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Here’s what people think of you based on your job, according to Google

If you’ve ever wondered what people make of your job, wonder no more. We collated the Google autocomplete suggestions for 131 of the most common professions in the UK*. The suggestions are based on the most commonly searched terms in a specific area, in this case – the UK.

So, when you type ‘Why do writers…’ into Google, the helpful search engine offers an autocomplete suggestion based on what others most commonly search for.

The results reveal an array of commonly held misconceptions, popular musings and odd – yet popular – questions about the professions.

Most of the commonly entered questions were quite negative, with Google users wondering why certain professions do certain annoying or socially unacceptable things. But some were positive. We’ve pulled out of favourites here, paying particular attention to the jobs Stormline customers have.


Most assumptions were about money

Expensive Paid so much Earn so much Rich
Anaesthetists Actors Bankers Bankers
Builders Accountants Recruitment consultants Property developers
Chiropractors Anaesthetists Refuse collectors Youtubers
designers Train drivers Train drivers
DJs Tube drivers Tube drivers
Electricians Dental hygienists Accountants
Hair stylists Dentists Anaesthetists
Orthodontists Developers
Plasterers DJs
Plumbers MPs
Psychiatrists Orthodontists

The most common personality stereotypes were broadly negative.

Rude Arrogant Annoying
Academics Developers Bloggers
Bartenders Estate agents Journalists
Baristas Electricians Recruitment consultants
Bouncers Lecturers Salespeople
Bus drivers Paramedics Students
Chefs Physicists Youtubers
Debt collectors Psychiatrists
Dental hygienists Surgeons
Dentists Academics
Hairdressers Bankers
Letting agents
Tattoo artists
Taxi drivers

Some were less negative

Hot Left wing/liberal
Dental hygienists Musicians
Bartenders Academics
Baristas Journalists
Fire fighters Professors
Flight attendants
Tattoo artists

Some appeared to show a degree of concern

Mean Weird Crazy Grumpy Hated Depressed
Chefs Engineers Hair stylists Bus drivers Social workers Musicians
Landlords Fashion designers Office workers Developers Bankers Writers
Managers Musicians Therapists
Orthodontists Writers

Gallery – what people think about you – based on your job

Regan McMillan, Director of Stormline, explained the inspiration for the study:

“We did this research to see if perceptions of jobs could be making them unattractive to otherwise ideal candidates.

“The industries we work with all suffer from stereotyping and those stereotypes can put talented people off pursuing great careers in industries that need them.

“According to this study, engineers are boring and weird, farmers are poor and people in forestry have beards and wear check shirts.”

“Some of the stereotypes were funny, but if people truly think you need to be female to be a receptionist, or that lumberjacks really all have beards, there’s clearly an issue with inaccurate stereotyping and some of it is gender-driven.

“Previous research we’ve conducted has shown that 1 in 5 women would expect to be patronised if they worked in a male-dominated industry like engineering, where women represent just 7% of the workforce. This is just one of a number of invisible barriers to entry.

“With this research, we wanted to show just how ridiculous some of these stereotypes are.

For the full breakdown, scroll to the bottom, or if you want to know what people think about your profession, just hit crtl+F and type in your job to find it (cmd+F if you’re one of those fancy developers or designers who use Mac).


Full Results

Search format job top suggestion second suggestion third suggestion
Why do Academics use Macs hate capitalism write
Why do accountants wear green visors use excel use spreadsheets
Why do Actors change their names wear makeup bow
Why do Anaesthetists earn so much not wear masks give muscle relaxants
Why do Bakers wear white put flour on bread use yeast
Why do Bankers earn so much use spreadsheets do coke
Why do Barbers use talc spray alcohol use hot towels
Why do bartenders shake drinks put visine in drinks open cans
Why do baristas bang the milk hate making frappucinos spell names wrong
Why do beauticians wear black wear uniforms need insurance
Why do Bee keepers use smoke wear white suits wear white
Why do Biologists classify living things use models use stains to study cells
Why do Blacksmiths tap the anvil have beards quench in oil
Why do Bloggers get free stuff make money blog
Why do bookmakers limit accounts close accounts pay out early
Why do bouncers refuse entry say not tonight thing that they are hard
Why do Bricklayers wear gloves use lime
Why do builders ask for cash never turn up charge so much
Why do Bus drivers hate notes wave to each other wear gloves
Why do Butchers have sawdust on the floor wear white have fat fingers
Why do Carpenters use flat pancils wear white pants have big hands
Why do Cartoonists use blue pencils use caracature
Why do CEOs get golden parachutes wake up early leave
Why do chefs wear white wear aprons wear hats
Why do chemists use moles wear white coats take so long
Why do Chiropractors call themselves doctors crack your back crack your neck
Why do Clients chose schroders
Why do Contractors get paid more pay less tax earn more
Why do Councillors get paid hold surgeries
Why do Counsellors need an ethical framework need supervision need counselling
Why do Customer service people
Why do Customers complain get angry leave
Why do Debt collectors keep calling call family members call and hang up
Why do Delivery drivers ask for last name wear shorts get tips
Why do Dental hygienists make so much work part time take blood pressure
Why do Dentists charge so much do x-rays polish your teeth
Why do Dentists charge so much do x-rays polish your teeth
Why do designers ues Macs use CAD render their images
Why do Developers use Macs use abstraction use Linux
Why do DJs tap the cue button use laptops wear black
Why do Doctors say stat get called quacks going on strike
Why do electricians wear rubber soled shoes use symbols not drawings wear rubber gloves
Why do Engineers use spreadsheets use J say ‘off’ instead of ‘of
Why do Entrepeneurs fail go into business dropout
Why do Estate agents ask for ID charge admin fees overvalue
Why do factory workers wear overalls wear masks get low pay
Why do Farmers use fertiliser harvest at night use pesticides
Why do Fashion designers dress badly wear ugly clothes use skinny models
Why do Film directors wear hats get all the credit wear headphones
Why do financial advisors change firms push annuities fail
Why do fire fighters meet air ambulance have dalmatians make so little
Why do Fishermen fish at night? want to leave the EU Wear camouflage
Why do Fishmongers hang bags of water
Why do flight attendants have to be tall go in the cockpit hide their hands
Why do funeral directors bow at the coffin carry a cane walk in front of the hearse
Why do Gardeners put bottles on sticks add lime to soil hate weeds
Why do Hair dressers cut wet hair wash hair twice always get it wrong
Why do hair stylists never listen hate boxed color charge so much
Why do head teachers bully
Why do Illustrators use red pencils use blue pencils
Why do Journalists lie use the inverted pyramid write 30
Why do Judges wear wigs still wear wigs wear white wigs
Why do labourers have big hands
Why do Landlords ask for bank statements not want DSS put rent up
Why do lecturers sleep with students
Why do Letting agents credit check want bank statements charge so muh
Why do Lumberjacks wear check shirts yell ‘timber’ have beards
Why do Managers make bad decisions lie need leadership skills
Why do Marketing managers need research use qualitative research use pivot tables
Why do Massage therapists use oil burn out
Why do Mechanics wear gloves have to pay for their tools wear overalls
Why do MPs want Corbyn out keep standing up jeer
Why do Musicians use Macs wear earplugs smoke
Why do Nurses need a degree wear crocs leaving the profession
Why do office workers go postal wear suits go crazy
Why do Orthodontists take impressions use rubber bands bend wires
Why do paralegals need negotiation skills
Why do paramedics wear green cut clothes off wear purple gloves
Why do Physicists hate biologists use models work in si units
Why do Physiotherapists use tape use ultrasoud hate chiropractors
Why do Physiotherapists use tape use ultrasoud hate chiropractors
Why do plasterers use pva wear white
Why do plumbers never turn up charge so much use copper pipe
Why do Police Officers wear blue cheat have a high burnout rate
Why do Porters wear turbans
Why do Post men wear shorts come so late wear shorts in winter
Why do professors take sabbaticals curve tests make so little
Why do Project managers manage project scope need to understand strategy fail
Why do Property developers fail
Why do Psychiatrists drug test prescribe medication ask questions
Why do Psychiatrists drug test prescribe medication ask questions
Why do Public relations campaigns fail degree
Why do Radiographers wear lead aprons stand behind a screen wear special protective clothing
Why do Receptionists
Why do recruitment consultants earn so much lie need my passport
Why do Refuse collectors (binmen) earn so much
Why do Researchers conduct pilot studies use case study method use inferential statistics
Why do royal marines sleep without underwear wear green berets wear pith helmets
Why do Sailors say aye? wear white have tattoos
Why do Sales people (sales men) fail ask for water lie
Why do Scientists use antibodies classify organisms use microscopes
Why do Self-employed people pay less national insurance pay less national insurance pay more tax
Why do Ship captains have the power to marry go down with the ship
Why do Shipbuilders put pieces of zinc
Why do Social workers lie do assesments get involved
Why do Social workers lie do assesments get involved
Why do soldiers march smoke wear their uniforms in public
Why do Somelliers love reisling
Why do Steel workers put a tree up
Why do Students go to university misbehave get discounts
Why do Surgeons wear crocs wear blue listen to music
Why do Surveyors under value houses take photos use theodolites
Why do Tattoo artists draw on tracing paper draw in red have bad tattooss
Why do Taxi drivers hate Uber drive so bad drive so fast
Why do teachers strike quit teach
Why do teaching assistants have performance management need qualifications
Why do Telesales people (cold callers) hang up
Why do the police use horses have a tractor hate batman
Why do the RAF have overseas bases get involved in Afghanistan burn pianos
Why do Therapists charge so much stare at you not take insurance
Why do Train drivers strike earn so much beep horn
Why do Translators need to learn about technology
Why do Tree surgeons nothing
Why do Tube drivers earn so much strike why do we need tube drivers
Why do TV presenters wear earpieces wear makeup
Why do Uber drivers have Prius cancel drive so slow
Why do Van drivers tailgate
Why do Vets charge so much recommend Chappie charge so much UK
Why do waiters/waitresses pour a little wine take the menu get tips
Why do Writers use aliteration use similies write
Why do Youtubers get paid shout want you to like them


Search format job top suggestion second suggestion third suggestion
Why are Academics left wing so rude so arrogant
Why are accountants accountants called bean counters paid so much
Why are Actors Actors so short paid so much
Why are Anaesthetists Anaesthetists paid so much so expensive
Why are Bakers Bakers
Why are Bankers hated arrogant rich
why are Barbers called barbers closed on Mondays closed on Wednesdays
Why are bartenders so rude hot rude
Why are baristas so rude so hot so important
why are beauticians licensed important
Why are Bee keepers important suits white worried about the varroa mite
Why are Biologists so interested in chemsitry concerned about the rainforests important
why are Blacksmiths called blacksmiths important
Why are Bloggers so influential so annoying morman
Why are bookmakers called bookmakers based in Gibraltar called turn accountants
Why are bouncers good so rude called bouncers
Why are Bricklayers
Why are builders fat so expensive pervy
Why are Bus drivers so rude so grumpy so miserable
Why are Butchers closed on Monday dogs fits closed on Monday
Why are Carpenters called chippies called carpenters
Why are Cartoonists important
Why are CEOs overpaid greedy tall
Why are chefs so mean always angry so rude
Why are chemists developing new polymers important paid so little
why are Chiropractors so expensive bad called doctors
Clients importat stupid
Why are Contractors paid more always late so flaky
Why are Councillors Councillors elected important
why are Counsellers Counsellers important called shrinks
Why are Customer service people Customer service people
Customers important rude stakeholders
Why are Debt collectors so rude calling me calling and not leaving a message
Why are Delivery drivers
why are Dental hygienists so rude paid so much so hot
why are Dentists so rude paid so much seperate from doctors
Why are Dentists so rude paid so much seperate from doctors
Why are designers pretentious expensive
Why are Developers so arrogant so grumpy paid so much
DJs famous so expensive paid so much
Why are Doctors called quaks called Mr going on strike
Why are electricians important arrogant expensive
Why are Engineers important so boring so weird
Why are Entrepeneurs important to the economy unique
Why are Estate agents fees so high so arrogant so rubbish
why are factory workers
Why are Farners subsidised so strong poor
Why are fashion designers gay important weird
Why are Film directors important
Why are financial advisors financial advisors
why are fire fighters fire fighters hot important
Why are Fishermen called anglers wearing masks superstitious of bananas
Why are Fishmongers Fishmongers closed on Mondays called fishmongers
Why are Flight attendants female so old so hot
Why are funeral directors funeral directors
Why are Gardeners important so happy always Mexican?
why are Hair dressers so rude so stupid so rough
why are hair stylists crazy so expensive
Why are head teachers
Why are Journaists called hacks so stupid annoying
Why are Judges so rude being arrested in turkey being sacked in turkey
Why are labourers poor children
Why are Landords so mean so greedy selling up
Why are lecturers striking arrogant so arrogant
Why are Letting agents so bad so rude
why are Lumberjacks so strong associated with pancakes called lumberjacks
Why are Managers important so mean stakeholders
Why are Marketing managers important
why are Massage therapists particularly at risk of lympangitis
Why are Mechanics paid so little so shady so rude
Why are MPs paid so much called honourable
Why are Musicians so weird so hot depressed
why are Nurses called Sister so rude so important
Why are office workers
why are Orthodontists so mean so expensive paid so much
Why are paralegals important needed valuable to the legal system
Why are paramedics so arrogant called paramedics paid so little
Why are Physicists so arrogant so important so smart
why are Physiotherapists important called doctors needed
why are Physiotherapists important called doctors needed
Why are plasterers so expensive
Why are plumbers called plumbers so expensive so unreliable
Why are Police Officers called pigs called 12 called copper
Why are Porters
Why are Post men so late striking so unhappy
Why are professors liberal so bad at teaching called doctors
Project managers important needed so stupid
Why are Property developers rich
why are Psychiatrists Psychiatrists so arrogant called shrinks
why are Psychiatrists Psychiatrists so arrogant called shrinks
Why are Public relations PR people important important to schools
Why are Radiographers Radiographers important
Why are Receptionists so rude always female important
Why are recruitment consultants recruitment consultants so annoying
Why are Refuse collectors (binmen) Refuse collectors
Why are Researchers important switching to effect size concerned about a volunteer bias
why are royal marines royal marines called bootnecks in Afghanistan
Why are Sailors caled Jack gay
Why are Sales people (sales men) annoying sleazy important
Why are Scientists so interested in stem cells interested in mars paid so poorly
Why are Self-employed people
Why are Ship captains ordained
why are Shipbuilders Shipbuilders
why are Social workers Social workers important so stupid
why are Social workers Social workers important so stupid
why are soldiers soldiers called Tommies heroes
Why are Somelliers Somelliers
why are Steel workers Steel workers
Why are Students so stupid excempt from council tax so annoying
why are Surgeons arrogant rude called Mr
Why are Surveyors so expensive important needed
why are Tattoo artists so rude jerks so hot
Why are Taxi drivers so rude so bad at driving Asian
Why are teachers leaving important on strike
Why are teaching assistants important paid so little
Why are Telesales people (cold callers)
why are the police called old bill called the fuzz called coppers
why are the RAF in the Falklands in Cyprus overseas
why are Therapists called shrinks so expensive crazy
Why are Train drivers paid so much striking called engineers
Why are Translators so bad important needed
Why are Tree surgeons
Why are Tube drivers paid so much striking on strike
Why are TV presenters
Why are Uber drivers independent contractors so stupid protesting
Why are Van drivers so aggressive
Why are Vets so expensive against raw diet fees so high
Why are waiters/waitresses called waiters paid so little tipped
Writers so weird depressed alcoholics
Why are Youtubers so popular so annoying always sick

A note on methodology:

We analysed autocomplete suggestions for 131 jobs, taken from the industry sectors that employ the most people in the UK according to Government figures*, the results reveal a somewhat depressing – and sometimes funny – snapshot of how we perceive one another.


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