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World’s 10 manliest jobs revealed – good news for problem solvers and wet weather workers

Research commissioned by Stormline has found that marine engineers, soldiers, blacksmiths and mechanics have the most manly professions, with those working in foul weather most likely to be seen as “extremely manly.”

A poll of over 1,000 adults revealed the marine industry was perceived as the manliest industry and engineering was perceived to be the manliest job, with 88% of respondents rating it as either “very manly” or “extremely manly.”

Our research also found that over half of the most manly jobs were outdoor-based, while almost 70% were predominantly or entirely manual roles, such as blacksmiths, mechanics, chefs and butchers.


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Problem solving ability and working in harsh conditions were the biggest contributors to perceptions of job manliness, with over half (56%) of those surveyed saying these were the qualities that most defined a job as manly. 1 in 5 said that wearing specialist workwear, such as foul weather gear, rain gear and oilskins, made a person’s job manly.



  1. Marine and fishing
  2. Military and defence
  3. Conservation
  4. Construction
  5. Intelligence
  6. Security
  7. Aviation
  8. Agriculture
  9. Brewing
  10. Medicine


  1. Engineer
  2. Infantry soldier
  3. Blacksmith
  4. Motor mechanic
  5. Chef
  6. Butcher
  7. Private security contractor (bodyguards, door supervisors, night watchmen)
  8. Arboriculturist (tree surgeon, lumberjack)
  9. Surgeon
  10. Intelligence analyst

What makes a manly occupation?

Over a third (34%) of those surveyed said that problem solving was the most manly quality of a job, with harsh working conditions and specialist workwear the second and third biggest influencers respectively. Less than 1 in 10 measured a job’s manliness by salary.


Workers wearing wet weather gear on a boat perceived as being very manly.
Workers who use special wet weather gear perceived as being very manly.


What makes a job manly? Percentage of people ranking it as manliest quality
Problem solving ability 34%
Harshness of working conditions 22%
Specialist uniform or workwear 21%
High danger levels 14%
High salary 9%

So next time you’re on deck, with the wind lashing your face and icy spray crashing into your body, remember how you’re viewed by those back on dry land, in comfortable warm offices.


  1. I think this could be a good series for tv. To gather the best perspective and the only way to get a true judgement on what is deemed as a “manly job” would be to be involved in each trade..

    ( thatching would be up there)

    Sunrise Thatching

  2. what about Commercial diver, rough neck or offshore worker

  3. How about fire fighters.
    The volunteers who have just returned from Nepal trying to rescue people from the earthquake devastation

  4. I think the criteria of a profession how manly it is,should be it’s risks and dangers not problem solving LOL.Through problem solving are the most brainy and intelligent proffesions,but manly no.

  5. What about cops/law enforcement?

  6. Robert Proctor

    I really enjoyed reading this list. I am a meat cutter that does tree work on the side so I kind of feel extra manly right now. Thanks allot to whoever made this list.

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