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Commercial fishing

Love Twitter? Here’s a few commercial fishing accounts to follow right now

You’ve probably noticed we spend a lot of time talking about the commercial fishing industry on Twitter.

But we’ll let you in on a secret. We wouldn’t know as nearly as much as we do if it weren’t for the people who inspire, educate and keep this industry afloat on a daily basis. It’s the guys on the front line but it’s also the fantastic organisations who sing their praises too.

We thought we’d share the good word, so here is a small handful of some truly great Twitter accounts to follow.


1. Fishing News


This super useful Twitter account supports and contains plenty of news and updates about what’s happening in the commercial industry.

What we especially like is that this account essentially acts like a hub: a place where you can find various retweets and shares from other influential people in commercial fishing. Best part, it’s updated pretty regularly.

There is also some nice article content here as well.



2. Global Fishing Watch


This not-for-profit organisation, founded on the belief that fishing should be sustainable, responsible and beneficial for everyone, has a fantastic Twitter account.

Global Fishing Watch pulls in resources from all across the world, helping to educate and inspire the fishing industry and those who depend upon it.

It’s this commitment to keep on top the industry’s event – combined with updates several times a day – that makes Global Fishing Watch a must-follow on Twitter.


3. Fish and Game NZ


Fish and Game NZ don’t specialise in commercial fishing, so you might be wondering what they’re doing on this list.

But let us reassure you: it’s a genuinely useful resource for keeping up to date with how fishing and farming is evolving in New Zealand. A lot of this content focuses on policy issues which impact the commercial fishermen too, so it’s definitely one to add to your follower list.

We know how important this cause is to many people in New Zealand. So if you want to learn more about preservation and protecting the environment, have a look at their website.


4. Seafood NZ


Like the other accounts featured here, Seafood NZ is great at bringing the fishing community together and gathering information that’s helpful and pragmatic to everyone:

You’ll also find plenty of nice content from people who actually work in the industry, making the account all the more local too.

Commercial fishing: who else to follow on Twitter

Did we mention we have a Twitter account too? Well, you probably guessed that.

If you have any recommendations, or know something valuable we’ve missed off our list, let us know. We’d really like to know how you keep up to date with the industry.

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