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Manufacturing and Winning Contracts

Recently our Sales Director, Regan McMillan was interviewed by The Pitch about the challenges of manufacturing and winning and servicing contracts. You can read about the challenges that our company and other SME’s face here.

Wet weather gear in Alaska

World’s 10 manliest jobs revealed – good news for problem solvers and wet weather workers

Research commissioned by Stormline has found that marine engineers, soldiers, blacksmiths and mechanics have the most manly professions, with those working in foul weather most likely to be seen as “extremely manly.” A poll of over 1,000 adults revealed the marine industry was perceived as the manliest industry and engineering was perceived to be the […]

Make your fishing oilskins last longer

We are often asked about how to make your fishing oilskins last longer. This may seem like a simple question, and it is, but it really comes down to some basic knowledge about how fishing oilskins are designed and what makes different weights and types work. Commercial Fishing oilskins are mostly made from PVC, a combination […]

Lobster Fishing in Nova Scotia, Canada

It’s Friday and we thought we’d share some footage of lobster fishing in Nova Scotia off Pubnico. If you have some videos you want to share, send them to us here and we will enter you in our monthly photo competition to win FREE gear!

Professional Rain Gear – five things you need to know

When it comes to choosing your professional rain gear there is a wide range of choices on the market. As much as their colours will vary, so will the quality and price. Stormline has been designing professional rain gear for fishermen, farmers and general use for 50 years, during which time we have learnt to […]

The rise of Lobster in the British supermarket

The Telegraph published an article about the rise of lobster in the UK supermarkets. Lobster is no longer a rare luxury treat or restricted to the wealthy in fine dining, but the rise of the discount supermarket combined with a bumper season in Canada has seen prices fall and the Canadian lobster imports to the UK […]

New Website Launch

We are pleased to release our brand new website! If you have visited our website before you will see that the layout and feel is very different. We have aimed to create a fresh, easy to navigate layout and feel and make it easier to find the products you are looking for. We would love […]

Deep Sea Fishing off the South Australian Coast

Deep Sea fishing in South Australia is extremely popular with keen fishermen (and women) coming form worldwide to enjoy the weather and different types of big game fishing on offer such as Marlin, Tuna and sharks. Smaller fish are also up for grabs such as Barracuda, giant Snapper, Groper and much more. Getting out on […]

Longline Fishing in New Zealand

A video showing some commercial Longline fishing of the West Coast of New Zealand on board the Ocean Odyssey. The most common fish caught in New Zealand are Snapper, Groper, Hoki and others.

Irish Sea Fish Stocks

The Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) is reporting that cod numbers are not recovering in the Irish Sea. The BBC carries the story below. From our experience, there is often a difference in opinion between fishermen’s view on fish stocks and government research. From talking to fishermen this can be due to a number of […]