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Best sea fishing waterproofs – a guide to finding the right wet weather gear for marine fishing

In many parts of the world, some of the best and most productive sea fishing unfortunately happens to coincide with winter. This can make life very difficult for sea fishing crews, who have to contend with biting winds and driving rain in addition to rocky conditions on-board.


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For these times, it is incredibly important to get the right wet weather gear for your crew. Cold, wet, windy conditions at sea are not just uncomfortable. They can also be dangerous or even life-threatening, especially when combined with rough seas. Even just a drop of a few degrees in body temperature can put your team at risk of hypothermia, and it’s your job as their employer to keep them safe.

With all of this in mind, here are some crucial tips to remember when buying new sea fishing waterproofs for your crew:

Thermal qualities. Whatever your kit your team out in, they need to be warm. Choosing removable layers with thermal qualities can help to keep everyone comfortable whatever the weather.

The outer shell should be 100% waterproof. Avoid buying sea fishing waterproofs that promise to be weatherproof or rainproof. You need items that are 100% waterproof for a working day spent at sea, where water from both the sea and sky can be a real issue without the right wet weather gear. Look for items with reinforced or even welded seams (which should also last longer) and adjustable cuffs to prevent moisture penetration from ill-fitting sleeves.

Visibility is crucial. When visibility out at sea is poor, it’s vital for safety purposes that your team can see each other, and be seen. Prioritise hi-vis when buying new wet weather gear for marine fishing and always replace items when the hi-vis is no longer as vibrant as it should be.

Consider getting flotation pants. Flotation pants and other items of wet weather gear which have buoyancy properties can save lives in an emergency. While your crew should also have life jackets, flotation trousers are a good idea for anyone working alone at sea or as an additional safety precaution.

fishing flotation pants

All-in-one pieces can make life easier. Oilskin trousers with braces can be an easy, no-fuss way to protect your team and help with layering. Each member of the crew can wear their own thermal layers underneath, then slip on an all-in-one to protect them from the elements. In wetter or colder conditions, it’s easy to pop a heavy-duty waterproof jacket on over the top.

Gloves are a must. Choose the hardest-wearing gloves you can find when buying sea fishing waterproofs, as your team really can’t do without. Other accessories such as warm hats and super-durable boots are also just as important as the rest of your wet weather gear.

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