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From fishing oilskins to books – our UK essentials

It’s coming to that time of year again when UK commercial fishing is back in season. If you’ve been dusting off your old waterproofs, you might have noticed your gear is looking a little worse for wear. And if you haven’t been using fishing oilskins when you ought to, then you’ve got another problem altogether.

But don’t sweat it. We’ve got a boat-load of waterproofs, oilskins and helpful tips to make sure you get through this season with no bother at all.

Sleeping bag

You could be heading to sea during the spring, summer, autumn, or winter. It doesn’t matter in the UK – there’s an above average chance it’s going to get cold.

That’s why we’d recommend taking a sleeping bag on the journey. Not only is this good for overnight jobs (you don’t know what’ll get wet), but it can be a lifesaver if someone in your crew comes down with pneumonia.

Fishing oilskins

It doesn’t take much common sense to work out waterproofs are pretty vital on a boat.

But if you’re going to be handling fish (a lot of it) then you’ll need something a bit sturdier. Our fishing oilskins are perfect for the rigours of UK commercial fishing. They’re easy to clean, durable and can be adjusted for any size and shape. They do the job, basically.

Have a look at our Stormline jackets and fishing pants to see what all the fuss is about.  


Downtime is inevitable on any fishing trip – whether it’s commercial or otherwise.

So you don’t need to be on the clock all the time. Grab a good book and find some quiet time in the evening to relax and unwind.

Look here: we’ve even found a (sort of) definitive list of nautical-themed books.

You can’t say we don’t treat you, right?

Waterproof fishing sleeves

These fantastic fishing sleeves are exactly what you need on a UK fishing trip.

Made from soft, malleable PVC and adjustable cuffs, fishing sleeves will keep you dry and stop your skin from drying out in the elements.

Wear them with lots of waterproof layers and you won’t get that horrible, seeping feeling that seawater is making its way to your thermals. Ergh.

Hand lotion

Speaking of the harsh elements, you need to make sure your skin doesn’t crack under pressure. Salt, oil and fluctuations in temperature can wreak havoc on your equipment – and your hands are no different.

To get the most from your day at sea, we’d suggest taking a high-SPF hand lotion and using that stuff liberally. Even if it’s underneath your gloves. The more you protect your hands, the less likely you are to get cracks that become infected.

Fishing oilskins (and the rest) for UK commercial fishing

If you’re heading back to commercial fishing this season, there’s plenty of great and affordable equipment out there to make your job easier. All that matters if you find the right stuff for you.

For more information about our fishing oilskins and other UK-inspired fishing wear, have a look at our Stormline commercial rain gear range.

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