realities of working on a construction site. Accessible pockets are simply practical within this industry, when site workers need to keep their hands free.

4. Knee protection

Construction gear shouldn’t just protect your team against the weather. In-built protection such as knee pads can add another layer of comfort and protection for active construction workers.

5. Breathability

Another key quality often overlooked when shopping for wholesale construction rain gear is breathability – whether the material and design of the garment allows air to circulate. If it doesn’t, this can make for a very uncomfortable working environment. A lack of breathability and ventilation within wet weather gear can cause overheating and excess sweating, which can lead to unhappy, unproductive workers.

Preparing for all seasons

If this sounds like a lot of gear to be buying at once, consider buying wholesale to save money. Stormline offer significant discounts for buying in bulk, so that you can prepare for everything from changeable weather to new starters without having to spend a fortune.

Take a look here at our range of construction rain gear, with options for all seasons and industries.

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