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Choosing waterproofs and wet weather gear for your jet washing business

There are some industries in which oilskins and wet weather gear can be very useful, and then there are some where it is invaluable. In some jobs, protective clothing can help to keep workers comfortable, dry and productive for longer in the face of difficult weather conditions. In others such as jet washing, it simply wouldn’t be possible to carry out the job at all without heavy duty oilskins.

What challenges do your team face?

In order to pick out the ideal wet weather gear for your team, and get it right first time, it’s important to understand the challenges your workers face every day.

Obviously, talking to your team and spending some time with them while they work can offer a great insight. You’ll likely find from your research that jet washing requires:

• Head-to-toe coverage
• Heavy duty clothing that can withstand a great deal of wear and tear
• Safety gear – because pressure washing injuries can and do happen
• A high level of waterproofing, particularly in relation to seams.

Wholesale Cleaning/Power Washing

Features to look out for in wet weather gear for jet washing 

Your primary concern when choosing new oilskins for your jet wash business is to ensure the comfort and safety of your workers. Safety is crucial, but don’t underestimate the importance of comfort – which can add to job enjoyment, performance, morale and productivity.

With this in mind, look out for jet washing wet weather gear that is:

• Made from heavy-duty material. The force of a jet wash hose can potentially cut through flimsy material, which could lead to skin injuries. To withstand this force in case of an accident, you should opt for heavy duty material. PVC is always a good option, as it is extremely strong but also good in terms of breathability and freedom of movement. You should also look for double-fronted jackets which provide an extra layer of protection.

• Guaranteed waterproof. When you’re in the jet washing business, it’s always worth spending just a little more for products that are guaranteed to be waterproof. Pay particular attention to the seams, which should be reinforced or welded to stop any water from penetrating.

• Able to provide full coverage. This may mean a longer back, full collar and full sleeve cuffs, or even an all-in-one solution in the form of overalls, to give your team complete protection from water ingress.

Jet washing teams will also need eye protection, as the job can involve contact with flying debris, as well as ear protection if equipment is loud.

Of course, cost will always be a consideration when buying wet weather gear for jet washing, but any company’s buying policy should always aim to prioritise quality and value over bargain basement prices. You should aim to buy once, and have the equipment you purchase last for as long as possible.

Stormline offers a full range of oilskins and wet weather gear for jet washing, from double-front, heavy-duty rain jackets to full overalls. If you are ready to order for your whole team, you can save up to 15% by buying in bulk – click here to see the collection.

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