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Rain gear for farmers – the key features you need

Farming requires the heaviest duty, hardest working gear compared to pretty much any other industry, except perhaps construction. Farmers have an extremely physical role, working outside in all weathers at a wide range of different and demanding tasks. Needless to say, a lightweight raincoat simply won’t cut it.

Here’s how to find only the very best rain gear for farmers, which means that you’ll only have to buy it once…

Freedom of movement

When you consider the variety of different tasks that farmers perform on a daily or weekly basis, this can make finding the right rain gear quite challenging. Farmers require suitable gear for lifting, carrying, digging, driving and many other tasks – all of which requires gear that permits freedom of movement.

If looking for rain gear for farmers that can withstand the elements but not weigh you down, it’s crucial to look closely at weight distribution qualities. The thickness and breathability of the material is of course important – with combinations of PVC, wool and PU working particularly well for farming outdoor wear – but gear that is engineered to distribute its own weight will always allow better freedom of movement. If the balance is right, your farmers will end up with lightweight, weatherproof gear that doesn’t cause fatigue to the wearer even on a particularly strenuous day on the farm.

100% waterproof

Many types of rain gear for farmers promise to be weatherproof or water resistant, but this doesn’t always mean waterproof. You need oilskins that are 100% guaranteed to be waterproof, which means that they will not allow any water to penetrate. This, of course, is absolutely crucial for farmers that work outdoors in all weathers. The material needs to be completely impervious to water, especially in ‘weak spots’ such as seams. Look for items that are guaranteed waterproof, and that offer sealed seams and angled pockets where the rain cannot penetrate.

Velcro cuffs on legs and arms are another handy feature to enable clothing to fit snugly and keep moisture out, and you may also want jackets with storm flaps for those extreme weather emergencies.


Stormtex 219G Farmin Waterproof JacketStormtex 669G Farming Waterproof Bib and Brace angle



Easy to wear

Alongside weather protection, farmers need clothing that is easy to wear. This is why all-in-one items like rain gear bib overalls are so popular in this industry, as they can be slipped on easily over other clothing. If the weather turns, it’s simple to add a foul weather jacket on over the top.

Heavy duty features

You can tell rain gear for farmers apart from other types of protective work clothing by the small but essential details. For example, zips. To withstand heavy use, zips on farmers work gear need to be rugged, long-lasting and heavy duty.

When choosing wet weather gear for farming, you should also consider the type of activity you need it for. For example, reinforced front jackets are perfectly designed for lifting, while those more mobile jobs will require lightweight garments allowing maximum freedom of movement.

Take a look here for Stormline’s full range of specially engineered rain gear for farmers.

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