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New Zealand outdoor clothing brands – a look at NZ wet weather gear heritage

New Zealand is a country that fully embraces the outdoors, from the wet and wild to the serene, expansive landscapes it is famous for. Whether adventuring or working in the great outdoors, you’ll need wet weather gear that’s up to the task.

Luckily, you’ve found yourself in the right country. NZ wet weather gear is some of the best in the world. It has to be, as conditions when working outdoors or out at sea can be very challenging indeed.

Let’s take a look at some of the best New Zealand outdoor clothing brands, along with tips for making the right choices when purchasing new gear…


wet weather jacket nz

Of course, we wouldn’t put a list of New Zealand outdoor clothing brands together without including ourselves. Stormline is proud to be one of the most popular choices for NZ wet weather gear. Our company was founded in New Zealand back in 1966, so from the very start we’ve had a deep understanding of the local climate and what outdoor adventurers and workers need from their equipment.

Stormline, founded in Invercargill, initially focused on manufacturing commercial fishing gear. This specialism helped us to become one of the best brands for commercial fishing crews, who simply cannot do their jobs properly without heavy duty, specialist gear.

We’re known for the exceptional quality of our clothing and accessories, which will withstand any conditions and last you for years. Stormline is still a major supplier of New Zealand outdoor clothing, but we now help customers all over the world to stay warm, dry and comfortable in a range of climate conditions.


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Other New Zealand outdoor clothing brands

Kathmandu is another much-loved NZ wet weather gear provider. It has a a focus on leisure and outdoor adventure, whereas Stormline is the go-to supplier for construction, outdoor commercial work and fishing gear.

Just like Stormline, Kathmandu put a great deal of hard work and research into the design of their products. A full range of accessories is available, from thermal jackets to hard-wearing backpacks. It’s the ideal choice for NZ adventurers and tourists alike.

Also worth a mention when taking a look at NZ wet weather gear heritage are other brands such as Icebreaker, which takes advantage of New Zealand’s world-famous sheep population by including warm NZ merino wool in its products.

Outdoor enthusiasts can also opt for Macpac, a backpack specialist, or Ridgeline – which has a laser focus on high quality products just for hunters. Last but not least, Earth Sea Sky is a top choice for waterproof ski clothing, thermal fleeces and camping supplies. The brand makes all of its products in New Zealand, using fabrics from all over the world.

Want to find out more about New Zealand outdoor clothing? Take a look at our collection of wet weather gear for marine, commercial, construction and more – all from a company that first started life in the great outdoors of New Zealand.

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