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Commercial Fishing Nets

Commercial Fishing Nets have not undergone a lot of change over the years, however a bit of ingenuity in New Zealand maybe about to see that all change. 

The net is effectively a PVC tube that allows smaller catch to escape, while also keeping the catch inside alive, this is both more sustainable, but also provides a better quality of fish and hopefully will realise better returns for fishermen. 

The system has been developed by a number of the larger New Zealand Commercial Fishing companies including Sealord, Sanford and Aotearoa Fisheries in combination with grants from the New Zealand Government. These companies are looking to use the Commercial Fishing Nets within the next two years for Snapper and other species in New Zealand. 

They say that ingenuity is born out of necessity and the commercial fishing industry is no exception. Consumers have made it pretty clear that things will have to change for the industry to become more sustainable both for fish stocks, but also for fisherman. 

It’s hard to say how adaptable these new nets will be for smaller inshore fishing, but it’s likely that they should be fairly scalable. 

Interestingly, these type of fishing called, precision trawling with commercial fishing nets is also adaptable to bottom trawling. The makers of the net say that there is a fair bit of scepticism that the system works and is economic, but by all accounts it seems to provide valuable returns, and that can’t be bad!

At Stormline we are always looking to innovate, so these types of stories are always good to hear and of course even a little bit better coming from our home country of New Zealand. If you have nay good stories about commercial fishing nets or other industry news, we would love to hear about it and share this. 

The original article for this was found here at The New Zealand Herald.

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