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fishing flotation pants

7 reasons you need flotation pants (it’s less obvious than you think)

Stormline flotation pants are designed to provide you with back-up aide in an emergency.

Built with closed cell foam in the knees and body, they give you 50N of buoyancy – meaning you’ll be protected even in rough sea conditions.

But why else would you need a pair of these flotation pants? Well, we’re glad you asked.

1. They’re like regular bib and brace pants

If you already work in farming or commercial fishing, you’re probably pretty familiar with bib and brace pants. They’re a staple. But the great thing about flotation pants is they’re virtually the same.

662 Heavy Duty Oilskin Fishing Flotation Pants side662 Heavy Duty Oilskin Fishing Flotation Pants

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You get all the features you expect, like waterproof materials and adjustable ankle straps, but there’s the added benefit of flotation technology too. So it’s like shooting two birds with one stone.

wholesale wet weather gear

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2. You’ll never be embarrassed about falling overboard again

Have you seen our video of these flotation pants?

Never has falling off your boat, with everyone watching, looked so comfortable. Ultimately it is designed to keep you safe though, and that is the main thing.

3. They won’t weigh you down

Okay, so it’s pretty obvious flotation pants shouldn’t weigh you down. But what’s important is that these pants let you work freely even when you’re not in water.

They come with an adjustable waist and ventilation on either side. So you won’t realise you’re wearing flotation pants unless you actually need them.

You can check our size guide online.

Here is a crew in France working in the 662 flotation bib and brace.

Stormline 662 Fishing Flotation Pants

If you’re working alone they are an added level of safety as well like Jason here in County Cork, Ireland.

fishing flotation bib ireland

4. They’re oil resistant

Important when you’re dealing with chemicals, fish oils and any petroleum based liquids that will eat away at clothing, and they even keep the rain off.

5. Easy to clean

Working in commercial fishing means you’ll need a good pair of oilskin bib and brace pants. Otherwise you’re going to get all sorts of weird and wonderful stains on your clothing.

That’s why these flotation pants are made precisely from fishing oilskin. They’re easy to clean, easy to maintain, and you can be safe in the knowledge there’s a fascinating history behind your trousers.

6. You get to pick a matching life jacket

In addition to flotation pants, we also recommend that you wear a life jacket in case of emergencies.

7. It’s easier than making your own flotation pants at sea

Not long ago, we stumbled upon this fantastic video about how to make your own flotation pants if you absolutely must:

Now, we’re not saying this will happen to you. But wouldn’t it be handy if you had flotation pants already?

Flotation pants

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