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Deep Sea Fishing off the South Australian Coast

Deep Sea fishing in South Australia is extremely popular with keen fishermen (and women) coming form worldwide to enjoy the weather and different types of big game fishing on offer such as Marlin, Tuna and sharks. Smaller fish are also up for grabs such as Barracuda, giant Snapper, Groper and much more.

Getting out on a charter boat for a days action is easily arranged and accessible all around Australia. The types of fish available will vary depending on the time of year, but Australia’s naturally warmer climate is pretty conducive to being able to get out year round.

Here are some fishing charter operators who operate in South Australia:

Any port in Australia will offer fishing charters for the seasoned pro through to those experiencing their first time on the water. The great thing about Australia, is that you are pretty much guaranteed to land something. Sure, it may not be a trophy Marlin, but your bound to have good fun.

Stormline has always had a long association with big game fishing in Australia. If your going after the biggest and strongest big game fish in the ocean, then you need to have the best gear to back you up!

Fishing is a hugely accessible sport and you don’t need any gear other than a rod to get you started. Whether your starting at the local wharf or you head out with a charter operator fishing is something that you can do any any age, regardless of gender. It’s also a great family activity. If your worried about what you do with the fish after you catch them, then why not practice catch and release. It’s eco friendly and ensures you have fun while ensuring the oceans remain stocked for future generations.

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