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Great Testimonial

Getting good feedback from clients is always great. It reaffirms that you are providing a good service and good products. We recently received this email from a user in New Brunswick, Canada. Adam bought his gear from Spartan Industrial Marine.

“I have the CREW 211 JACKET and the CREW 654 BIB AND BRACE which I use too fish Atlantic lobster and Spider crab (Both fished out of New Brunswick, Canada) and I will never use another brand again. I’ve used other leading brands in my area but nothing even comes close to how comfortable and tough this gear is. I was one of the few people who started using Stormline in my area and after showing how good the product is too friends I’ve been seeing more and more of the trademark blue and yellow on the local boats. Thank you for making a product that is actually worth every penny. Keep up the great job!” Adam, NB, Canada

We really appreciate hearing from our users, even if you have suggestions how we can improve our gear.

Here is a photo of Adam at work.

Aug 13 2011 Lob 012

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