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New Zealand farming gear

New Zealand farming clothing – choosing the best wet weather gear for NZ agriculture

Farming in a climate such as New Zealand’s isn’t easy. Some NZ farmers will consider themselves the luckiest people in the world that they get to enjoy such magnificent landscapes – but only those who are warm and dry in the right wet weather gear.

Finding the right New Zealand farming clothing is absolutely essential. Farmers carry out an incredible variety of different tasks in a typical working year. Jobs can range from soil testing to operating machinery, milking cows and shearing sheep to intensive cleaning work.


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Add to this ever-changing and strenuous list of tasks the challenges of dealing with New Zealand weather, and farmers really do have a lot to cope with. While the climate in NZ is quite temperature (depending where you are), experienced farmers know that the weather can sometimes change unexpectedly. Between its mountains and the coast, a cold front can blow in very quickly in New Zealand.

The only way for farmers to prepare for the conditions is with the right wet weather gear for NZ agriculture. Here are the essential features to look out for:

Fully waterproof

NZ wet weather gear that promises to be ‘90% waterproof’ or ‘nearly completely water-resistant’ simply isn’t good enough for a New Zealand farmer. You need 100% guaranteed waterproof oilskins. These keep all moisture out while still offering a good degree of breathability and ventilation. Waterproofing is one of those areas where it is worth spending a little extra to get gear that keeps you dry all year round. Just as importantly, it ensures that your gear won’t need replacing within a few months.

Resistance to chemicals and dairy fats

If you encounter chemicals and dairy fats on a daily basis, it’ll soon have an effect on your clothing. This is one of those times when it really does pay to buy specialist wet weather gear for NZ agriculture. Choose clothing that also provides protection or resistance from chemicals, to help you get more wear out of your gear.

Flexothane vs. PVC

Lightweight materials

The last thing you need when hopping over fences or crossing fields is to be weighed down by an unnecessarily heavy material. It may keep you warm, but it’s no use at all when it comes to hard physical labour. You need every bit of energy for the day ahead, not to be burning calories due to the burden of your clothing.

Choose good quality lightweight New Zealand farming clothing instead. Look out for products containing polyurethane as it is known to be both comfortable and supple. It’ll keep you mobile, while also keeping you warm and dry.

Stormline is proud to be a trusted supplier of wet weather gear to New Zealand farmers. Our company started life in New Zealand, so we really understand the climate. We know just how important it is to keep the lifeblood of NZ’s economy – its thousands of farmers – warm, dry and protected from the elements. Take a look here at our exceptional quality New Zealand farming clothing

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