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Trapman Bermagui with some freshly caught fish

Jason Moyce – Face of Stormline November 2015

This is the third in an exciting new series of monthly Stormline feature profiles. A new face of Stormline, every month. If you want to share your passion for the sea check out the details at the bottom of this article to get involved.
Name: Jason Moyce or @trapman_bermagui (check him out on Instagram for his regular updates)
Age: 42
Profession: Professional Fisherman
Hometown: Bermagui, NSW, Australia.
Main Activity: All forms of fishing but my main catch comes from fish trapping, lobster and shark fishing.
Best Catch: I can’t decide between a 150kg trap full of lobster and crayfish or when I caught a yellowfin tuna weighing 87kg on rod and reel. Both great memorable moments to date.
Why I love fishing: I ask myself that most days especially when its rough weather but I was born and bred second generation fisherman. I became a professional at the age of 14 and that’s all I’ve ever done. The feeling of coming home after a great catch is rewarding and very addictive, which is probably why I continue to go out each day. Everyday is different. Everyday is a challenge, but everyday I see something that I know others would only dream about.
Favourite Fishing memory:
My favourite fishing memory would definitely be back in the 90’s when I had netting licence for Botany Bay, Sydney. We would wait for the mullet schools to swim past, then row a net around them and pull them up on the beach. One particular day we caught a huge school of northern bluefin tuna which was extremely rare for that far south of NSW. We had many local Aboriginal elders help us net and said they haven’t seen that much tuna for over 50 years. It was very surreal.
Tips for beginners: Use technology. Respect the ocean. Take advice from old hands.
Hero: My Dad. As a child, he used to tell me the same fishing stories over and over and I couldn’t wait to hear another one. He used to fish for kingfish, snapper, Jewfish and trag fish since the 1950s. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for him. He  was certainly my hero growing up and I know he his proud of my fishing achievements and success to date.
If I could change one thing about the world of fishing: Less rec fisherman! (Just joking!)
It would be that both recs and pros show more respect for each other as we all share the same interest.

Big thanks to Jason for taking the time to speak to Stormline.

Want to be the Face of Stormline? Just drop us an email with some pictures of you in your Stormline Gear with answers to the questions above and we’ll make it happen.


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