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Foul weather bib and brace pants: What to look out for

Foul weather bib and brace pants are a staple of any industrial worker. Regardless of whether you’re in commercial fishing or farming.

But the type of bib and brace you need will depend on the job at hand. You need to make sure they’re durable, lightweight and perhaps most importantly still feel comfortable and flexible.

Before you start looking for bibs and braces, check out our sizing guide to see what’s right for you.


There are a few key features to look out for when it comes to getting the right body fit.

Heavy duty

Heavy duty bibs and braces tend to have elasticated braces or a high back, plastic buckles and elastic waists – meaning they’re extremely durable for tough weather conditions.

The other benefit of elastic is that you can adjust your bib depending on what you’re doing. Although heavyweight gear is designed for durability, elasticity gives you limberness and comfort. So you don’t need to choose one over the other.


In addition to several of the above features, lightweight bib and pants also usually come with a high back. This provides extra comfort and ensures your torso is protected against any strong winds or chill.

fishing foul weather pantsFoul weather bib and brace pants

But more than anything else, thanks to the lightweight material, you can still get away with wearing these pants indoors. This makes Stormtex-Air 652 a good choice for flexibility, suitable for almost any job.


There’s a good chance you’re going to be doing a lot lifting in the near future. That’s why it’s important to make sure your bib and pants allow you to bend and crouch down without any hassle.

Heavy duty and lightweight

Regardless of which bib and brace pants you choose, keep an eye out for Velcro ankle tape on the legs to secure the bottom of your boots. Pretty essential when you are at sea or working around puddles of water.

In foul weather conditions, like wind and rain, you’ll stay comfortable and waterproof. And if you need more freedom to move around, then you can adjust the garment in seconds. It gives you the best of both worlds, really.


Your knees are another stress point that needs extra protection. A good pair of bib and brace pants will come with removable knee pads, reinforced with tape or high frequency welding at the joints.

This is key to finding the right fit and style for you. Otherwise, you could end up putting unnecessary strain on your joints – leading to potentially long term damage on your knees.

Foul weather bib and brace pants

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