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Industrial wet weather gear

How to choose the best industrial wet weather gear

Choosing the best type of industrial wet weather gear is essential when working outdoors and you need to keep you dry in all conditions.

Best industrial wet weather gear
Stormtex-Air 203 Wet Weather Jacket

What is the intended use of the wet weather gear?

Industrial wet weather gear will be designed for specific applications and may not be suitable for all types of work. If you are working and have high abrasion then a lightweight jacket or bib simply may not cut it. Alternatively, heavy duty gear may be too restrictive or cumbersome to work in if you are moving about a lot or need flexibility.

Breathable vs PVC

Breathability is a big factor for many people. The incorrect choice can lead to excessive sweating and retained moistire. Garements include waterpoof rating, but will leak if exposed to heavy rain for extended periods. Breathable garments will be seam sealed, but in order to be breathable the material will be somewhat porous in nature.

PVC is not breathable, but is 100% waterproof. Sweating can occur when wearing PVC in which case the type of backing fabric will be a factor in reducing this. Cotton is very strong, but once it’s wet it takes longer to dry. Polyester dries quickly while nylon is strong and is in the middle for drying times. Sometimes a nylon outer is used which is very strong against abrasion. They will often have a PVC drop liner to provide the waterproofing. This works very well, but it does trap condensation between these layers and the garment can start smelling over time.

What weight to choose?

Industrial wet weather work wear will be either lightweight or heavy duty. Midweight industrial wet weather gear sits in the middle for those needing something more durable, but not too heavy to wear.

Heavy duty gear is best when you have two layers for the ultimate durability. It is more important to choose a heavy duty bib and brace than a jacket. The Crew 654 bib and brace has two layers of 650gsm PVC. It also includes knee pads when working on concrete, under machinery or other areas involving high impact and abrasion.

Mix and matching weights of wet weather workwear is a good option. It just depends on your particular requirements. The old adage of you get waht you pay for is definitely true when choosing your industrial wet weather gear.

Essential Features of Industrial Wet Weather Gear

Some industries require hi-viz or specific safety features mandated by law. Always check that your choice of wet weather gear complies with these. This might be a particular colour requirement or the use of reflective tape. Worksafe NZ gives helpful advice about choosing personal protective clothing.

Hi-Viz wet weather workwear
Stormline Hi-Viz safety clothing

Essential features to consider:

  • Type of external material and waterproofing level
  • Weight
  • Flexibility
  • Industry compliance
  • Knee pads (if required)
  • Durability

For further information about industrial wet weather gear refer to Stormline’s range of commercial wet weather gear.

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