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Love New Zealand’s great outdoors? 3 apps to optimise your adventures

One of the greatest advantages of living and working in New Zealand is enjoying the incredible environment all around us.

But if you’ve ever wanted to know the best local hiking routes, or just work out your location while out and about, then there’s a simple solution. Right now, there are plenty of great apps available that can help you make the most out of the outdoors. Even if it’s just grabbing a few spare hours at the end of a shift and heading out into the wild.

Map My Hike

Most smartphones double-up as a pedometer when you’re out and about.

Map My Hike, rather ingeniously, uses this technology to track your progress outdoors and let you see how far you’ve traveled. The app also connects directly to Facebook (if you’re feeling social) and can be used for calorie-counting too.


Geocaching has been designed to add an extra element of adventure to your outdoor time.

If you sign up, you can essentially go on real-life treasure hunts and connect with other people who’re involved in the community.

It’s fun, easy to do, and is a really useful way to meet other like-minded outdoor individuals.


Want more advice from other outdoor Kiwis in the know?

Then have a look at at Yonder.

This fantastic app has been created to help you find the best outdoor hotspots wherever you are. All the information is produced by other outdoor enthusiasts, so you get lots of first-hand experience and the chance to get acquainted with the community around you.

What to wear 

A day in the great outdoors can go south pretty quickly if you don’t have the right gear. We recommend lightweight wet weather fishing gear for general purpose protection against the elements. It’s light enough to keep you mobile, but will keep you perfectly dry in an unexpected rainstorm.

The Hauraki 250 foul weather jacket is a good shout. It’s got a stowable hood, adjustable cuffs and is made from lightweight PVC, so it won’t weigh you down.

Our top New Zealand outdoor apps

It’s not always easy finding time to get outside and enjoy our incredible landscape when you’re working full time.

But this is just a small handful of the great New Zealand outdoor apps available on the market at the moment. You can see a lot more of them in the iOS and Android app stores.

If you have any app recommendations, or tips for other Kiwis looking to stay fit and active, follow us on Twitter and let us know.

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