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Wet weather gear in New Zealand

How to foolproof your wet weather gear in New Zealand

We’re more than halfway through the New Zealand wet weather season.

That means, for those of us in the farming industry, it’s not unreasonable to start getting a little fed up looking at overalls, jackets and anything oilskin related.

But fear not. The season is coming to an end soon so – if you want to keep that wet weather gear in tip-top shape for next year too – here are a few tips to help.

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Make sure the hem isn’t too tight

There’s nothing worse than rain seep into your clothing, especially if it’s around your body. It’s pretty much guaranteed to make your day feel long and uncomfortable.

The temptation, however, to pull tightly on your jacket’s draw cord and keep your layers close won’t necessarily fix the problem. If you spend your day moving around a lot, or doing heavy lifting, the waterproof material can still ride up. Plus, you’ll always feel more restricted.

Instead keep your hems and cuffs gently fastened. They’ll still be secure but you’re less likely to let moisture inside your clothing.


Wear your hood like a collar (if it’s not too wet)

Sometimes nature alone dictates you need wet weather gear in New Zealand.

But if it’s not pouring down and it isn’t cold enough to justify extra clothing, try rolling your hood into your layers underneath. It’ll work as an extra layer of protection and you won’t need to worry about getting too warm either.

We even find this trick useful during windy spells.


Wear a hat under your hood (if it’s really wet)

In times where the rain is verging on biblical, this is an easy way to make sure your hood stays upright and no water gets into your eyes.

Find a beanie that’s made from synthetic materials and it’ll be easier to dry too.


Don’t get bogged down in layers

If you’re worried about waterproofs making you too warm, particularly if your job is physically demanding, then it’s best to apply the ‘add one layer, remove another’ rule.

Foul weather jackets, for example, are already lined and provide protection against the elements. So chances are you won’t need that plus a t-shirt, fleece, or whatever else you’ve got going on.

The only thing to keep in mind is that waterproofs generally don’t feel good against the naked skin. So always make sure they’re a mid-layer at the very least.


Zip your pockets

Look, it happens.

Want to make sure your waterproofs stay dry in a downpour?

Double-check those zips.


Wet weather gear in New Zealand

We’re big advocates that great wet weather gear should last a lifetime (or at least pretty close).

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take good care of them in the meantime. After all, there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the future.

Got any more tips about how to maximise your wet weather gear in New Zealand? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter.

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