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bricklayers waterproof workwear

A guide to buying bricklayers waterproof workwear

As anyone with any experience in bricklaying will tell you, it can be a challenging job. It’s hard work, conducted in all kinds of outdoor conditions and involving contact with a range of harsh and damaging substances.

However, with the right protective bricklayers waterproof workwear, this and other construction activities can be made much easier and far more comfortable. If your team is constantly doing battle with the rain, wind and cold, it’s time to upgrade their gear.

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Bricklayers waterproof workwear – key features to look out for

Feel free to consult your team for additional features they may find useful on the job, but here are the essentials that your new wet weather gear should have:

• Exceptional durability. Bricklayers need the most hard-wearing gear you can get your hands on, simply due to the demands of the job. The physical, outdoor nature of the work, including contact with all kinds of corrosive substances, means that tears and breaches of the material can happen if you don’t choose items that are known for impressive durability. A top tip is to opt for rain gear made from PVC or a PVC blend, as this is one of the most durable, strong and versatile materials available.

• Waterproofing. If your foul weather gear is leaking at the seams, this can only result in unhappy, damp workers. Protect them properly in even torrential conditions with guaranteed waterproof gear made from PVC and with reinforced seams.

bricklayers waterproof wokwear

• Mobility. A heavy oilskin may protect against the elements, but it won’t help a bricklayer to do their job if it’s too heavy to move in properly. Choose lightweight gear that is both breathable and flexible, offering as much freedom of movement as possible.

• High visibility. For anyone working on a construction site, hi-vis markings are a must-have for reasons of safety.

• Weight distribution. This isn’t a feature that is a top priority for many site managers, but it should be. Look for rain gear for bricklaying that aims to balance weight for mobility with features such as raglan sleeves and clever distribution of double-layered PVC around the hips and waist.

As well as these essentials, you may also want to look for items with accessible pockets that can make working easier.

The dangers of buying cheap

When buying new construction gear, it’s very important to get it right first time. If you buy cheap without checking the essential features, you’ll get what you pay for – which is a poor-quality item that won’t do the job properly and will need to be replaced in a matter of weeks or months.

Consider rain gear as an investment in the comfort and safety of your team, as well as their productivity. You’d be surprised how much a simple upgrade to gear and equipment can make to a bricklayer’s bricks-per-day figures.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still get a good deal on new foul weather gear for your team. The key is to shop smart, planning ahead for your future needs and buying good value items in bulk to save money. This enables you to get all your gear at once, with some in store ready for future additions to your team.

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