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76% of Britons Can’t Tell Difference Between Home Office Job Titles and Sci-Fi Occupations

Because of the UK skills gap, the Home Office website has a list of the UK’s most in-demand professions. It includes salary and qualification details, so anyone from overseas looking to move here to work can see what jobs we need to fill.

However, British adults are having a hard time taking the Home Office job titles seriously.

When presented with a list of job titles, half real jobs taken from the Home Office in-demand jobs list and half fictional jobs from sci-fi blockbusters – many of which are set decades and centuries into the future, including Mad Max, Hunger Games and David Lynch’s iconic Dune – only 24% correctly identified all of the real job titles.


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guild navigator




A Guild Navigator, the spice-addicted interstallar humanoid from David Lynch’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune, incorrectly identified by 62% as being on the Home Office jobs list.



In total, 1 in 3 questions were answered wrong

The most commonly given incorrect answer was Guild Navigator, followed by:

Organic mechanic, a futuristic surgeon portrayed by Angus Sampson in Mad Max, Fury Road

The Correct Answers

Home Office job description Hollywood job description
Compositing artist Face Dancer, from Dune
Matte painter Organic mechanic, from Mad Max
Protection engineer Bio repo, from Repo Men
Texture artist Auror, From Harry Potter
Sleep physiologist Extraction practitioner
Reservoire panel engineer Main force patrol officer, From Mad Max
Rock mechanics engineer Guild Navigator, from Dune
Chicken sexer Head game maker, from The Hunger Games
Shader writer Copywriter (personal letters), From Her


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