Foul weather gear for fishing in America – a guide to the essentials

Foul weather gear for fishing in America

All crews need high-performance foul weather gear for fishing in America, no matter what the climate. From squalls, storms, rain and wind to salt spray and the challenges of handling fish, there’s a lot that your gear needs to withstand. It’s important to shop carefully and always opt for quality, unless you want to be replacing your equipment in just a couple of months.

In North America’s commercial fishing hotspots of Maine, Massachusetts, Alaska and California, there are additional challenges to face.



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Fishing in Maine and Massachusetts

The climate in Maine, the nation’s top lobster-producing state, is humid and warm in summer, but with extremely cold and snowy winters. For fishing crews in Maine’s main commercial ports of Portland, Rockland, Stonington, Port Clyde and Vinalhaven, it’s important to choose gear that can be adaptable for the conditions.

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The same goes for Massachusetts fishing crews working out of New Bedford, Gloucester, Provincetown-Chatham, Boston, and Fairhaven where the climate and the challenges out at sea are similar.

Staying warm and dry on deck is essential, but breathability and ventilation are just as crucial when it comes to hot, sunny afternoons. Fishing crews need to be able to move freely in their foul weather gear, but it also needs to be able to withstand a sudden, violent storm. During these conditions, you’ll be extremely glad of 100% waterproof, high performance and highly durable gear.

The challenges of the Alaskan climate

Alaskan fishermen and women face extremes in temperatures when they head out to sea, especially in areas known for their hot summers and freezing winters. Commercial fishing is an enormous industry in Alaska, and the state is famous for its salmon and king crab. To land this lucrative catch, fishing crews in Alaska must face high winds, freezing cold waters and temperatures and seasonal darkness, as well as isolated fishing grounds.

The number one priority for foul weather gear for fishing in America’s coldest state has to be warmth. Fishermen need super insulated, high performing gear from the base layer to the waterproof outer shell. It’s not simply a matter of comfort, as wearing poor quality gear in the extreme Alaskan conditions can be dangerous. It can even put lives at risk.

Foul weather gear for fishing in California

Unlike some of the other fishing hotspots in the U.S., California is known for its Mediterranean-like climate. The essentials needed for fishing in these waters, from Monterey and Santa Barbara to San Diego, are very different. Sun protection and staying cool are crucial, but this doesn’t mean that rain cover isn’t an important requirement. For protection from salt spray and to stay dry while handling the catch, lightweight yet robust foul weather gear is an essential.

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