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landscape gardening workwear

A guide to choosing your landscape gardening workwear

Any profession which involves working outdoors requires some pretty heavy-duty equipment. Landscape gardening workwear needs to withstand the elements, withstand plenty of wear and tear and protect your team.

With all of this in mind, here are some crucial questions to ask when choosing new workwear…

How breathable is it?

Landscaping is an extremely physical job, so choosing landscape gardening workwear in a lightweight, breathable fabric is essential. If you choose something too heavy, your team will quickly overheat – even if the gear is protecting them from the rain. Heavy clothing can also inhibit movement, which means that the wearer uses more energy moving about and can find movement uncomfortable.

Breathability helps to keep workers at a comfortable temperature, as well as maintaining hygiene within the garment as it allows fresh, cool air to enter and circulate. It’s not the be all though, PVC keeps you completely dry and in that case you need an inner material that will dry quickly.

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Is it able to protect the skin from sap and other irritants?

What you should be looking for here is clothing and protective equipment that is extremely durable. Anything that rips easily with regular use can expose the skin to sap, chemicals and other irritants commonly encountered by landscape gardeners.

Is it guaranteed weatherproof?

Many types of landscape gardening workwear promise to be fully waterproof, but it isn’t long before they start letting rain in through the seams. When choosing new landscaping waterproofs, aim to spend a little more on better quality items with reinforced or welded seams, which guarantee to keep the rain out. Your team will thank you!

landscape gardening workwear

What material is it made from?

For everything from construction gear to landscaping clothing, materials containing PVC tend to be one of the most recommended choices. It’s super strong, versatile, waterproof and lightweight enough to allow full freedom of movement and comfort for your team.

Do I need to buy different items for different seasons?

For a physical, outdoor job such as landscaping, buying for different seasons is very important. Firstly, you need a full set of wet weather landscaping gear to keep everyone warm and dry throughout winter. Next, consider how to keep your team comfortable and protected during summer. Lightweight options that are breathable and suitable for layering up or down are the ideal choice.
Buying for a whole year’s worth of different weather conditions may sound expensive, but it can be more affordable than you think.

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Last but not least – don’t skimp on the gloves

A hard-wearing, well-designed and fully durable pair of gloves are a landscaper’s best friend. It simply isn’t worth buying cheap and cheerful when it comes to gloves, as you’ll only end up having to replace them. With this in mind, make finding a quality pair of gloves one of your top priorities when choosing new wet weather landscaping gear.

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