Here’s what people think of you based on your job, according to Google

If you’ve ever wondered what people make of your job, wonder no more. We collated the Google autocomplete suggestions for 131 of the most common professions in the UK*. The suggestions are based on the most commonly searched terms in a specific area, in this case – the UK.

So, when you type ‘Why do writers…’ into Google, the helpful search engine offers an autocomplete suggestion based on what others most commonly search for.

The results reveal an array of commonly held misconceptions, popular musings and odd – yet popular – questions about the professions.

Most of the commonly entered questions were quite negative, with Google users wondering why certain professions do certain annoying or socially unacceptable things. But some were positive. We’ve pulled out of favourites here, paying particular attention to the jobs Stormline customers have.


Most assumptions were about money

ExpensivePaid so muchEarn so muchRich
BuildersAccountantsRecruitment consultantsProperty developers
ChiropractorsAnaesthetistsRefuse collectorsYoutubers
designersTrain driversTrain drivers
DJsTube driversTube drivers
ElectriciansDental hygienistsAccountants
Hair stylistsDentistsAnaesthetists

The most common personality stereotypes were broadly negative.

BartendersEstate agentsJournalists
BaristasElectriciansRecruitment consultants
Bus driversParamedicsStudents
Debt collectorsPsychiatrists
Dental hygienistsSurgeons
Letting agents
Tattoo artists
Taxi drivers

Some were less negative

HotLeft wing/liberal
Dental hygienistsMusicians
Fire fightersProfessors
Flight attendants
Tattoo artists

Some appeared to show a degree of concern

ChefsEngineersHair stylistsBus driversSocial workersMusicians
LandlordsFashion designersOffice workersDevelopersBankersWriters

Gallery – what people think about you – based on your job

Regan McMillan, Director of Stormline, explained the inspiration for the study:

“We did this research to see if perceptions of jobs could be making them unattractive to otherwise ideal candidates.

“The industries we work with all suffer from stereotyping and those stereotypes can put talented people off pursuing great careers in industries that need them.

“According to this study, engineers are boring and weird, farmers are poor and people in forestry have beards and wear check shirts.”

“Some of the stereotypes were funny, but if people truly think you need to be female to be a receptionist, or that lumberjacks really all have beards, there’s clearly an issue with inaccurate stereotyping and some of it is gender-driven.

“Previous research we’ve conducted has shown that 1 in 5 women would expect to be patronised if they worked in a male-dominated industry like engineering, where women represent just 7% of the workforce. This is just one of a number of invisible barriers to entry.

“With this research, we wanted to show just how ridiculous some of these stereotypes are.

For the full breakdown, scroll to the bottom, or if you want to know what people think about your profession, just hit crtl+F and type in your job to find it (cmd+F if you’re one of those fancy developers or designers who use Mac).


Full Results

Search formatjobtop suggestionsecond suggestionthird suggestion
Why doAcademicsuse Macshate capitalismwrite
Why doaccountantswear green visorsuse exceluse spreadsheets
Why doActorschange their nameswear makeupbow
Why doAnaesthetistsearn so muchnot wear masksgive muscle relaxants
Why doBakerswear whiteput flour on breaduse yeast
Why doBankersearn so muchuse spreadsheetsdo coke
Why doBarbersuse talcspray alcoholuse hot towels
Why dobartendersshake drinksput visine in drinksopen cans
Why dobaristasbang the milkhate making frappucinosspell names wrong
Why dobeauticianswear blackwear uniformsneed insurance
Why doBee keepersuse smokewear white suitswear white
Why doBiologistsclassify living thingsuse modelsuse stains to study cells
Why doBlacksmithstap the anvilhave beardsquench in oil
Why doBloggersget free stuffmake moneyblog
Why dobookmakerslimit accountsclose accountspay out early
Why dobouncersrefuse entrysay not tonightthing that they are hard
Why doBricklayerswear glovesuse lime
Why dobuildersask for cashnever turn upcharge so much
Why doBus drivershate noteswave to each otherwear gloves
Why doButchershave sawdust on the floorwear whitehave fat fingers
Why doCarpentersuse flat pancilswear white pantshave big hands
Why doCartoonistsuse blue pencilsuse caracature
Why doCEOsget golden parachuteswake up earlyleave
Why dochefswear whitewear apronswear hats
Why dochemistsuse moleswear white coatstake so long
Why doChiropractorscall themselves doctorscrack your backcrack your neck
Why doClientschose schroders
Why doContractorsget paid morepay less taxearn more
Why doCouncillorsget paidhold surgeries
Why doCounsellorsneed an ethical frameworkneed supervisionneed counselling
Why doCustomer service people
Why doCustomerscomplainget angryleave
Why doDebt collectorskeep callingcall family memberscall and hang up
Why doDelivery driversask for last namewear shortsget tips
Why doDental hygienistsmake so muchwork part timetake blood pressure
Why doDentistscharge so muchdo x-rayspolish your teeth
Why doDentistscharge so muchdo x-rayspolish your teeth
Why dodesignersues Macsuse CADrender their images
Why doDevelopersuse Macsuse abstractionuse Linux
Why doDJstap the cue buttonuse laptopswear black
Why doDoctorssay statget called quacksgoing on strike
Why doelectricianswear rubber soled shoesuse symbols not drawingswear rubber gloves
Why doEngineersuse spreadsheetsuse Jsay ‘off’ instead of ‘of
Why doEntrepeneursfailgo into businessdropout
Why doEstate agentsask for IDcharge admin feesovervalue
Why dofactory workerswear overallswear masksget low pay
Why doFarmersuse fertiliserharvest at nightuse pesticides
Why doFashion designersdress badlywear ugly clothesuse skinny models
Why doFilm directorswear hatsget all the creditwear headphones
Why dofinancial advisorschange firmspush annuitiesfail
Why dofire fightersmeet air ambulancehave dalmatiansmake so little
Why doFishermenfish at night?want to leave the EUWear camouflage
Why doFishmongershang bags of water
Why doflight attendantshave to be tallgo in the cockpithide their hands
Why dofuneral directorsbow at the coffincarry a canewalk in front of the hearse
Why doGardenersput bottles on sticksadd lime to soilhate weeds
Why doHair dresserscut wet hairwash hair twicealways get it wrong
Why dohair stylistsnever listenhate boxed colorcharge so much
Why dohead teachersbully
Why doIllustratorsuse red pencilsuse blue pencils
Why doJournalistslieuse the inverted pyramidwrite 30
Why doJudgeswear wigsstill wear wigswear white wigs
Why dolabourershave big hands
Why doLandlordsask for bank statementsnot want DSSput rent up
Why dolecturerssleep with students
Why doLetting agentscredit checkwant bank statementscharge so muh
Why doLumberjackswear check shirtsyell ‘timber’have beards
Why doManagersmake bad decisionslieneed leadership skills
Why doMarketing managersneed researchuse qualitative researchuse pivot tables
Why doMassage therapistsuse oilburn out
Why doMechanicswear gloveshave to pay for their toolswear overalls
Why doMPswant Corbyn outkeep standing upjeer
Why doMusiciansuse Macswear earplugssmoke
Why doNursesneed a degreewear crocsleaving the profession
Why dooffice workersgo postalwear suitsgo crazy
Why doOrthodontiststake impressionsuse rubber bandsbend wires
Why doparalegalsneed negotiation skills
Why doparamedicswear greencut clothes offwear purple gloves
Why doPhysicistshate biologistsuse modelswork in si units
Why doPhysiotherapistsuse tapeuse ultrasoudhate chiropractors
Why doPhysiotherapistsuse tapeuse ultrasoudhate chiropractors
Why doplasterersuse pvawear white
Why doplumbersnever turn upcharge so muchuse copper pipe
Why doPolice Officerswear bluecheathave a high burnout rate
Why doPorterswear turbans
Why doPost menwear shortscome so latewear shorts in winter
Why doprofessorstake sabbaticalscurve testsmake so little
Why doProject managersmanage project scopeneed to understand strategyfail
Why doProperty developersfail
Why doPsychiatristsdrug testprescribe medicationask questions
Why doPsychiatristsdrug testprescribe medicationask questions
Why doPublic relationscampaigns faildegree
Why doRadiographerswear lead apronsstand behind a screenwear special protective clothing
Why doReceptionists
Why dorecruitment consultantsearn so muchlieneed my passport
Why doRefuse collectors (binmen)earn so much
Why doResearchersconduct pilot studiesuse case study methoduse inferential statistics
Why doroyal marinessleep without underwearwear green beretswear pith helmets
Why doSailorssay aye?wear whitehave tattoos
Why doSales people (sales men)failask for waterlie
Why doScientistsuse antibodiesclassify organismsuse microscopes
Why doSelf-employed peoplepay less national insurancepay less national insurancepay more tax
Why doShip captainshave the power to marrygo down with the ship
Why doShipbuildersput pieces of zinc
Why doSocial workersliedo assesmentsget involved
Why doSocial workersliedo assesmentsget involved
Why dosoldiersmarchsmokewear their uniforms in public
Why doSomellierslove reisling
Why doSteel workersput a tree up
Why doStudentsgo to universitymisbehaveget discounts
Why doSurgeonswear crocswear bluelisten to music
Why doSurveyorsunder value housestake photosuse theodolites
Why doTattoo artistsdraw on tracing paperdraw in redhave bad tattooss
Why doTaxi drivershate Uberdrive so baddrive so fast
Why doteachersstrikequitteach
Why doteaching assistantshave performance managementneed qualifications
Why doTelesales people (cold callers)hang up
Why dothe policeuse horseshave a tractorhate batman
Why dothe RAFhave overseas basesget involved in Afghanistanburn pianos
Why doTherapistscharge so muchstare at younot take insurance
Why doTrain driversstrikeearn so muchbeep horn
Why doTranslatorsneed to learn about technology
Why doTree surgeonsnothing
Why doTube driversearn so muchstrikewhy do we need tube drivers
Why doTV presenterswear earpieceswear makeup
Why doUber drivershave Priuscanceldrive so slow
Why doVan driverstailgate
Why doVetscharge so muchrecommend Chappiecharge so much UK
Why dowaiters/waitressespour a little winetake the menuget tips
Why doWritersuse aliterationuse similieswrite
Why doYoutubersget paidshoutwant you to like them


Search formatjobtop suggestionsecond suggestionthird suggestion
Why areAcademicsleft wingso rudeso arrogant
Why areaccountantsaccountantscalled bean counterspaid so much
Why areActorsActorsso shortpaid so much
Why areAnaesthetistsAnaesthetistspaid so muchso expensive
Why areBakersBakers
Why areBankershatedarrogant rich
why areBarberscalled barbersclosed on Mondaysclosed on Wednesdays
Why arebartendersso rudehotrude
Why arebaristasso rudeso hotso important
why arebeauticianslicensedimportant
Why areBee keepersimportantsuits whiteworried about the varroa mite
Why areBiologistsso interested in chemsitryconcerned about the rainforestsimportant
why areBlacksmithscalled blacksmithsimportant
Why areBloggersso influentialso annoyingmorman
Why arebookmakerscalled bookmakersbased in Gibraltarcalled turn accountants
Why arebouncersgoodso rudecalled bouncers
Why areBricklayers
Why arebuildersfatso expensivepervy
Why areBus driversso rudeso grumpyso miserable
Why areButchersclosed on Mondaydogs fitsclosed on Monday
Why areCarpenterscalled chippiescalled carpenters
Why areCartoonistsimportant
Why areCEOsoverpaidgreedytall
Why arechefsso meanalways angryso rude
Why arechemistsdeveloping new polymersimportantpaid so little
why areChiropractorsso expensivebadcalled doctors
Why areContractorspaid morealways lateso flaky
Why areCouncillorsCouncillorselectedimportant
why areCounsellersCounsellersimportantcalled shrinks
Why areCustomer service peopleCustomer service people
Why areDebt collectorsso rudecalling mecalling and not leaving a message
Why areDelivery drivers
why areDental hygienistsso rudepaid so muchso hot
why areDentistsso rudepaid so muchseperate from doctors
Why areDentistsso rudepaid so muchseperate from doctors
Why aredesignerspretentiousexpensive
Why areDevelopersso arrogantso grumpypaid so much
DJsfamousso expensivepaid so much
Why areDoctorscalled quakscalled Mrgoing on strike
Why areelectriciansimportantarrogantexpensive
Why areEngineersimportantso boringso weird
Why areEntrepeneursimportant to the economyunique
Why areEstate agentsfees so highso arrogantso rubbish
why arefactory workers
Why areFarnerssubsidisedso strongpoor
Why arefashion designersgayimportantweird
Why areFilm directorsimportant
Why arefinancial advisorsfinancial advisors
why arefire fightersfire fightershotimportant
Why areFishermencalled anglerswearing maskssuperstitious of bananas
Why areFishmongersFishmongersclosed on Mondayscalled fishmongers
Why areFlight attendantsfemaleso oldso hot
Why arefuneral directorsfuneral directors
Why areGardenersimportantso happyalways Mexican?
why areHair dressersso rudeso stupidso rough
why arehair stylistscrazyso expensive
Why arehead teachers
Why areJournaistscalled hacksso stupidannoying
Why areJudgesso rudebeing arrested in turkeybeing sacked in turkey
Why arelabourerspoorchildren
Why areLandordsso meanso greedyselling up
Why arelecturersstrikingarrogantso arrogant
Why areLetting agentsso badso rude
why areLumberjacksso strongassociated with pancakescalled lumberjacks
Why areManagersimportantso meanstakeholders
Why areMarketing managersimportant
why areMassage therapistsparticularly at risk of lympangitis
Why areMechanicspaid so littleso shadyso rude
Why areMPspaid so muchcalled honourable
Why areMusiciansso weirdso hotdepressed
why areNursescalled Sisterso rudeso important
Why areoffice workers
why areOrthodontistsso meanso expensivepaid so much
Why areparalegalsimportantneededvaluable to the legal system
Why areparamedicsso arrogantcalled paramedicspaid so little
Why arePhysicistsso arrogantso importantso smart
why arePhysiotherapistsimportantcalled doctorsneeded
why arePhysiotherapistsimportantcalled doctorsneeded
Why areplasterersso expensive
Why areplumberscalled plumbersso expensiveso unreliable
Why arePolice Officerscalled pigscalled 12called copper
Why arePorters
Why arePost menso latestrikingso unhappy
Why areprofessorsliberalso bad at teachingcalled doctors
Project managersimportantneededso stupid
Why areProperty developersrich
why arePsychiatristsPsychiatristsso arrogantcalled shrinks
why arePsychiatristsPsychiatristsso arrogantcalled shrinks
Why arePublic relationsPR peopleimportantimportant to schools
Why areRadiographersRadiographersimportant
Why areReceptionistsso rudealways femaleimportant
Why arerecruitment consultantsrecruitment consultantsso annoying
Why areRefuse collectors (binmen)Refuse collectors
Why areResearchersimportantswitching to effect sizeconcerned about a volunteer bias
why areroyal marinesroyal marinescalled bootnecksin Afghanistan
Why areSailorscaled Jackgay
Why areSales people (sales men)annoyingsleazyimportant
Why areScientistsso interested in stem cellsinterested in marspaid so poorly
Why areSelf-employed people
Why areShip captainsordained
why areShipbuildersShipbuilders
why areSocial workersSocial workersimportantso stupid
why areSocial workersSocial workersimportantso stupid
why aresoldierssoldierscalled Tommiesheroes
Why areSomelliersSomelliers
why areSteel workersSteel workers
Why areStudentsso stupidexcempt from council taxso annoying
why areSurgeonsarrogantrudecalled Mr
Why areSurveyorsso expensiveimportantneeded
why areTattoo artistsso rudejerksso hot
Why areTaxi driversso rudeso bad at drivingAsian
Why areteachersleavingimportanton strike
Why areteaching assistantsimportantpaid so little
Why areTelesales people (cold callers)
why arethe policecalled old billcalled the fuzzcalled coppers
why arethe RAFin the Falklandsin Cyprusoverseas
why areTherapistscalled shrinksso expensivecrazy
Why areTrain driverspaid so muchstrikingcalled engineers
Why areTranslatorsso badimportantneeded
Why areTree surgeons
Why areTube driverspaid so muchstrikingon strike
Why areTV presenters
Why areUber driversindependent contractorsso stupidprotesting
Why areVan driversso aggressive
Why areVetsso expensiveagainst raw dietfees so high
Why arewaiters/waitressescalled waiterspaid so littletipped
Writersso weirddepressedalcoholics
Why areYoutubersso popularso annoyingalways sick

A note on methodology:

We analysed autocomplete suggestions for 131 jobs, taken from the industry sectors that employ the most people in the UK according to Government figures*, the results reveal a somewhat depressing – and sometimes funny – snapshot of how we perceive one another.


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