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Pressure washing waterproofs

Five essential features of pressure washing rain gear

What is the biggest challenge your rain gear will ever come up against? You may think it’s a life out at sea as part of a fishing crew, facing storms, swells and lashing rain. While this is undoubtedly a challenging environment, just as difficult to work with can be a pressure washer. The sheer force of the water means that no ordinary pressure washing rain gear will do. You need specialist kit to keep you dry, safe and warm day in, day out.

Here are the five essential features to look out for when buying pressure washing rain gear:

  1. 100% waterproof

It may seem completely obvious, but not all pressure washing rain gear are actually 100% waterproof. Some are advertised as ‘water resistant’ or ‘weather proof’, but what you need is a guarantee that not a drop of water will leak through. Pay close attention not only to the material (PVC is a great choice for waterproofing) but also to the quality of the construction. Are the seams reinforced to ensure they will never leak?


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  1. Extreme, heavy-duty durability

Pressure washing is a tough, demanding job. There’s the force of the water to deal with, as well as other hazards such as chemicals and lots of movement. Your wet weather gear needs to be extremely hardy, made from exceptional material and of high-quality construction. If not, it can tear, degrade and need replacing on a regular basis.

Pressure washing waterproofs


  1. Adjustable sleeves and cuffs

It’s not until you’ve started a pressure washing job with inadequate gear that you realise just how important the small details are. Something as simple as adjustable or elasticated sleeves can make a huge difference to your comfort. Water entering through loose, gaping cups can be extremely unpleasant, and you’ll be soaked through in no time. So, when shopping for pressure washing waterproofs – don’t forget to look for those small, essential details.

  1. Freedom of movement

It’s no use having the toughest, most waterproof protective gear if you can’t move an inch in them. Pressure washing requires a lot of movement and flexibility, so your pressure washing rain gear needs to be able to keep up. They should be as lightweight as possible, while still giving you the protection you need.

  1. Breathable outer layers

The ideal pressure washing rain suit forms a breathable outer layer that you can pull on easily over your clothing. This is why all-in-one bibs and brace pants with a waterproof jacket over the top are a popular choice with jet washing crews. They are simple to pull on and take off, and there’s the option to remove layers on a warm day.

Lastly, don’t forget your personal protective equipment (PPE). It all depends on the force of your pressure washer, but PPE for pressure washing includes protective goggles and face masks, and a durable pair of gloves.  You may also want ear protection. And you simply can’t jetwash in any kind of comfort without a sturdy pair of waterproof work boots.

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